Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ⑥ 5

The days of hiding in the mountains and forests have passed slowly in relaxation and pleasure, and unknowingly twenty cold summers have passed. Sangkou tea dormitories are feng shui, mainly serve low- and intermediate-level practitioners, use a variety of different potency drinks and foods to help them solve the problems they encounter in cultivation. Gatekeepers have their own accumulation and capital and are unnecessarily reluctant to seek foreign aid, but for the majority of scattered and small Gatekeepers, cocoa tea houses undoubtedly provide an alternative avenue of cultivation.

Remote shadow mountains are also becoming known because of the existence of leisure tea dormitories, and many scattered cultivation and even directly nearby diving sites. For decades, Dayishan Mountain has formed a special cultivation area and defensive formation, with more than a dozen scattered masters sitting in the town. Anyone who does not follow the rules and tries to plug the seats in teams will be sent out “amicably”.

The rules for a relaxing tea dorm are simple, first-come, first-served, easy to enjoy, reject the king. In the tea dorm, extremely tea buddy, personal grudge, put aside temporarily.

Open for an indefinite number of hours, but for a minimum of three days a month, the rest is mainly devoted to cultivating and finding ingredients. Yet Yan's cultivation is getting lower and lower, but in contrast, his mental clarity is getting longer and longer.

Though his mind is constantly tormenting Yan's mind, he still manages his desire to kill well. It can be estimated that in a matter of decades they will be able to start a real double cultivation, and then the cultivation of Yan will be improved.

When nothing happens, Yan also goes out looking for herbivore medicine, only to bring a rabbit each time. The rabbit is also a rare quirk. He has lived with Sang Yan for decades. Although he is intelligent, he does not know how to practice. He is biased and does not die of age. His temper is particularly violent. Many practitioners have been “bullied” by it.

Shanko insisted that the rabbit follow Yan, mainly to prevent him from suddenly losing his mind on the way home. To that end, it also deliberately hung a golden sack around its neck, which contained three emergency measures.

Number one: Let the rabbit take you home.

Number two: Wait in place and let the rabbit go home to the little mushroom for help.

Article 3: Crush the transmitter in the storage ring.

When this sachet could be handed over to Yan, someone's expression was like a dyed room, colorful, but eventually silently hung it around his neck.

Every time he goes out, Jean-Claude tells him to return early and to be safe.

On this day, the tea dormitory was not open, but the newly cultivated herb seedlings were being transplanted, and a familiar fluctuation suddenly appeared in the spiritual consciousness: the slaughter had returned.

He immediately dropped the tool in his hand and smiled and greeted him up. Before he reached the door, he smelled a faint smell of blood. Yan's clothes were stained with a few spots of blood, and his eyes were sharp and he had no feelings.

“Deer?” Shanko usually calls him "Deer” only when Yan is foolish, but he also calls him "Deer” when he finds he can't contain the killing.

In the eyes of Yan's indifference, he reflected a good figure, and then a new divinity emerged.

“You kill people?” Ask yet.

Yan replied softly: "Hmm. ”

“Why?” After 20 years of peace and stability, why suddenly kill people?

“I don't know.” Yan's face was tight. "Seeing those three faces couldn't help but kill them. ”

Just looking at their faces and killing them? Three more at a time. How miserable are they? Look at him unbelievably.

Yan shifted his gaze, as if he had done something wrong, and dared not look at him.

A moment of silence said, "Go to the backyard and plant a mushroom for a month, this month I don't want to talk to you. ”

The killings of Yan for no reason are not yet accepted. It's not all about so-called morality, but about his aggravation of his demons.

Yan heard stories, didn't say anything, went silently to the backyard. He was not a good man before, but after centuries of loneliness, he cherished the lost and recovered mushrooms more than anyone else.

It was hard in my heart, but I had to be cruel. He could not comfort himself with a whisper after his murder. His own indulgence would most likely justify his letting go of the killing. Only if he is concerned will he always remind himself not to kill indiscriminately.

In the evening, you can lay in bed and go to sleep.

I was wondering if a month was too long, and suddenly there was a systematic voice in my brain: "Dear host, Friendly Reminder, Yan Triggered Heavenly Condemnation, will soon be in trouble.

“What? God?” It's a move, "he asked," because he killed someone today? ”


“What is God's condemnation? ”

[Heaven's condemnation is unpredictable and untraceable. or endemic, or accidental death, or exorcism, or death without disease. Yan had cleansed the real world of blood and contaminated tens of millions of people with resentment, so his suffering was especially severe, and when it came, he would surely scatter his soul.

“The soul is scattered?” Shanko asks again, "If his soul scatters in this world, can he be reincarnated? ”

[Soul scattering means total annihilation, and the host can no longer find him in any world.] The reason why it has the opportunity to remodel is because the erythema of the sky preserves a first line of life. Now that the erythema has broken, once the soul has scattered, the fate of the two will officially end and the lights will not be able to return to heaven.

“He killed so many people before, he didn't touch God. Why did he kill only three people this time? ”

Do you think he hasn't touched God before?] System phantom, [his mind demonic invasion, mental chaos, a man crazily wandering around the world, if you don't show up, he's likely to wander about it for thousands of years until it's been repaired to depletion, fallen into mortal form, experiencing old and ill death, ill and maimed, until he re-enters the circle.

Shake your voice: “You mean, because of my presence, let him gradually regain his sanity, leading to an increase in the punishment of God? ”

Before he showed up, Yan had a chance to re-enter the circle, and now his soul is scattered?

[That's not true. What the system has just said is just speculative results under normal circumstances. The fact is that he was killed before the end of his previous life. If you don't come back, he's going to go round the world until he's done with sin or depleted his soul.

“What can I do to save him?” Even though the system says so, it still feels that its presence is also responsible for all this. Yan's stupidity was actually a way of protecting himself. He tried to help him regain his mind, but instead harmed him.

[This requires the host to find a way for the system to make no comments.] As the loving enemy of the Lord's soul, the organ spirit can't help but scatter the soul of that guy. But he also knew that if he could still be lost, it would be painful. So the last time he lets him choose, if he can preserve the soul, he will guard them as an organ spirit forever; if he eventually fails, he will disengage from the wheel light and use all his strength to become his companion instead of the soul.

Jean-Claude was frightened. I didn't expect it to be that serious. Whatever pain he had experienced in the past, there was hope in his heart because he knew he could still meet him. But not this time, once he dies, he dies for real, and there is no chance of a return.

He would never let that happen!

Still shines a firm light in your eyes.

“System, let me ask you one last question. Why would Yan kill someone today? ”

[The three people he killed today were the ones who killed him in the "future".] Yan's cultivation, though declining, as a divine monarch, possesses extraordinary “predictive” abilities. The moment you meet your enemies, kill and live.

Yan is sitting in a pile of mushrooms, staring at the bamboo tower not far away. The little mushroom room was lit, and through the window, the familiar figure was hidden.

He had an unclear feeling from the moment he killed those three. The little mushroom didn't want him to kill again, but today he broke the precept and broke it for no reason.

Will the little mushroom disappoint him, fear him, alienate him? Even a little, he couldn't stand it. This speculation drove him a little wild.

He doesn't want to kill people, he just wants to dissolve his demons and stay with the little mushrooms.

So, mushroom, don't doubt him, don't give up on him...

The light in Yan's eyes flashed with a hint of blood. He lowered his head slightly and his long hair covered his expression at the moment, his fingers deep into the dirt, surrounded by a black gas.

At this moment, a gentle footsteps from far and close, stepped on the deciduous leaves and made a subtle noise.

Yan raised his head slowly and saw a long figure standing quietly in the moonlight, his clothes floating gently in the night breeze, his body exuded a gentle smell.

“Deer.” A soft-spoken call pulled Yan back from the edge of his lost life and only listened to Jean say to him, "I can't sleep alone. ”

“So?” The blood color in Yan's eyes gradually faded away.

“So go back to your room. ”

“No more mushrooms? ”

“Cut it out? ”

“You don't blame me for killing? ”

“Murder can't be condoned. Raise a rabbit for three days. ”

“... then let me grow mushrooms. ”

“Don't go too far.” Shan can stare at him.

The corner of Yan's mouth swung, jumped up, quickly beside him, and took him into his arms one by one.

“There can't be another time, Yan. ”

Yan knows what he's talking about, but he can't guarantee it. He thought he could control it, but what happened today had to make him rethink.

Yan silenced for a moment and suddenly asked: "Little mushroom, what if, one day, I can't control myself at all? ”

Jean-Claude looked at the moon in the sky, and Xu Xu replied, “Well, let me bear the curse with you and bear the sin. How many people you kill, how many sins I atone for. ”

Yan's eyes were hot and he could say nothing more.