Heroic Death System

Cycle of Death 6

At night, when the zombies were most active, Song Bin and others naturally chose a relatively hidden building to spend the night in, rather than venturing on the road.

You can get close to the building and think about how to gain each other's trust. After all, it was only during the day that we said that we would not accompany them and that the evening would follow, and that we had just chosen the building where they were hiding.

The building has more than a dozen floors, and Song Bin and others are on the third floor. It was not possible to rush up to find someone, so I first found a room on the second floor, intending to meet them tomorrow at dawn.

In one night time, the emperor should still tolerate it.

However, the mercenary regiment discovered his whereabouts as soon as he could have stepped into the building. Grade 8 masters have an unusual perception, and all living beings within the perception range cannot escape his detection.

In Song Bin's perception, Shan is an ordinary person without any powers, so he is also unable to distinguish the identity of this person based on the level and attributes of the powers. Although the other person seemed ordinary, he did not relax his guard. An ordinary man appeared here alone, in and of itself unusual.

“Tappo, go check it out.” Song Bin whispered to a tall, skinny man in black in the corner. The latter nodded and hid silently in the dark.

There was no light in the building, only a dot of starlight penetrated through the window, reflecting deeper darkness.

Doppling merges itself with the darkness and dives all the way to the room where Sankoh is located. He is the best at hiding the tracks of the team, even Song Bin, in this regard. Yet today he meets a more powerful character than he does.

In the darkness, a pair of purple pupils flashed a spectacular light, cold watched the motion of the smudge, and suddenly, as he was about to dive into the Sankoh room, his neck felt cold, his gaze tilted, the world in front of him turned upside down. At the last moment of unconsciousness, Tupp finally understood what had happened, but he was no longer able to think.

A skull rolled over the ground for more than ten meters, making a series of grunts that appeared extra clear on a quiet night.

Just one door apart was heard naturally, as was Song Bin on the third floor.

As soon as the door was still open, the smudged headless body was dragged into darkness by a force and vanished into thin air.

The first thing you can see is blood on the ground, along the trajectory of blood spraying, and he quickly finds a person at the corner of the wall who is still dripping blood.

The head fell here, but there were no bodies nearby. From head down to door open, but for a few seconds. To be able to cut off a person's head so quickly and drag the body away, the only perpetrator currently conceivable is the little zombie.

The people who were killed were supposed to be members of the mercenary regiment, and they discovered their existence, so they sent someone to check it out, and it turned out to be a small zombie's belly meal.

The capability of the rank zombies is comparable to that of the level 8 idiots in the human race, of whom no one is estimated to be the opponent of the small zombies except Song Bin.

Jean-Claude frowned, thinking of his own defense against the emperor, but forgot that he was with a purple eye to remove the body. Compared to a zombie king with the ability to control himself, an insensitive little zombie would have no problem.

In the middle of thinking, suddenly I felt someone approaching me and turned around and looked at it. It was Song Bin who was with me.

“Is that you?” Song Bin looked slightly heavy, "What are you doing here? What just happened? ”

“I don't know, I just heard a noise, opened the door and looked, but I didn't see anyone.” You can hide the gold in your eyes and not reveal your night-vision abilities.

Song Bin looked at him doubtfully and asked again: "What are you doing here? ”

“Just along the way. ”

The bald man beside him snorted coldly: "Just ‘smooth' to our building? ”

“That's not true.” I can answer calmly, "I saw your car and I think you're here, so I picked this building as a landing spot. ”

Song Bin reluctantly accepted this explanation and asked: “Do you really see nothing? What was that noise? ”

Not to be answered, the girl next to Song Bin whispered, pointing to the corner of the wall trembling: “Bin, you, look. ”

Song Bin and others looked in the direction of her fingers and saw a circular object lying quietly in the dark corner. People with excellent eyesight in the team quickly recognised that the object was the head of Torpedo.

Several people's faces changed dramatically, and their faces showed shocking expressions of anger, and then they looked at it with suspicion.

Can smile bitterly before thinking about how to earn their trust, now is a good time, this has happened just since we met.

“Not him.” Song Bin suddenly opened his mouth, “the noise should have been the sound of the head falling on the ground, then the sound of the door opening, the blood only appeared outside the door, indicating that Tao Bo had been killed before he had had had time to enter the room. ”

"If the boy hadn't closed the door, he wouldn't have shut it until he killed Tappo. ”

“If that's the case, the blood doesn't just spill on the door panel, it spills on the house, or on him. ”

Shanko looked at Song Bin more once. The man was calm and a little too calm. He could analyze the death of his companion with such serenity.

“That's...” Song Bin explained, the others basically agreed. Although there was a slight convergence of hostility, there was still little fondness for Jean-Claude, and their companions would not have died if it had not been for him.

“Be careful, I suspect this building is hiding a powerful zombie.” Song Bin's face was a little ugly because he had just not perceived the existence of this zombie.

“Stay with us, too.” Song Bin stared at Shanko. Though it was just a suggestion, the tone was strong.

He nodded and didn't refuse. With him, the little zombies might let them go. After all, she drank a lot of his blood on the way.

“Bin, why are you bringing this kid?” Go back to your room and ask naked.

Not far from the Song Bin dynasty, Shan took a glance and replied: "He is not simple. ”

Without the smell of an incompetent person, he can walk freely alone in the realm where the zombies are rampant. In this environment, everyone, including him, is highly alert, but he is calm and perfectly situated. This is acceptable and not owned by the average person.

Song Bin said only four words and no more.

Nobody slept this night, in a dead room, and the atmosphere was unusually depressing. The more repressive atmosphere added a certain amount of fear and chill to the murderous hissing from outside the building.

At this time, it was suddenly felt that one arm touched his neck, and then the right shoulder protruded a small human head, the little purple-eyed corpse.

You can still feel weak and try not to make yourself sound. He had a lot of nerve, but he couldn't stand the sudden shock.

There was blood on the corner of the corpse's mouth, and the claws on his shoulder were also bloody, and he kept rubbing on his clothes!

Little zombies can be kept behind as long as possible. Not to protect her, but not to want her to be found by anyone else. Once discovered, a blood war is inevitable. He can know the strength of the little zombie, he really fights, even Song Bin is probably not spared. Night is a world of zombies, and fighting will inevitably lead to more zombies.

Little zombies don't know what's wrong with them, they keep catching them on his back, and they can hear the fabric tearing. If we keep doing this, she'll probably scratch us. If it bleeds, it's tragic.

Fortunately, the little zombie was still a little inched, and he was not injured, just pissed off and grabbed the clothes on his back to pieces. Her nails are sharp and the sound of cutting her clothes is not loud, otherwise she cannot be hidden in any way.

Probably enough of the fuss, the little zombie came and left silently.

You can open your own backpack with a dark loose mouth and intend to grab a coat from inside.

“What are you doing?” Not far away bald stared at him vigilantly, whispering and asking.

“It's a little cold, I'll change.” He replied not too slowly.

His bald head snorted coldly and his guarded gaze never removed from him.

Not concerned, take out your coat and put it on to cover the damage and blood on your clothes.

Everyone spent an insomniable night in horror, completely unaware that Reaper was passing with them.

The next day, people searched the building again, and eventually they couldn't find Tobo's body, so they had to find a place to bury his head.

The character of these people is not bad, but unfortunately they live in the afterlife of this crisis and are under constant threat of becoming zombies or being devoured by them.

Tobo's death, he was responsible, but he was also well aware that without him, the outcome would not necessarily be better than it is now. When they meet themselves and ask for food to be exchanged, they are already on fire.

Before leaving, Song Bin asked Shang Ke: “Are you coming with us? ”

Keep your distance for your life's safety.

“No.” Jean refused with a laugh and asked, "Can I swap you something with Crystal Stone?” Crystalline is a crystal produced in advanced zombies that enhances the power and value of the alien.

“What do you want for it? ”

“Food and all sorts of spices. ”

Song Bin was stunned. I didn't expect him to replace it with something like this. Five years ago, food was indeed precious, but since Huo Xuan's establishment of the survivors' base, food production has gradually moved from extreme scarcity to self-sufficiency. Compared to crystals, the value of food has been greatly reduced.

He then remembered that it was probably time to walk in the necropolis, and that supplementary food should also be provided.

Song Bin promised softly. For a lone man wandering around a zombie district, he is usually dating.

The transactions between the two sides proceeded smoothly, with a selection of commodities that were far less valuable than the crystal stones he had given the crowd.

Eyed Song Bin's pedestrians to leave, but he could whisper: "Safe all the way”, then turn around and go in the opposite direction.

Although he would love to go back to the base with them, he cannot leave, at least not now.

In a rubble, the emperor sat on a collapsed wall, looking out into the sun. The sun shone on him, reflecting a lonely and cold remnant.

A slight sound of footsteps came from behind him, and the familiar figure immediately entered his silent gaze.

In fact, he thought that he wanted to take the opportunity to flee when he could still request access to other human beings.

He gave him a three-hour time limit in his heart, and if he didn't come back for three hours, he killed the group. Later, for no reason, he extended the period from three to five hours, from five to seven hours.

Until dawn, he thought the human would never come back. No human being is willing to be with a zombie, no zombie is willing to be with a zombie king.

However, the human came back, back to him.

Seeing him take a gentle step, he walked up to him and smiled gently and said to him, "I'm back. ”

At this moment, the emperor felt as if something had been injected into his heart.

“Did you get food?” Ask the emperor.

“Well, a lot.” Jean-Claude filmed his own bag.

“Too slow. Next time, just kill him. ”

Shanko: "… how much do you really want to kill? ”

“I don't kill them, they kill me too.” The emperor presents the facts.

Jean-Claude stared at him for a while and suddenly said seriously: “I think that's because you're too... different, out of human aesthetics, so they can't help but tremble when they see you. In fact, they don't want to, they just can't control it. ”

The emperor touched his face and gave a confused expression.

Keep brainwashing: “You look like you don't fix the edges, although it's very grounded, but it's not elegant enough. ”

Dixie Five Officer 3D, sharp eyes, upper body only wears an old trench coat, revealing firm chest muscles and sexy waistline; lower - wearing a pair of leather pants, outlining long and healthy legs, no shoes on feet, walking silently.

If you ignore that grey-blue spotted skin, he's almost a healthy human man with a bit of ruthlessness.

“What do we do… to become elegant and gorgeous?” The emperor hesitated to ask.

“Leave it to me!” Full of confidence, "I decorated for you. After the decoration, make sure no other humans will shout and kill you as soon as they see you. ”