Heroic Death System

Cycle of Death 9

Jean-Claude climbed the nearest observation tower to him and stood at the top of the tower overlooking the entire base. This observation tower, formerly the signal centre of the city, is now largely abandoned, and usually only those who want to see the landscape will come and visit.

You can concentrate your energy, focus on yourself, slowly push outward. As the search scope continues to expand, a group of flashing soul fires appear in his perception continuously. The soul fires of ordinary people are white. Most of the soul fires of the intelligent are red, and the intelligent ones above the seventh level are predominantly blue and purple.

Middle- and lower-level zombies have no soul fire, high-end zombies with red eyes or more, and crystalline spirit stones will condense in their bodies. Depending on their energy properties, they will exhibit different colors, like a shining star, shining with beautiful light. It is hard to imagine an ugly and brutal zombie being able to give birth to something so beautiful.

There is no difference between humans and zombies in the perceived world, but only a vibrant life.

After searching for a long time, the gold soul fire belonging to the emperor could not be found. Instead, a rare blue soul fire was discovered. The owner of the soul fire was pursuing an advanced zombie who had infiltrated the base.

It is not known that when he releases his senses, he also appears in the perceptions of others.

His soul flames, in the black perceptual world, like the Sun, sparkle with dazzling rays of light.

A man walked into the lookout tower and instantly came to the top of the tower, appearing silently behind Sankoh.

It seemed to me that I was about to turn around and suddenly felt a strong wind sweep from my side, even when I heard a scream from the little zombie hiding in the dark and forced to show up. Then it was surprising to find that her shadow seemed to be confined by some power that she could not escape no matter how she struggled.

One general zombie was stopped at the first hand, and the strength of the people was visible.

“Don't run out alone at a time like this, it's dangerous.” A low voice sounds almost as close to the ear as it sounds.

Shan can go according to his reputation. When he saw the appearance of man, he immediately flashed a slight surprise in his eyes. It turned out to be... Huo Xuan?

He appeared in front of him like this, with a strong figure, a harsh temperament, an aura of acquaintance... but like the emperor, this aura was not strong. The biggest difference between the two is that one has a vibrant anger, one has a strong sense of death; one is blade sharp, sharp, and one is volcanic and fierce.

It is still impossible to make accurate judgements when you meet someone you have always wanted to meet. Who's his real lover?

Huo Xuan stared quietly at the man in front of him. The perceived golden light merged with him and turned into a golden flame, burning in his heart.

“Your name?” Huo Xuan asked.

“Yet. ”

Shanko... Huo Xuan meditated in his heart, then walked past him and walked towards the little zombie.

Little zombies perceive danger and scream sharply in their throats.

Huo Xuan raised his hand slowly, and a few pairs of silver-colored lights interwoven around his arm, a sharp sword, buzzing vibrations in the air, then burst into the little corpse like lightning.

The next moment, the sword was just a few centimeters away from the little corpse, strangely condensed, then turned into a piece of silver light, suddenly dissipated.

Little zombies took the opportunity to escape Huo Xuan's confinement, quickly jumped out the window and escaped without a trace.

Huo Xuan ignored the little corpse, turned his head and looked in a certain direction. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

He then moved and vanished instantly into place.

The aura of the emperor was not far away. It was he who saved the corpse. Huo Xuan left in a hurry. He must have gone to find him.

Jean-Claude frowned and was about to catch up, suddenly feeling a fluctuation around him, and then saw Huo Xuan, who had left, appear in front of him again, handing him a beautiful little bottle and saying: "This is for you. ”

Unknowingly, he took the bottle and glanced at the mole in his palm. In shock, he was about to ask, but the man in front of him disappeared.

Huo Xuan's breath is not sufficient for him to fully identify himself, but the mole in his palm is an important feature that Emperor Xuan does not have. So Huo Xuan is more likely to be his lover?

Shanko's mind was a little confused. He looked down at the little bottle that Huo Xuan had just given him. The bottle was crystal clear and contained a light pink liquid that looked like a pink crystal.

It opens the bottle cap, a light fragrance immediately in the air, revitalizing his spirit.

Turns out it's perfume.

Strange, why give him perfume for no reason?

In the midst of confusion, his gaze accidentally fell on his own hand, wrapped in a cloak, suddenly in his heart, is it because of this?

Previously, he sprayed a lot of perfume on the bandages to cover up the smell of blood. Although it's an expired perfume, it doesn't smell bad enough to make you unbearable or even give you an extra bottle of perfume, does it?

The first time we met, the man who could have been his lover disliked us? Jean-Claude felt bad about her whole life.

In the process of tangling, the ground suddenly came with a violent vibration, followed by a huge fluctuation of energy, like a giant wave sweeping around, the building walls successively cracked, all the intellectuals below the eighth level knelt down, and ordinary warriors bled.

Not only were the human beings inside the base struck, but even the zombies outside the base were not spared, and the zombies closest to the base fell in pieces, and the zombies slightly further away were crawling and stagnating.

This fluctuation of energy passed away in a flash, but the battle seemed to have ended in that second, when both humans and zombies were severely assaulted and temporarily incapable of continuing to fight.

Still not much influence on the lookout tower, according to his physique, facing this energy shock should be nine deaths and one life, but he is intact.

Can only a physical attack hurt him and an alien attack null and void him?

Think about how many times you've been “killed” because of the force of emperors. The energy that exploded last night when Emperor Zheng was angry, even the wall table and chair could crack, but didn't hurt him at all. So he might really be immune to all the powers!

He felt strange before. He also got the essence. Why did Emperor Xuan and Huo Xuan's strength get super divine upgrade? Only he, apart from dying to live, has nothing changed?

Turns out he's not unchanged, he's never discovered, and he's actually someone with special abilities, and that's immunodeficiency.

Shanko is silent: Immune Ability… What's the use of eggs?

Can he avoid the fate of being mutilated? Can he escape the slap of a zombie king? Can you make him an expert and kill people a thousand miles away?

I can't!

The emperor was able to shoot him without his powers, and the zombies still stumbled on his flesh - his body, his value of force, could only be revealed in front of ordinary people.

Shanko finally figured out a little why "he” is “passers-by A”...

The Emperor and Huo Xuan did not meet, but a stand-off confrontation created such a power. If we do this more than once, I'm afraid not many people on the base will be able to pull themselves out.

Although the zombie colony has temporarily retreated, the shock of two powerful energies has not dissipated. Someone guessed that one of them might be Huo Xuan, and that the other person's identity was unknown. No one would have thought that it was actually a zombie king who slept safely and securely with them at the same base...

You can come down from the lookout tower and see a wretched base, three or two mercenaries walking past him, some covered in blood, some treadmills, more or less wounded on their bodies, and only a few of the best men look intact. So, when you're dressed neatly and spotlessly in the crowd, attract a lot of awe-inspiring attention.

They all think of Sankoh as a great expert, and with his face value, it's a new generation of male gods. The crowd inquired about his identity and finally got some information from Song Bin's population.

Jean-Claude went back to his room and found that the emperor had returned. At this moment, he was sitting on the window sill, holding a bottle of milk in his mouth, and his clothes were hanging on him in pieces, looking like an old monk.

When he saw Jean-Claude, he turned to him and said, "I've seen him, and he's not so good. ”

A sentence with no head and no tail, but magically understood.

He hesitated to ask, "Why are you interested in him? ”

During the time the two traveled together, Di never mentioned Huo Xuan's name and obviously did not care about the existence of the king. So he had a sudden accident today, which did make Jean-Claude a little confused.

“I don't know, just trying to kill him.” The emperor bit his pacifier unconsciously, whispering sullenly.

Shanko: … I knew you were a zombie king who did nothing but violence, but could we be a little civilized?

It was clear that his bottle was empty and he was given another full bottle.

The emperor handed Shanko the empty bottle and took the other bottle and put it in his mouth smoothly.

It can be seen that this empty bottle of pacifier has been bitten off, leaving only one uneven hole.

As for Zombie King's stomach, he was always in awe.

He threw the miserable bottle of □ □ in the trash and pondered how to get Tijuan to give up the idea of killing Huo Xuan. This time it's just a test. I'm afraid the next time it's going to be real.

He can kill Emperor Xuan, and Emperor Xuan can kill Huo Xuan. Once Huo Xuan is dead, he has no choice but to kill Emperor Xuan in order to accomplish his mission.

In fact, in his subconscious mind, he had already chosen the course of the mission that Huo Xuan had killed. In that way, he would no longer have to be embarrassed.

Then it occurred to me, in that case, why did he have to identify the two men again? Unlike other worlds, the task of this world, however he struggles, must ultimately choose a death. Instead of killing each other or being killed by each other after they have developed feelings, it's better to stop when they have no feelings at all.

Suddenly there was a knock outside the door.

“Yet. ”

When I heard this voice, Jean-Claude was completely annoyed. Why Huo Xuan?! Now the base is in a mess. Instead of presiding over the big picture, he came here to do what!

Sangkou subconsciously looked at the emperor. There was no fluctuation in the guy's face, but he pinched the bottle of milk into a scum. The white juice flowed down his fingertips and then saw him gently jump off the window sill and slowly walk towards the door.

"Don't go out there,“ she said warmly, holding him by the waist with an arrow. ”