Heroic Death System

Outside: Everyone loves mushrooms

[I would like to make a life and death contract with you, even if it is a thousand years back, we will meet again. So Yan, for my sake, stay on the right path. One day, I will stand upright with you in the sun and accept the respect of the world...]

Yet his beloved little mushroom disappeared.

What's the point of leaving him alone, respected by millions of people? Exorcising the Devil's Way, upholding justice, what happens in the end?

When the heavenly robbery came, the divine monarch was born, bathing in the golden light of the slaughter, but the evil qi was in his eyes.

Looking down upon the earth at those who look up to him, Yan is in the realm of God, his heart is in the cave, and the desire to kill is boiling in the blood of the thief. Golden light covered the sky, magnificent power filled the earth, fierce killings swept all over the Quartet, wailing and moaning, the blood blooming like fireworks.

The little mushroom tried so hard to get himself on the right path, and he went on a journey to become a god, but he didn't know that as long as there was a demon in his heart, the world would be hell.

The blood in Yan's eyes was scattered. He had just been promoted to the realm of synagogue. In the mad slaughter, he fell back into the dust.

The cultivators have been slaughtered and many masters have fallen successively. After this battle, the cultivation world will not recover for a hundred years. However, this is just the beginning of a nightmare. Though the boundaries of Yan's slaughter have been greatly undermined, its strength remains even stronger than before. He killed all over the realm of cultivation, the first of which was the cultivation sect that directly caused the death of small mushrooms, and hundreds of other cultivation sects, large and small, were destroyed by him.

The whole world of cultivation is plunged into a bloody period of self-endangerment for all. The power of the united masters cannot be countered with the power of the Divine Monarch. At a time of despair, the Yan slaughter known as “God Killing” suddenly disappeared...

Unconsciously, fifty years of silence passed in haste.

In a small snow-covered town, a man lay motionless on the side of the road, almost buried in white snow, revealing only a few cluttered and dirty arms.

The door of a store next to it was opened, and the store came out of it and glanced at the figure on the ground, unable to bear a low curse: "Hi. ”

He walked over and kicked a few feet to see if he was dead. Turns out he shrunk and then stopped moving.

“Fuck off if you're not dead. Don't interfere with my business!” The shopkeeper kicked him down the steps rudely, pushing hard on his feet.

The man moved a few times on the ground, then slowly stood up and the snow poured from him, a messy hair covering half his face, a shattered clothing hanging casually, revealing a strong muscle. A pair of barefoot stepped in the snow, leaving deep footprints.

The shopkeeper didn't expect this “beggar” to have such a big body that he stood taller than his head, making people feel a little hairy. But he wasn't in trouble with the store, just walked away silently.

The shopkeeper waited for him to go away before snorted in disdain.

A group of children ran over the side of the road, squeezed the snow troupe and fought with each other. As they passed the “beggar”, they grabbed the troupe and threw it at him. Several children even threw stones without any hesitation.

The stone struck the "beggar” and made a banging noise, but he felt like he could not feel the pain, leaving the child to chase and curse until he walked out of the city, away from the hustle and bustle.

He walked aimlessly in the white snow, like a soul, feeling no fatigue, no hunger, no passing of time.

No one would have thought that he was the bloodbathing realm, the frightening killer of the wind. Fifty years ago, because of the excessive killing, the Yan heart was deep in demons, causing the power to regurgitate, become horrible, occasionally sober, occasionally confused, wandering the world alone, walking through the mountains of water, ridiculed and humiliated.

“Bastard, Lu Qin is nothing! Do you really think you're amazing when you have a master to support you and cheer on us?” Three men in green came from the mountains, one with a long sword on his back, scolding.

“Master is eccentricity, talent, which one of us is worse than him?” Another man of short stature attached to the Way of Peace.

And finally, the man with the two-handed beard laughed, “What's the use of complaining here? It is only right to find ways to improve strength. ”

As he was doing so, the short man suddenly stopped and stared into the woods next to him, sitting there with a man in a ragged shirt.

“What's a beggar got to look like?” The man with the long sword asked strangely.

The short man said, “Is that a storage ring on his finger? ”

The other two turned their heads and saw the beggar wearing a fine storage ring.

“Ha, when is the storage ring so cheap that even beggars have it?” The sword man walked towards the man and grabbed his wrist and prepared to remove the storage.

Yan awakened, clenched his fists and desperately prevented him from taking his own ring.

“If you know someone, call out the ring!” The man with the back sword stepped on his chest in an attempt to remove the ring with brute force. For some of the infidel fixers, ordinary mortals are like ants in their eyes, let alone a humble beggar.

“Haha, can you do it?” The short man beside him laughed.

“Want some help?” The other bearded man also looked at him in his spare time.

The man with the back sword was sad and had no place to exhale. He saw the beggar raise his head without realizing it. His heart was pounding and suddenly he sacrificed the long sword on his back. Silver light flashed and cut it straight to the slaughtered arm.

The sharp sword was actually ejected, and the slaughtered arm did not even have a scratch.

This scene stared at the third person with a suspicious expression on his face.

“What's going on?” The little man couldn't help but take a step back and look vigilantly at the yam on the ground.

The bearded man thought for a moment and guessed, “I think this man has either taken some magical medicine or been refined into a furnace. Either way, depending on what he looks like today, he's no different than a cripple. ”

The man with the sword laughed. “In that case, let us give him a ride before he continues to suffer. ”

Saying, he once again sacrificed the take-off sword, using his spiritual powers, and stabbed him hard in the heart. In that room, the blood splattered and the slaughter fell on the ground.

The man with the back sword grabbed his wrist and intended to take the ring off, finding that his fist was still tight and had no intention of loosening it.

“Wipe, quite stiff.” The man with the back sword waved his sword for the third time, mercilessly severed his arm and took some effort to remove the ring.

Yan huddled in blood, with another intact arm to death grabbed the foot of the sword man's pants, tried to snatch the ring back, his mouth simultaneously made a hissing sound: “I... give... me...”

“Fuck off!” The man with the back sword kicked him open and spat disgustingly.

“See if there's any baby in this ring.” The short man hurried, “he said. The seer had a share. ”

“Yes.” The man with the back sword broke the ban on the ring and swept a circle inside with his spiritual awareness, revealing the expression "Sun Dog” on his face.

“What's the matter?” The other two hurried up.

“See for yourselves!” The man with the back sword threw the ring at them in disdain.

The two explored with spiritual awareness, and then stunned at the same time, in a huge storage space, not heavenly materials and earthly treasures, fairy grass spirit instruments, but countless... mushrooms.

Just as the three of them were stunned, a thick kill suddenly appeared behind them, immediately followed by a cold neck, three heads took off high, and only three headless bodies remained standing upright in the blink of an eye.

Bloody yanks slowly walked up to them and grabbed their rings back without expression. There was constant bloodshed of scarlet in his chest and broken arm, and he was trying to heal it, but his brief and lucid mind was lost again at this moment.

Yan looked at his wound, looked at the ring on his hand, and walked toward the depths of the jungle, leaving spots of blood all the way.

One hour, two minutes, one hour, two hours... Yan killed one day and one night, blood also bled one day and one night, finally exhausted and fell to the ground.

In a blurred state of consciousness, as if to see a white shadow, he shook his hand out and tried to touch it as hard as he could, but his arm dropped helplessly.

In front of his fingers, a white mushroom stood still.

He killed all the people in the world, his hands were full of blood. Finally, he realized that he just wanted to own a small mushroom...