Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 8 of 6

Yaonis feels that the situation has been a bit harsh lately. The number of people who coax his family has increased geometrically. Walking in the crowd will always reap a great deal of envy and hatred, but is afraid of his strength and dare not challenge him.

Nonetheless, Yaonis still had a strong sense of crisis and feared that he would one day be maimed in the mission and no longer be able to preserve his cocoa. In a world where strength prevails, rules can only bind the weak and the weak, and rules are meaningless to some powerful.

Not to mention a guide who, although nominally entitled to independence and autonomy, would have no choice if he met someone as powerful as him. Yaonis was only fortunate to have accepted him before he had resorted to coercion. As a powerful dark sentinel, his natural pride is no different from that of other sentinels. Now think about it. If Coco refuses him, I don't know what it will look like. I think it would be a tragedy of love killing each other...

“Thinking about what?” Shannon could give Aoness a hot cup of tea and look at his cold face and ask with a smile.

Yaonis did not answer, but simply dropped the teacup and took it into his arms to satisfy his temperature.

“Heard you've been doing some high-difficulty intensive training lately?” Jean could turn around in his arms and slip into the nest.

“Mm-hmm." Yaonis lay down smoothly and put his head pillow on his chest.

“High difficulty intensive training is generally used to challenge human limits, and with your strength, does it not seem necessary to be so hasty?” Jean-Claude pulled his hair carelessly in an attempt to find one or two gray hairs and realized that he was behaving like an ape, so he removed his fingers and laid his limbs flat.

Yaonis silenced for a moment and said, "I want to break through the bottleneck as soon as possible.” Even that boy Leo is about to jump. He's an old man, he doesn't make sense to step.

“Honey, the sentry has an average life expectancy of 150 years, and you are the only Dark Sentinel in the entire Taguk nation who reached level A before the age of thirty.” You can still look at the ceiling and persuade, "now that you are under forty years of age, your body is at its peak, all that is lacking is the accumulation and concentration of mental power, which requires sufficient time and patience. Strengthened training is of little use for mental enhancement, except to make your muscles harder. ”



Yaonis flipped over and stood on Sankoh's sides, gazing down at him: “It not only strengthens the muscles, it also strengthens the strength and endurance. ”

Saying, one leg stretches open Sankoh's body, underneath - closely aligned with him, letting him truly feel his size.

Incandescent - A warm, hard touch that allows for a slight tremor.

Trying to ignore the difference beneath you can honestly say: "Your strength and endurance are good enough and you don't need to strengthen them at all. ”

“I'm an advanced man.” Yaonis slowly and slowly, "I will never be content in this regard and try my best to find a breakthrough day after day. ”

You can breathe quickly, while your mind is still there, grumbling, "Don't use this every time you change the subject! ”

“Who says I'm changing the subject? I just really want to make love to you.” Yaonis crossed his leg with one hand and leaned over his lips to lick - kiss. As he moves, the two get closer and the desire pokes the fabric together and gets stuck in.

“Wait, I'm not finished yet.” Still strong enough not to sink.

“You said." Yaonis didn't slow it down.

Damn it, how does that make him talk? If you want to go in, why are you scratching?

Jean-Claude stared at him: "Honestly, are you in a hurry to break through because of outside speech? ”

“What speech?” Yaonis bites his ear with a look that says, "I don't know what you're talking about, can I just focus on sex?"

“Don't play dumb!” Shannon can hold his head, the canal, “I am your guide, and I can feel your emotional fluctuations very clearly. You've been very unstable lately, and even Leo has been affected. Aarnis, tell me, what are you worried about? ”

Yaonis took a breath of silence and said only one thing: "I love you, Coco. ”

“I know, I love you too.” So?

“I have the confidence and the ability to take you for myself and not let anyone infect you. ”

“Hmm.” And?

“But I, a soldier with the responsibility of defending my country, often need to go out on missions. I can't protect your safety when I'm not around you. If someone enters in vain...”

“So you're actually not confident in me?” Jean-Claude, “you think I'll run off with someone else? ”

“I know you won't.” Yaonis stared deeply at him, "and even if you did run away, I would have caught you back at all costs, as long as I was alive. And that's why I'm starting to fear death, trying to be stronger, just to save that life and keep you in captivity for life. ”

Sigh in your heart: You did indeed imprison me for life.

Every generation met him, fell in love with him, but sometimes wondered why he was not at all tired of crooked. Never thought of climbing the wall once, it was a perfect man.

“Yaonis, do you know why I've been so active lately?” Ask suddenly.


'Cause I want to be strong, too. ”Can reach around his neck," becomes a companion who can stand beside you and leave you with no worries. I am a guide, but I use my abilities to change people's perceptions of me. One day, I will achieve more than the original value of the wizard to a higher level. By then, I will no longer be viewed solely because of my S-Class Wizard status, and much more, I will be honored and valued as a technician, artist, researcher.

“Aarnis, not only do you have pressure, I do. I just want you to know that no matter how much pressure I have, I will carry it with you. So don't strain yourself too tight, I'll be heartbroken. ”

Yaonis looked firmly at the man in front of him, and the whole man was almost submerged in love.

Coco, I really love you.

Yaonis leaned over and blended firmly and forcefully with him...

Outside the door, Leo, who was about to make a mess, left quietly after a moment. An unknown emotion arose in his heart, both an envy for his father and a desire for such an emotion.

Damn, how can he find his daughter-in-law? It instantly rises to the level of the universe, okay?!

Bastard parents, day and night. Have you ever considered the feelings of a single dog son?

Since the “deep” conversation that day in bed, Aarnis has recovered his former divine glory, which cannot last forever. Speeches and sights of outsiders can no longer affect his good mood. Striking enemies remains soft, but action is more cautious and steady. Mandate casualties are getting lower and more accomplished.

Especially when equipped with the arrays yet to be provided, they can basically be accommodated in the face of the enemy's mental attacks.

Leo's side also succeeded in jumping from first grade to third grade, but six months later, from third grade directly into junior high school, jumped into the legendary "other people's children”.

Over the next few years, research on various weapons, medical equipment and civilian machinery could still be undertaken, and several awards were awarded, one to the other.

As he had anticipated, the world's awareness of him was no longer confined to supporting sentries, guides for reproducing future generations, but researchers who had made outstanding contributions to human scientific and technological progress.

Three years later, the 10-year-old Leo became the youngest student of the Military Academy. Although limited to age and physical disparities, his physical performance is unbearable, theoretical subjects, weapon assembly, driving skills and the use of spiritual abilities are among the best in the College. Combined with Shanko's legendary teachings, Leo's mechanical make-up is a blue-blue, even more so.

“Young Master Leo.” A bodyguard rushed to Leo, anxious, "Lord Jenko was taken to the hospital! ”

“What?” Leo, 10 years old, though still young, has the same temperament and majesty as Aonice. When I heard the news from the bodyguards, they immediately discolored and asked about the situation while rushing to the hospital.

From the bodyguard, Leo only knew that he could suddenly faint, and the circumstances would have to wait until after the examination.

Coming to the hospital, many people have stood in the hallway, Monroe, Michelle, Russon, Dean... familiar people, familiar scenes, trance, Leo feels like he's back in that dream of changing everything.

But not for long this time, the doctor quickly came out of the infirmary and his heart contracted uncontrollably in the face of a group of elite eyes.

“Cough, isn't Lord Aarnis here?” The doctor asked forcefully and calmly.

“Father's still on the job, I'm his son. How's Mother and Father? How did you suddenly faint?” Leo stepped forward and stared closely at the doctor, as if he would leave as soon as he said a bad word.

“Congratulations, Leo.” The doctor laughed, “You're going to be a brother soon. ”

Leo stunned and reacted with surprise: "Is my mother and father pregnant? ”

“Yes.” The doctor praised wholeheartedly, "As a male guide, an adult has an excellent physique that is ideal for giving birth to life. ”

Everyone around them looked envious and smiled in their hearts and scolded the lucky man, Aonis, for his dog's blood.

At this point, another doctor walked out of the infirmary and smiled at Leo and said, "Leo, please congratulate your father on my behalf, he will soon have two more healthy children. ”

“Two?” Leo asked uncertainly.

“Yes, this time an adult is pregnant with twins. ”

There was an immediate shout in the corridor that no male guide had conceived twins in Taguk for decades. Their own pregnancy rates are low, and their retention is very difficult. I didn't expect Shanko, who had already had a baby, to still have twins!

Once again, people scolded Yaonis in the heart with a dog's blood.

“Ah, Joe!” Yaonis, who was studying the map, suddenly sneezed, implying that he missed his cocoa.

At this point, his communication device sent a text message tone, tapped on it, and it came from Leo, only one sentence: Mother and father were pregnant, twins, quick return.

What, Coco's pregnant? Or twins?!

Yaonis first stunned, then ecstatically raised his head and looked red at the sergeant beside him.

“My lord, what is wrong with you?” Has the situation reached the point of changing Aoness's face?

Yaonis said word for word, "My guide gave me a twin. ”

Without waiting for everyone to react, there was a surge of mental energy around, and someone was promoted without a sign under extremely exciting circumstances.

There's never been a single S-level dark mercenary in history, a two-S-level guide, a genius son, and a new twin, so powerful a combination that I'm afraid no one will be able to surpass in the decades to come.

As for the death of Leo's feared father, he had been completely subverted after his return and the birth of his child...