Heroic Death System

Circulation of Death 14

He was able to successfully join the Moon Mercenaries and left the temporary base with them after a full two days of rest.

Nearly thirty intelligentsia above the sixth level were recruited this time in order to kill two general-level zombies roaming the vicinity. Originally two zombies of the rank of generals did not have so many masters, but they established their own territories in two abandoned cities, hunting humans and livestock, and the power is expanding rapidly. Humanity must destroy them before they can form a scale.

“According to intelligence, the two zombies, Huaiqu and Baonan, are more than 200 miles apart, so as to ensure that we do not lose anything, we do not separate forces and concentrate on destroying each other.” Shadow Moon Mercenaries Leader Baeku refers to an electronic map to explain the situation to new members.

“Do you know the exact number of zombies? How strong are you?” A muscularly developed middle-aged man asked.

“Near Huai Qiu there are about 500 or more, Po Nam over 700, mostly primary zombies, and there should be no more than 50 advanced zombies. ”

“So our first goal? ”

“Huai Qiu. ”

Not having participated in the discussion, he leaned alone on the armoured car, swept his gaze across the crowd and was finally fixed on a man of about thirty on the stairs. He has short red brown hair, ordinary appearance, dark skin, a slightly obsolete cross-country outfit with a certain decadence and wildness, and the charm characteristic of a mature man.

Although the emperor had been identified, the familiar aura allowed him to be recognized at first sight. This fact made him feel dismayed and again challenged his judgment.

Why do two different people have the same aura? This is by no means a mere coincidence, but the sensation between him and his lover comes from the erythema of the heavens and the deep emotions accumulated in countless rounds. People have similarities, but the soul is unique, yet confident that it will not be mistaken.


Huo Xuan, disguised as a free mercenary, seemed to feel something. Turning his head, he saw Shang Cao for a moment and then gave him a shallow smile.

When we first introduced each other, it was remembered that he said his name was "Yang Rui", a Level 7 idiot from a small town in the south.

Shanko looked at the left string not far away. After Huo Xuan concealed his identity, he was the strongest and highest ranking person in this team. I wondered if Huo Xuan had told him about his disguise.

“Well, that's all the information we have so far. Everybody rest for the night. Tomorrow we will enter the realm of Huai Qiu, and I'm afraid we won't have time to rest.” Baiki put away the electronic map and greeted his companions as they spoke into an abandoned building.

The others packed their belongings and followed them in.

You can put your backpack on and walk to the end.

“Where's your companion?” Huo Xuan stepped up to him and asked freely.

“I don't know." Cold eyes, instant into brush disgust mode.

“Just saw you looking at me.” Huo Xuan also tends, “do you know me? ”

“I don't know.” Steps can be speeded up to find the right place to rest.

The Commander concentrated everyone on the second floor so as not to distract them.

Shanko quickly found a somewhat tidy empty room, walked straight in, was about to close the door, found Huo Xuan standing in the center of the living room sometime, lifted the tumbled sofa upright with his feet, patted the dust, and casually threw the package on his shoulder.

Jean-Claude put his hands on the door frame and said to Huo Xuan, "I'm sorry, this room is mine, please go out. ”

How does this guy, like the emperor, like to move instantly when he can't move?

“Sleep together.” Huo Xuan replied calmly.

Sleep on your head! Jean-Claude stared at him and wondered whether he should be driven out of the country in a hegemonic manner, or whether he should leave by himself. Anyway, you must not stay in a room with Huo Xuan, otherwise when the Emperor returns, it will be a lot of fun.

In accordance with the character of Coco, a step back into the vast ocean and the sky has always been humane. Now that you're going to be right with Huo Xuan, you should be more arrogant.

So he walked over aggressively, grabbed Huo Xuan's T-shirt and rudely dragged it out.

“Ripped” a sound, the Huo Xuan did not move, but the T-shirt was torn into two pieces, revealing eight healthy abs.

Huo Xuan looked down at his T-shirt and faded away: “You tore my clothes apart. ”

Shan can hold the broken cloth, silent: the human leader dare not wear a few clothes of better quality!

“You see?” Huo Xuan looked at Shanko and looked ready to negotiate compensation.

You can take off your backpack and flip a T-shirt out of it and throw it to Huo Xuan: “The clothes are for you, and this room is for you! ”

It turns out he doesn't have the talent to be a bad guy. Or he can't be tough on this man.

“Stay.” Huo Xuan's voice came from behind, "the other rooms were already full, going out, inevitably a little inconvenient, to entertain each other. ”

Still walking away from the room. We went around the hallway and the second floor was really full. He had to go up to the third floor, and although Commander Hundred Wood had asked everyone to concentrate on the second floor, he was going to be a disgruntled hater and didn't have to worry about others' views.

Night falls, hidden zombies come out and howl like beasts from time to time.

There were few zombies in the area, but dozens were scattered, and the Moon Mercenaries sent only two members to clear the nearby zombies.

Still lying in bed, not sleepy as usual.

Until after 1: 00 a.m., the emperor sneaks into the room silently and then falls onto the bed, carrying him into his arms. A fierce, bloody smell of corpses leaves the surface, frowning, pulling the emperor up and dragging him into the bathroom.

Abandoned cities have no energy supply and can only soak towels with their own water magic, slowly washing the stains from his body.

The emperor stared at the man in front of him, his golden eyes gleaming in the dark.

“What are you doing out there?” Ask yet.

“Take a walk.” The emperor answered casually.

Can a walk “dissipate" blood? He had a glance at him and did not continue to ask.

The emperor put his hands on the wall, lowered his head and clasped Sankoh's lips, licking - sucking. The suicidal atmosphere gradually dissipated, leaving only a flame of heat.

Although the emperor behaved normally in front of Sankoh, the desire to kill in his body boiled his blood and made it difficult to control. He often disappears for some time, mainly in search of prey and to vent the atrocities in his heart.

There was nothing to worry about before, but now I don't want to see a hint of fear and disgust in this person's eyes.

“Don't … there are idiots downstairs.” The perception of a six-level idiot is sufficient to detect movement upstairs.

Where does the Emperor care about any imbeciles? He lifted Shanko up and walked toward the bed...

The next day, Jean-Claude and the members of the Shadow Moon Mercenaries gathered in front of the building, then split into groups and proceeded to Huaiqu.

At dusk, a pedestrian arrived in a small town on the Huaiqu border, where he encountered more than a dozen corpses, not of high rank, easily resolved by Moon members.

However, they have entered the territory of general-level zombies and are likely to be attacked at any time and must be given extra care.

Baiki sent three agile, hidden powers to the Huai Qu Center to investigate the situation. The rest remain in the town for the time being, ready for battle.

In the evening, none of the three intelligentsies responsible for the investigation returned, and the atmosphere of the mercenary group, which had been relatively relaxed, grew.

The crowd crowded in a small building, looking at the walking zombies outside, they didn't look well.

“More than we expected.” Song Bin put down the curtains and whispered.

“The life and death of the investigators are unknown, and we cannot accurately judge the situation in the Huai Trang Center.” Hundred Woods looks up at the left string sitting on the sofa, "the left string, I'm afraid you'll have to go personally this time. ”

The left string nodded and said, "I need a hand. ”

“No problem.” Baiki smiled, “One of us can pick whatever you want. ”

“Then let him be.” The left string points towards the corner.

Everyone looked up to him and saw a handsome young man.

Shanko: Can't he be a quiet, beautiful man when he's lying down and getting shot?

“You're Jean-Claude, right?” Hundred Wood Mild Road, “this reconnaissance mission was entrusted to you and the left string. ”

Haven't spoken yet, Huo Xuan said suddenly: “Add me one. ”

“You?” Hundred Kids obviously didn't know Huo Xuan's disguised identity, hesitating, "This mission is dangerous, if you're not sure, don't be strong. ”

The man named "Yang Rui", although he is a Level 7 idiot, has never seen him do it, and people don't know much about his strength. Not quite. Huo Xuan and the left string looked at each other differently and wanted to be strong.

“I know." Huo Xuan spoke plainly, but with some unquestionable arrogance in his eyes.

Hundred Woods looked at the left string and asked, "Left string, what do you think? ”

The left string didn't even look at Huo Xuan. "Whatever. ”

He stood up and left a sentence: "Keep up” and disappeared into the room.

The last two words were clearly addressed to Jean-Claude and Huo Xuan. Looks like he doesn't even know who Huo Xuan is?

Jean-Claude followed Huo Xuan outside, sneaking up on him.

“You peeked at me again.” Huo Xuan said suddenly.

Yes: “…”

“Stay close to me later.” Huo Xuan's body flashed and vanished into the night.

Jean-Claude stood at the door of the small building with a cold night breeze and just wanted to say to the two great masters: Do you think people from all over the world will move in a flash...

At this moment, you can suddenly feel your back tight, then you are embraced in a familiar embrace, the scenery in front of you quickly changes, but the blink of an eye is miles away.

Hey, hey, his zombie king's back. Jean could hold the man's neck tightly and put his face on his chest, stretching his body like a warm cat, leaving him to run and take him flying.

A few minutes later, they parked on the roof of a building.

“Here?” You can look around for a week and see only an uneven and dilapidated floor.

The man behind him did not speak and his strong arm was still wrapped around Sankoh's waist.

Shan can look back. He thought the man behind him was the Emperor, but what he saw was Huo Xuan!

“Huo Xuan, how is it you?” Can't believe I admitted it wrong when I took a step backwards? In such close proximity, you are mistaken!

Although the two men were of similar stature, cold temperatures and had a familiar aura, one was a zombie and one was a human, he could never have mistaken it anyway!

“What's the matter?” Huo Xuan stared quietly at Sangkou, his eyes as deep as a midnight.

“No, nothing.” You can look away and try to calm down your breath.

“You did recognize me.” Huo Xuan's voice carries joy.

Even the left string with him in the morning and evening did not see through his disguise, but the man in front of him recognized him at first sight.

Stifled: “No, I was wrong. ”

Dylan and Huo Xuan, who's his man? He's going crazy! Hurry up and give him a good time!