Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ⑥ 7

For the next two or three years, Sangkou and Yan lived through a refinery fight, and they lost each other, but ended up in a dog abuse mode.

As more items are available for redemption, the cultivators have fewer and fewer points in their hands. They can only look at the good things being exchanged by others. After collective negotiation, people demand that new avenues for earning points be opened.

Think about it, decide to respond to your preferences and reopen the exchange channels. In addition to the materials, people can earn points from various drawings and formulations, which are redeemed every six months.

More and more practitioners are pouring into the mountains, and nearby towns are flourishing because of their arrival. A number of gatekeepers have also begun to send contacts to show good intentions.

Trading brilliantly and uprightly with practitioners, while it is impossible to avoid certain people who have doubts about their minds, most of them do not dare to come to the door for trouble. Because the defensive array around Mount Big Shadow has been thickened by a few more layers, the number of higher-order fixers has been multiplied. As this trend continues, Mount Big Shadow is likely to become no less than the sanctuary of other famous mountain rivers.

However, things are volatile.

Shanko's Pharmacopoeia enables many fixers to break through bottlenecks, step by step. A new turning point has been made in the once sluggish community of fixers as a result of the slaughter of Yan. Although only a few small waves have been stirred up at present, there is a sense of joy in the clouds.

This joy, until seven years later, finally reached the orgasm.

Someone's about to cross the border, and it's three people crossing the border at the same time.

One of them came from the Daimon Pie and had already reached the divinity stage, but had not been able to break through the bottleneck. A few years ago, he came to the laid-back tea dormitory with a tried attitude, and exchanged several rare materials for a Nine Won Yang Dan, which turned out to be smoothly advanced two years later.

The other two were scattered and were the first to discover the fixers of the laid-back tea dorm, Ding Qiyu and Hua Qi. The two were inextricably related to the dormitory of laid-back tea, influenced by the possibility of slaughter, and soon became a double cultivation partner, repairing it for a thousand miles a day. (It's really a “day” a thousand miles...)

The three of them happened to be on the same day.

Over the Great Shadow Mountain, the wind clouds changed color, the dark fog flickered, a golden lightning appeared in the clouds when the fog, huge pressure with thunder rage, pressing everyone to breathe, like the end of the day.

All practitioners under the age of a former infant retreated 3,000 miles, and none of the remaining practitioners were experts among experts.

It could not have been too concerned about the emergence of the robbery. Although it took place in the Great Shadow Mountains, it was mainly aimed at the abductors, and the others could only be repaired enough to watch the process outside the robbery line.

However, as the day approached the start of the robbery, it was gradually realizing that something was wrong.

The first was the reaction of Yan, only his face was exposed to blue muscles, his body was disturbed by divine forces, the killing atmosphere flourished, a strong wind, and he circled around the two people quickly, like a great enemy.

Secondly, the location of cloud hijacking. The three robbery clouds, as if drawn by some force, came towards the area where the Yan was located, gradually forming a new heavenly robbery over his head.

Surprisingly, two words suddenly appeared in my mind: "Heavenly Condemnation”!

He speculated on the possibilities, but did not expect that God would come in this form. By virtue of the power of heaven and robbery, punish the guilty. Even more terrifying is the fact that the three robberies are in the same place. If they do not pass, Yan will surely scatter his soul.

“Little mushroom, get out of here!” Yan's blood fluttered, his eyes were red, and it was okay to warn him with an extremely depressed voice.

“Shut up and get ready for the ferry!” You can take some Lindane out of the storage ring and tuck it into your own mouth and into Yan's mouth, respectively.

He's been collecting materials all these years, refining drugs, making brothers, for this day!

Six superior Spiritual Instruments can then be combined into a defensive array, and then the quasi-fairy, which Yan refined in the year, is delivered to him.

Yen refused: “I fear I will lose control and fall into the barrier of killing. Take this weapon and I'm afraid it will hurt you. ”

He nodded and held the quasi in his hand.

At this moment, the heavenly robbery started and dozens of snake-shaped lightning burst into thin air, forming an electric rain. Heaven and earth roar, mountain rocks vibrate, and huge air waves sweep around. The distant-watching modifier felt a palpitation, not to mention the four people who were going through a robbery.

The second lightning bolt and the third lightning bolt immediately arrive, each time more powerful than the other.

The bystanders quickly discovered the anomaly, why did most of the lightning strike at the location of the Yan monk? They didn't even try to rob us! Will the heavenly robbery be missed?!

Boom! A loud noise, like a blow to the heart, makes people tremble.

Distant mountain rocks crack, grass flying scraps, it seems that a god is waving a hammer, destroying the heavens and exterminating the earth.

Yan is covered in blood, his eyes are clear and chaotic from time to time, and his breathing is extremely disturbed.

It can also be assisted by the use of spiritual instruments and formations to resist the attacks of heavenly robbery. However, the power of the triple hit far exceeded his expectations. However, he suffered some minor internal injuries while counting his breath.

Yan is more serious than he is, and he will not only resist God, but will also restrain the demons of the heart, internal and external difficulties and be on the verge of collapse.

Looking at the fifth and sixth waves of lightning about to fall, you can still be ready to do your best. Suddenly you feel the surrounding pressure drop, the lightning blows up in mid-air, the layer is weakened, and when you reach near, there is only 30% of the residual power left.

It was a surprise in my heart that I realized what had happened when my consciousness moved.

The cultivators who were practicing near the Great Mountains successively opened their own defensive formations, united to defend the two against the heavenly robberies.

As they move, more modifiers join in, layering defenses, forming a solid barrier. However, most of their fixes have not reached the stage of distraction, and they are extremely reluctant to confront the heavenly robbery. Each defense is broken, one person will be severely injured and withdrawn. By the time the Nine Heavens Robbery starts, no one will dare to fight Tianwei.

Everyone can only pray silently in their hearts for Sankoh and Yan.

Nine heavenly weights flashed straight down, the sharp cold light suddenly shined, everyone subconsciously closed their eyes.

Heard only one blast, tremor, strong wind like a sickle, scratched skin, coming from a tingle.

But for a moment, the tremor stopped and everything was calm. The crowd slowly opened their eyes and first saw a half arc of white light floating in the air.

How can this be a powerful defense that can still function under the power of Heavenly Robbery? And...

“I don't know if it's my illusion, why do I think that shield looks like a... mushroom?” A cultivator suddenly said.

“I don't think it's an illusion, it's a mushroom.” His peers confirmed his judgment.

As the fog dissipated, a huge mushroom clearly appeared in front of everyone, and the white light glistened, like a queen, arrogant and full of life.

He sat powerlessly in the pit, looked at the quasi fairy in his hand, and looked at the yam that fainted beside him, half speechless.

This guy designed the defensive walls of the quasi-fairy into a mushroom shape! Not that he looked down on the mushrooms, but the roundness and cuteness of the mushrooms is completely inconsistent with the masterful style of the quasi-fairy?

This mushroom control, it's really incurable.

You can put away the semi-loss quasi-fairy and then put the yam on your back and walk into a pre-built basement.

Yan's condition is not very good, his body has been transformed into nothing, his wounds are severe and his breath is dying. But he was happy in his heart. He was glad to see that his man had only half his life. Because the worse the Yan's wounds, the shorter the end of the condemnation, the greater the chance of survival.

Jean-Claude cleaned up Yan Killing carefully, fed him the healing Dan, and helped him lie down in bed and sleep with him.

Before he fell asleep, he was still thinking in his heart. When the wounds recovered slightly, he wanted to thank the brothers who helped him...

Because of the excessive wear and tear, Jean-Claude woke up after three days of sleep. But when he woke up, he noticed that the yam had disappeared, leaving only one note on the table with four words on it: I wanted to be quiet.

Quiet, you fur! Quiet, who is it? Do you have any mushrooms handsome? Isn't that what's been repaired and destroyed? There's nothing to think about!

The note could be torn to pieces, and he did not yet know that the yan slaughter was not merely repaired and destroyed, but could no longer be practiced. This has undoubtedly been a huge blow for him, who has always been arrogant. He can be harsh, he can abandon evil, he can even dare to fight against God's destiny, he can only bear to become a useless cripple, he can not only protect the little mushroom, but also become his burden.

Yan dragged his tired body and slowly walked among the mountainous forests, his eyes filled with discomfort and anger.

“Ah - damn!” A punch hit the tree trunk, Yan Face Iron Green: MD, it hurts me!

He retracted his hands rigidly, bowed his head silently and was lonely.

After not knowing how long, Yan suddenly raised his head and the loss of his face disappeared, replacing it with a blur.

He looked around and felt strange and had no idea where he was.

“Little mushroom, little mushroom...” Yan slaughtered around looking for that familiar figure and kept calling his name.

In the meantime, a white shadow jumped out of the bush and danced to the slayer.

“Rabbit...” Yan remembered, the little mushroom told him that if he got lost, he would open the capsule hanging around his neck.

Yan took a piece of silk from the sachet and wrote three sachet tricks on it.

He automatically filtered the first two, took out the comms in the storage ring, crushed them, and squatted in place and waited quietly, as stated in article 3.

Time passes very slowly, and every moment Yan's fear deepens, as if he were the only one left in the world.

Little mushrooms, little mushrooms, little mushrooms...

After a long time, the sound of sand from the leaves suddenly appeared in his ears, and Yan raised his head violently and saw that familiar figure coming towards him.

He rushed over without any hesitation and held onto someone.

“Deer?” Did you score again? Jean can hold him and soothe him gently.

After his heart was calmed down, he could still count down: "See if you want to be quiet in the future! ”

Yan looked puzzled: “Who is Jing Jing? ”

"It's a lazy bastard who always comes out when people are upset and brushes their presence, seemingly doing nothing. ”

“Then I certainly wouldn't think, I like omnipotent little mushrooms. ”

Yes: “…”

Back home at night, while helping Yan to wipe his back, he said to him, "Deer, whatever you become, I will stay with you. ”

As soon as Yan's body was stiff, he listened only to him: “I have become a cripple, and I am afraid I will never be able to practice again. ”

So what? ”

“Being unable to practice means experiencing mortal illness and death. How can I stand by you with only a few decades left? ”

“Yan, even if this world can only last for decades, we still have the next generation. No matter how many times you turn, I'll find you. So do not suffer, do not give up, only the soul will not perish, our fate will not end. ”

“But I won't remember you until the next generation. Every day with you is my most precious asset. ”

“I'll help you remember, and then I'll create new memories with you. ”

Yan turned his head and stared deeply at Sangquo as if to engrave him into his soul.

“Yan Jiao, I suddenly have an idea, how about we leave everything here and travel outside when we get better? ”

“Well, listen to you. ”

A month later, invitations could be extended, inviting the Quartet Brothers, and exchanging surplus Dan medicine and psychic instruments for junior materials in several thousand silver taels and several storage spaces. This price is almost identical to white shipping. Everyone understood that he was expressing gratitude and did not refuse, thinking that there was still a chance to make friends in the future anyway.

It was not until a few months later that people discovered that Shanko and Yan had sometime left Mount Shadow, and the journey had since become a mystery.

Soon afterwards, in the town where the mortals gathered, there appeared two doctors of foot and foot who were skilled in medicine and treated poor people free of charge, not knowing how many lives had been saved.

These are the same two men who were killed by Sankoh and Yan. They wandered around the sea, wandering through the world, searching for a way to rebuild, while suspending the pot for life, and practicing medical virtue. There is no gourmet jade food, scolding the wind and clouds, only dining and lodging, two sleeves of fresh air.

In the past, the spiritual slaughter faded away and enjoyed life in peace. Until old age, it could still be as handsome as it used to be, and the wind still prevailed.

“Little mushroom, I'm sorry.” Yan slaughter sat on the canoe, staring at the mountains moving slowly from afar, and suddenly said.

“Why apologize? ”

“If I didn't kill too many sins in my past life because of the consequences of this world, how could I cause you to suffer with me? ”

“Do you feel bitter?” Jean can hold the rod with one hand and put one hand on his knee, looking at him overhead.

Yan stunned, looking back at the experience of the past few decades, and laughed: "Well, not bitter. ”

So come on, don't hurt Spring and Autumn. A white eye shifted attention to the fish float.

After a moment, I heard the old sound of the Yan slaughter: “Little mushroom, remember your promise, we will meet in the next life, and..."

I Love You.

The sound disappeared.

There was no turning back, only two lines of tears slid slowly across the cheek.

Though he knew they still had a chance to meet, he was still suffering. This man has to go through his death painfully every generation. It is his turn at last...

After the slaughter, he could be buried beneath the walls, then self-destructed into a mushroom, planted in his grave, and the little rabbit became their guardian beast.

A thousand years later, a new mushroom demon was born, and the cunning rabbit early in the bag, achieved an alternative affair...