Heroic Death System

Circulation of Death 12

There are two main types of zombies, one being the initial zombies, the first to be infected with the zombie virus. They have experienced intact genetic variations, with unlimited evolutionary potential, albeit at lower initial levels. Most advanced zombies today are essentially evolved by the original zombies, and upon reaching the rank of generals, they will gradually develop a divine and independent personality and become a new species in the true sense.

The second type of zombie, the variant after secondary infection by the original zombie, has no vital signs, only the instinct to devour flesh and blood, instead of a more precise term, is "living dead.” Living dead people evolve slowly, but the virus spreads quickly, and ordinary people, when infected, can only evolve into intermediate zombies at most, but the aliens are not the same. Infected aliens are more powerful than the original zombies and have the potential to evolve into royal zombies, although the odds are low.

It is not yet possible to determine whether the emperor is an initial zombie or a secondary infected psychic, only to know that he evolved into a zombie king before devouring the essence of the dark realm. He has no compassion for mankind, no sense of belonging to zombies, like being independent of all life.

The last corpse could be solved, casually dumped the blood from the long knife, trampled all over the limb broken arms, and slowly turned towards the emperor.

“Three Spirit Stones, seventeen Spirit Stone Pieces.” You can sit next to the emperor and probably count the harvest once, "OK, you can buy a lot of supplies. ”

When the Emperor looked at the wound on Sangquo's body, he felt some discomfort in his heart, crushed the empty bottle and disappeared. The fact that he had not prevented Jean-Claude from fighting the zombie did not mean that he would be happy to see him injured by the zombie. When he's done, it's his turn. The emperor decided to kill the bloody corpses in the distance.

I don't know what the emperor did, and I don't care. It doesn't matter if it's not to destroy the world anyway.

You can take the trunks out of the bag, bite the trunks and admire the residual sun like blood, while you come back in the bone sea of the dead mountains.

At this time, you can feel the corners of your eyes jump, and you seem to turn your head consciously, and your back is empty, but that feeling of danger persists.

You can let go of your senses and discover that several bright lights are hidden in the vicinity, two of which belong to two zombies of the rank of generator, the other coming from the intelligent and powerful intelligent.

The Ability was furthest away from him, almost at the edge of his maximum perceived range. If you were someone else, you wouldn't have noticed his presence. The soul fire in the perception is purple blue, if you haven't guessed correctly, it should belong to the left string you saw a while ago.

The two zombies seemed to be catching up to something, and they rushed to his side one by one.

But in a few seconds, you can see what they're chasing, a rapidly spinning airflow that seems intentional, pointing directly at his location.

Weapons can be withdrawn and ready for battle. Although he is not an opponent of the rank of zombie, there is nothing to be afraid of with his undead body.

Seeing the airflow approaching, it suddenly felt a dark vision, a tall figure appeared in front of him without a sign, waved his hand, the airflow exploded in the air and turned into countless wind blades, shooting at the two zombies.

One of the zombies quickly disappeared into hidden shape, disappeared without a trace, and the other limb landed on the ground, avoiding the blade of the wind, and continued to rush this way.

Sankoh's gaze was blocked and he did not know what the man in front of him had done. When he probed his head, he saw only one hole in the ground, and the two corpses disappeared.

“Are you all right?” The man turned his head and his two deep eyes fell on Sankoh.

How could he be here?

Jean put away his weapon and smiled at him: "It's okay. ”

Huo Xuan saw the wound on his body and frowned slightly: “It's getting dark, go back to base early. ”

He nodded: "Yes, thank you. ”

After that, the two were caught in strange silence.

Having identified the emperor, he felt subconsciously that he should keep his distance from Huo Xuan, but this man, too, made him feel familiar.

Jean-Claude thought about it and asked, "I just saw the left string. Did he intentionally bring those two zombies in?” Exactly. If you want to offend a person, spare no effort to expose his shortness!

“I will pursue this matter, don't worry. ”

Don't worry about it! Isn't the left string in your heart? You should cover him with integrity! Defend him!

Jean-Claude spoke ill: “How can you pursue it? The left string is your man, even if he knew he wanted to hurt me, he couldn't help it in the end. ”

“What do you think you should do?” Huo Xuan is a "Grand Duke selfless” inclusiveness.

Jean-Claude said harshly: "Abolish his powers, throw him into the zombie herd, and let the zombie eat his bones! ”

As a visitor, this punishment is absolutely cruel, bloody, violent!

Huo Xuan, instead of being angry, showed a smile. He is the King of the Uncoronated on this planet and is highly respected. Even if someone is dissatisfied with him, it will not show itself directly. Besides, most people have difficulty staying calm in front of him, and it is truly unique for someone as blatant and casual as him to even ask him to severely punish the left string.

Jean-Claude looked at him strangely: What are you laughing at? Somebody's gonna throw your heart out and feed it to a zombie. How dare you be a little boss?

I was thinking, suddenly Huo Xuan asked a question that was out of line: “Do you like the perfume I gave you before? ”

Perfume? I subconsciously touched it in my pocket and found a bottle of perfume. When I changed today, I put it in my pocket and didn't know what I was smoking.

Looking up at Huo Xuan, the latter's eyes are deep and unidentified. He can still see the heart string: don't get me wrong! It's just a coincidence!

You can pretend that you accidentally stuffed the perfume in your pocket and said softly: “I haven't used it, I don't know. ”

“Mmm.” Huo Xuan did not continue to ask about the perfume, but took a tube of needle out of his arms and walked to Sangquo, “You were scratched by a zombie, and I gave you a vaccine. ”

Vaccines developed by humans can prevent viral infections to some extent. For allogeneics, infection is generally avoided when vaccinated in a timely manner, unless there are multiple cross-infections. It's just that vaccines are very precious and not available to all idiots.

“No, I have my own.” The use of this vaccine on him is a waste.

Huo Xuan ignored it and quickly put a needle in his arm.

Shanko: I said no...

Just after the needle was stuck, there was a strong murderous breath all around.

Huo Xuan's face gleamed with silver all around him.

“Careful! ”

A figure suddenly appeared behind Shanko, Huo Xuan drank loudly, several silver blades rushed out, drawing a half-arc in the air, straightening to the figure behind Shanko.

With Shannon, he instantly moved out of the attack range of the silver blade. The next second, he appeared alone in front of Huo Xuan, punching him in the chest.

Two people you come and go with me, start fighting hard in the air.

Shanko rubbed his temple, anxious in his heart, the situation he tried to avoid still appeared.

Huo Xuan is definitely not an opponent of Emperor Xuan, and Emperor Xuan will never be merciful to him. If Huo Xuan is killed, then the game is really over!

The battle between the two powerful kings, let alone stop it, is difficult to get close. The threat of pounds covered dozens of miles across, passing by, living creatures retreating.

“What's going on?” The sound of the left string suddenly rang in Sankoh's ear.

He's not in the mood, just staring at the two men in the middle of a fierce war.

The left string saw him under such a powerful pressure, his face still did not change color, and he had to flash a little surprise in his eyes. Even he could barely support himself, but he seemed completely unaffected in front of him. Has he reached the rank of king? No, it can't be. The left string quickly denied this guess. He just saw how he fought, but a little taller than an ordinary soldier.

But how can he be so proud under the influence of two powerful men?

At this moment, there was a bursting sound in the air, followed by Huo Xuan's cold drink: “You are a... zombie! ”

As the battle unfolded, the powder on the skin of the emperor gradually fell off, revealing its original appearance, the grey blue spot, without failing to reveal his identity.

He's no ordinary zombie!

Huo Xuan is absolutely certain that this guy's strength is above the king's level, most likely the legendary zombie king - the emperor!

Hearing Huo Xuan's words on the far left string, he turned his face slightly and looked at Shanko, incredibly asking: “You brought a zombie with you and brought him to a human base? ”

He looked at himself angrily and moved his mind, deliberately provoking him: “So what? Raising corpses is my hobby, maybe I'll have a few more later. ”

“Are you crazy?” Left string pointed at him, angry, “such a powerful zombie, do you know how much harm it would do to humans! ”

“How much harm can it do? Didn't he stay at the base for two days and nothing happened?” It doesn't matter if you have a face.

“Doesn't mean it won't happen!” The left string sees Huo Xuan in critical condition and commands him, "Stop him now, otherwise don't blame me for being rude to you! ”

Jean-Claude raised his chin, looking like he owed him a beating: "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. ”

"You know exactly what Huo Xuan is," said the left string hastily. "If he had anything long or short, you would become the public enemy of all mankind. ”

“Huh.” Shannon smiled slightly, "As soon as Huo Xuan dies, the emperor can replace him. In fact, I look forward to the annihilation of mankind. ”

Its tone of voice is, of course, a transcendental anti-social molecule.

At last, he was pissed off by the left string. His eyes killed Machine Tong and he suddenly stretched his hand around his neck. “In that case, let me give you a lift before the end of the human race. ”

The throat could be protected in a timely manner and not immediately killed by the left string. His aim was to deflect the attention of the emperor by provoking the left string and forcing him to attack himself, eventually stopping the battle.

Of course, he's not 100% sure. After all, unlike ordinary people, the Zombie King did not necessarily come to save him before killing the Emperor, let alone know that he could be resurrected, even if he was killed.

Just thinking about it, the pressure on his neck suddenly disappeared and was caught in his arms, taking him away from his original position.

You can probe your head out of the emperor's arms and see the left string covered in blood, staring at them with a miserable look. Huo Xuan stood beside him with a dark expression.

The throat of the emperor roared low, his face blurred, and his eyes filled with fierce killing.

Jean-Claude surrounded his waist and said softly, "Let's go. ”

The emperor snorted coldly: No! Without killing these two human beings, they will not leave.

Jean pinched it on his back: "Are you sure you don't want to go? If you leave now, you can do what you did last night. ”

What happened last night... The emperor quickly flashed all kinds of discord in his mind, hesitating for three seconds, hugging him and disappearing in place.

Huo Xuan looked at their disappeared figure and his eyes glistened brightly.

“Huo Xuan, that Jean is a dangerous man who wants to kill you with emperors and destroy the entire human race.” The left string denounces the crimes that are yet to be committed.

Huo Xuan sighed, “You believe that too.” The man was just trying to lure the emperor away.

“What?” The left string is unknown, so.

Huo Xuan did not say any more, thinking of the scenario that could be taken away by Emperor Xuan, he could not bear to squeeze his fist.

Is there anyone in the world willing to be with a zombie? It is a mighty zombie king who, if provoked by his fury, will bring about the destruction of mankind. Jean-Claude, perhaps he had to stay with him.

Huo Xuan's eyes flashed absolutely: he must become stronger! Strong enough to free Jean from the Zombie King.