Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ⑥ 3

You can wake up in the morning and find your flower pot in your arms. This is not the first time, as long as he turns into a mushroom, Yan will stay close, as if worried that he will run away and feel extremely insecure.

The flower pot was placed on the windowsill, and he held it to the bed. After several consultations, he was reluctantly persuaded to place the flower pot on the nightstand. Even so, he was not comfortable and often snuck into his arms while he was practicing. However, the flower pot is not uniformly shaped, holds in the way, and affects sleeping position.

Jean-Claude took a few days to find a thousand years of iron wood and carve it into a half-human tall mushroom. This iron tree is spiritual, long lasting, nourishing body and mind, quiet and quiet, perfect for conditioning the traumatized spirit of the slaughter. More importantly, mushrooms can be grown on iron wood!

But when you can still see Yan holding this giant mushroom, it's always too beautiful to look directly at it.

“Uh, Yan, I thought about it, let's change the mushroom to a stick hammer.” It can be said in a negotiated tone.

Yan nervously held the giant mushroom in his arms, staring into his eyes and protesting silently. Stick hammer? It's not a good thing to hear the name alone. Where's his mushroom?

“... well, since you disagree, forget it.” Jean-Co touched his nose and saw Yan kill like he loved to let go, he couldn't help but joke, "With this big mushroom, you won't spare my little mushroom, will you? ”

Yan looked at the iron and wood mushrooms, looked at Sangkou again, then stuffed the iron and wood mushrooms into Sangkou's arms, arms together, held together with the mushrooms, head squeezed in the middle, and happiness was immense.

Yes: “…”

Always knew he was a mushroom controller, why he had to aggravate his condition...

On that evening, under the keen watchful eye of Yan, he planted himself on an iron and wood mushroom and was beautifully held in his arms, lying in a nest and rolling from time to time.

Are you really that happy? Feel his joy and smile too.

Having had a good time with him, he could start practicing routinely under the nourishment of iron and wood spirituality.

Yan wrapped his long legs around the mushroom pillow without turning his eyes and looking at the nearby mushroom, his two dark eyes sparkling in the dark.

As the spirit moves, there is a faint fog on the little mushroom, with a natural fragrance, haunting between the yam's nose, slowly merging with his breath.

However, many times, the colour of trance is hidden on the face of the slaughter, the original clear eyes gradually become dark and obscure, and eventually become lucid. In this light, there is a little white mushroom.

Yan looked at “it” motionlessly, almost thinking he was dreaming. More than a hundred years ago, the little mushroom disappeared right in front of him, and he took it upon himself to become a god. But what about becoming a god? As long as there is a desire to kill in your heart, the right way can be enchanted.

Little mushrooms are his only goodwill, losing him, the heavens and the earth have nothing but endless slaughter. The kingdom of the Divine Path and the heart of the Devil's Path contradicted each other, eventually causing his power to regurgitate and divine chaos.

I thought this was his final ending, but I didn't expect to see it in the sky. His little mushroom returned to him!

Yan can't go wrong, the little mushroom in front of him, which grows on the iron wood, is the little mushroom he once lost. He may have just been reincarnated. He had always thought that the little mushrooms had been scattered and immersed in hatred and grief alone, not knowing how much time had been wasted.

“Little mushroom...” The low sound of yam echoes gently in the room, turning into endless emotion and joy, quietly hiding in a lost night.

Yan stared quietly at the little mushroom until dawn.

You can wake up slowly from your entrance, a white light flashes through, the teenager lightly falls by the bed, wears a long shirt, turns around and opens the window, takes a deep breath of fresh air, and smiles at Yan: “Good morning, Yan. ”

A familiar smile, a familiar face, a familiar taste, such as a sunshine, instantly illuminates the heart of Yan.

He wandered wildly for decades, and the world was warm, woefully wandering, yet blinded. It's his little mushroom that brings him back from his miserable situation, doesn't care about his desolation, doesn't care about his stupidity, cleanses him of dirt and builds a heart garden.

His cultivation has not yet reached the realm of complete form. If it is not for him, how can he choose to cultivate just a few hours each night?

Yan walked behind Shanko and held him in his arms.

He didn't find him, but he did.

Jean-Claude was hugged and was about to laugh and suddenly felt a few drops of hot liquid fall on his clavicle.

“Yan Killing,” he asked hesitantly, "What's the matter? ”

“Little mushroom, I am Yan, I am Yan...” Yan low whispered in his ear.

You can make a move, then turn around, lift up Yan's face, uncertainly ask: "Yan, have you regained your mind? ”

Yan slaughtered his waist and kissed him deeply. Superior kissing skills are completely out of the reach of a five-year-old IQ. There is no doubt that he did regain his sanity.

Jean grabbed his neck and answered him with joy.

More than a hundred years of separation, more than a hundred years of thought, erupted unreservedly at this moment. Yan will still be able to press against the wall, lift his legs, and fit tightly with him. The lips, the tongues, the dances, the limbs, the tangles, the two as if they were going to eat each other, demanding it violently.

“Hmm.” He groaned, suffering from the forcible expansion of his body. Yan's move was a little rude, but instead of shouting for a pause, he tried to relax and keep up with his rhythm. With repeated mocha, pain is gradually replaced by a wave of fast-feelings.

After one pass, the yam will still be able to cuddle - to bed, to soothe - to comfort, to wrap up - to the point. I don't know how long I've been in love, but suddenly I feel like I've been held up, in a sit-down position, and my desire goes deeper, and then it's a thick pure yang.

He looked at the slaughter in obscurity and was somewhat puzzled.

“We currently have too large a gap to double study, but it can complement each other.” Yan Jiao softly said, "My breath is disordered, I have no power in the sky, but I cannot move, otherwise it will cause backphage. And your roots are unstable, and you need to absorb spiritual power urgently. I give you my strength to help you practice. ”

For a moment, Jean-Claude frowned: “In this way, will your cultivation be affected? ”

“It doesn't matter, it just balances our power gap.” Yan Luo said calmly, "and the lower you fix it, the easier it is for the demon to solve. ”

But this reminds me of the threat of Yan and Heart Demon, and surrender to cultivate, perhaps really solve the Heart Demon.

“Forget it, I'll take care of everything.” Yan slaughtered affectionately biting his ear, moving slowly and at a rhythm. Every time it moves, a divine force enters the body of Sankoh.

You can close your eyes and begin to concentrate on this divine power.

Yan handed over his power to him, staring at him quietly as if he could never see enough...

I don't know how long it's been, but it feels like if I run another Sunday, I'll be able to make it today. Yet, just as he was preparing to succeed, his last divine power was too late.

He could not help but open his eyes, but the slaughter in front of him was staring at him blindly, and the bright light in his eyes disappeared, replacing it with a simple understanding.

So he's out of his mind again?

“Little mushroom?” Yan looked down at the area where the two people were tightly bonded, and his eyes filled with desire for knowledge.

“... accidentally sat on you, sorry.” It can be explained as lightly as possible.

Yan felt it for a moment and said, "It's okay, the little mushrooms are comfortable. ”

It is believed that he has absolutely no double-hatted words.

“Get up when you're comfortable enough.” Jean-Claude is about to get up. As a result, Yan reached out and he sat down again.

“Little mushroom.” The sound of the Yan slaughter is slightly dull.

“What?” Be sure to keep your silly!

“Really comfortable...” Yan Jiao glued upwards.

You can do your best to restrain yourself: "… stop it.” Let go of your little mushroom, we're still good friends.

“Oh.” Yan dropped out, holding his desire - wanting to sit on his knees in front of Shangkou, his eyes wet, looking like a warm werewolf dog.

When did this guy become so obedient? That sparkling little look, it's like scratching your lungs!

After a long war, it was decided to overthrow him irreversibly.

“Lie down!” Orders may be given.

Yan slaughtered to the ground.

Jean-Claude - sat on him and said aggressively, "Don't you move, I'll do it myself. ”

Yan nodded.

Slowly put it inside yourself, then start moving your lower back and rubbing carefully.

The slaughter was tight and the eyes were hot, seemingly trying to suppress something.

Jean can fall down - body, gently rub his lips...

After a moment, he could fall on the yam, the breath dying: “I can't do it, it's up to you. ”

For half an hour, someone had absolutely no intention of being released!

Jean-Claude just feels sore in her back, her legs are numb, and she doesn't want to sit on it anymore!

A light smile suddenly came from the top of his head.

You can look up and see only Yan Jiao eyes are clear, the corners of his mouth are raised, and his mind has suddenly recovered.

“When did you recover? ”

“Well, you sat up soon. ”

Jean-Claude first stared wide in the eyes, then bit his teeth and cut his teeth: It's really bearable, Lord Divine King.

Yan kissed his face and soothed: "Thank you, my little mushroom. ”

No hard work, one, point, all, no!

Yan was preparing to stay warm with him for a while, but he suddenly caught the iron wooden mushroom at the corner and stuffed it in his arms.

“Take your mushroom and play.” Flip upside down and get out of bed.

Someone with more divine Yan has completely lost the pitiful aura of the second.

“Little mushroom...”

“What?” Still staring fiercely.

Yan hugged his big mushroom and looked pitifully at him: "Are you angry? ”

Stupid again? Can the prophet speak before the next transformation?

“... no, I'm not angry.” At the glance of his little eyes, there was no compromise in principle.

“That's good.” Yan slams his head against the big mushroom, revealing a happy smile.

Finally, it was realized that there was a serious problem - Yan was a fine, fine score.