Heroic Death System

Cycle of Death 15

The surrounding airflow suddenly caused a slight movement, and the figure of the left string appeared not far away.

“Where's ‘he’?” The left string looks good to ask. Naturally, he asked the emperor, and before he left, Huo Xuan told him to keep an eye on the zombie king, while he monitored him in the dark. However, the daytime silence of the emperor was as if it did not exist, and at night it was very elusive. That's why the left string will bring it out. In such places, even in the event of conflict, only zombies are affected.

“I don't know.” At the same time, I searched around with perception and found nothing. Strong men of the ranks of Huo Xuan and Emperor, if intentionally hidden, hardly anyone can find them.

“You'd better make sure he doesn't get hurt or intentionally cause zombies to siege mercenary groups.” The left string stared at him coldly, without concealing his hostility.

Jean-Claughing: “With his strength, is it necessary to use so much trouble? ”

The left string glanced at him and looked at Huo Xuan next to him. He said: "Come on, there are a lot of zombies gathered in front. That should be their lair. Our soldiers split the two ways, be careful yourselves. ”

After that, he ignored the two of them and left.

Huo Xuan frowned and was unhappy with the way he left his teammates behind. However, there was no time to strangle these now, and Huo Xuan walked to Shanko, reached up to his waist, and intended to take him on an instant as before.

Jean-Claude hastily avoided: "Leave me alone, let's go. ”

“Don't be rude, come here.” Huo Xuan undoubtedly carried him into his arms and instantly crossed the floor, diving into the heart of the lair.

In the darkness, the smell of rotten rot pervaded the streets, alleys and houses.

Huo Xuan walked into a dilapidated gymnasium, laying on the top beam of the reinforced structure and sneaking down.

Though the indoor lights are dim, both have night-vision capability to see clearly what's going on below. However, this view shocked both of them.

There are only three or four hundred people gathered in the vast square, men and women, old and young, with tangled limbs, like wild beasts, mingling, or moaning of pain or despair in their throats.

Around them, dozens of senior zombies are scattered around. They screamed and scratched with excitement, and occasionally a few of them just couldn't help but pounce over, ravaging - eating their flesh and blood while ravaging the human body, and then quickly being brutally pulled apart by other zombies.

This bloody picture in front of me, like hell, is disgusting. All too suddenly, neither of us was prepared. They had only come to investigate the distribution and number of zombies, and the reality was far more shocking than they expected.

Huo Xuan pressed Shanko's head against his chest and whispered in his ear: “I'll walk you out. ”

Jean-Claude shook his head and pointed directly below them.

Huo Xuan lowered his head and saw two female zombies curled in the dark corner below. They were all red luo, sitting motionlessly on dirty cushions and numb, as if dead. What's even more amazing is that their abdomens are slightly bulging, looking like they're pregnant.

Huo Xuan's eyes shocked him, flashing two words in his head - reproduction.

The scariest thing about zombies is not their fighting power, but their infectiousness. However, with the study of viral antibodies, humans will one day be able to completely overcome the virus, and by then the zombies will be doomed.

What Huo Xuan did not expect, however, was that zombies would use humans to reproduce. Has the intelligence of some zombies evolved to this extent? Look at those two pregnant women. They're at least four or five months pregnant. How could a zombie be pregnant?

Huo Xuan looked at the square again, and most of the people who were having a crazy relationship with each other were normal humans. In other words, the zombies conceived humans before converting them into zombies. The vitality of the fetus transforms the pregnant woman into another species - the zombie mother.

Perhaps not only human women, but all female organisms have the potential to become the mother of zombies.

At this time, the surrounding light seemed to be getting darker and darker, and with Huo Xuan's monk's vision, he was gradually unable to see.

Huo Xuan's heart was slightly rinsed, holding Shang can leave the hiding place and move out of the hall.

However, the next second the two men who were supposed to leave the stadium were in total darkness. As if in a void, without a trace of light, it can only smell a strange fragrance and diffuse slowly in the air.

“is space alienation.” Huo Xuan said, "A general-level zombie with space intelligence is more powerful than a king, we should be careful.” It is no wonder that no one previously investigated has returned, and that there is nothing that can be done when a zombie of this level is encountered.

Covering her nose, she frowned and asked, "What is this scent? Smells uncomfortable. ”

Huo Xuan is not unusual, he just feels the person in his arms, his temperature seems to be getting higher and higher, and his breathing is getting more and more impatient.

“What's the matter?” Huo Xuanyang's hand waved in the void and countless silver-colored blades immediately circled around them. However, sharp swordlight can only shine within five meters.

Shanko rubbed some dizzy forehead and Huo Xuan's proximity made him feel more manic. He pushed his hand and tried to pull the distance apart, but the moment he touched each other, his mind almost swallowed up with a strong desire.

But at this moment, I finally understand why those people in the stadium are going crazy. Dark spaces, strange scents, make people lose their minds and become beasts.

“Shanko...” The low voice sounds like it's coming from another world and echoes gently in Shanko's ear.

Jean-Claude's brain is dizzy, her body is light and she feels like she's dreaming.

“Cocoa… Cocoa…”

Emperor or Mutual?

Whatever it is, it's all his men!

The man around him could be knocked over, tore his clothes apart and chewed on his body.

The man tried to stop it, but he was kissed sturdy, and the familiar aura lingered between his lips, bringing more ferocious desire.

Sang can feel - the man below, from the initial passive, gradually to active, hugging, kissing, grinding, intertwining, giving up reason, forgetting commitment. Suddenly a blunt pain, the body was enriched, followed by successive collisions and deep roofs...


You can wake up from a coma and find yourself lying on the bed, penetrating through a few sun windows and illuminating the room.

“Cocoa.” A head came together and bit him in the neck.

Shanko flashed several shattered images in his brain, his heart shocked, reached up to the head at his neck nest, saw the face of Tianjin paralyzed, darkly relieved.

“Where am I? Why am I here?” You can sit up and the quilt slides off your chest, revealing a glossy skin. Refreshing and refreshing without any abnormalities.

“When I came back, I saw you sleeping in bed.” The emperor sniffed on him and frowned, "I always felt something was wrong. ”

“What's wrong?” Jean-Claude searched again and found nothing. In fact, he couldn't find anything, because he could heal himself.

Jean-Claude looked at the time, it was already around 9: 00 the next morning. Last night, he and Huo Xuan went out to find out about the funeral, and saw a hell of a scene in the stadium where the zombies tried to use humans to breed future generations.

Then they left the stadium and got stuck in a dark space...

Jean-Claude patted his head and couldn't remember the rest of it at all, as if he had a dream and woke up without a trace.

With Huo Xuan's strength, we should finally get out of trouble, right?

Just thinking, suddenly there was a knock outside the door.

The emperor glanced coldly and disappeared into the room. Recently, his emotions had become precarious and he could not resist killing when he saw humans. Until he learns to control, he does not intend to have too much contact with humans.

Jean-Claude frowned and noticed something wrong with the emperor. He would not have disappeared so often in the past and would have taken him with him even if he wanted to leave. In recent days, however, his breath has always been unstable, especially after entering Huai Qiang, and the changes have become more pronounced.

Knocking on the door is still going on, you can keep your mind together, put on your clothes and walk to the door, just ready to open the door, suddenly feeling a heartburn.

He whispered, lifting his hand over the collar of the coat, only to see on his right chest, a red flower gently blooming like a flame, the stacked petals spreading all the way to his shoulders and clavicle.

Canopy erythema? Why is this tattoo showing up again?

“Jenko?” Huo Xuan's voice came from outside the door.

You can lift your head, look thoughtfully at the door, then slowly back off, exit five meters outside, the burning sensation of your chest gradually decreases, and the tattoo begins to disappear.

Is it because of Huo Xuan? But that didn't happen before.

A few more steps toward the door, and the chest started to ache again.

While covering his chest to relieve pain, a figure suddenly appeared around him.

“What's the matter?” Huo Xuan took him into his arms and glanced at the erythema tattoo under his clothes, breathing slightly nitrogen, and had to show what had happened last night in his head. He never thought he'd have a relationship with this person in that situation. It was just an accident, but it was the most wonderful experience of his life. He remembers every detail clearly. Every kiss, every entry, is so erosion-bone pin soul.

Huo Xuan was able to hug him to the bed and said warmly: “Rest well, I'll let you fly over. He used to be a military doctor and he was a good doctor. ”

“No, I'm fine.” Still reliable at the head of the bed, slightly messy hair tucked between the foreheads, and a few obscures in clear eyes.

Huo Xuanmei stared at him with warmth and love in his eyes.

In contemplation, Shanko did not realize that Huo Xuan was unusually close to him. When the pain in his chest eased slightly, he asked: “How is the situation with the zombie? ”

“There will be action tonight. I deal with the general, the left string, and they clean up the rest.” Paused, Huo Xuan added, "You stay here and stay put. ”

He nodded and had no objection. Dozens to hundreds, action must be covert. All he had to do was make sure he wasn't hurt and didn't bleed, which was the biggest contribution he could make to the team.

After hesitating for a moment, he finally asked: "Last night...”

“Don't worry." Huo Xuan touched his hair, "I'll take responsibility. ”

Shanko: What are you responsible for?!