Heroic Death System

Outside: Dead Wood Meets Spring

Evie looked at her beloved and turned into a tree in front of him. He always knew that cocoa was special, and he had a purer natural scent than any other elf. However, he could not have imagined that cocoa would be the mother tree of the Elves - the incarnation of the natural divine tree.

With the nourishment of the Fountain of Life, centuries of disappearing natural divine trees are resurrected, resurrecting the world and giving life to infinite possibilities. Everyone was thrilled, only Evie had a knife and a hanging heart. For a moment, he selfishly hoped that cocoa would remain only cocoa, but only his own elf lover.

Divine trees are resurrected, organic ghosts are retreating, human beings and other races are given the opportunity to defeat the organic ghost clan. The aura of the natural godwood will be the most powerful weapon of the Ghost Clan of the Resistor, and the hope for the continuation of the Elf Blood.

Evie looked at the hybrid elf on her knees, and at the natural tree that stood under the sky like an umbrella. She remembered the final promise of cocoa: to take care of the elf for me.

Okay, cocoa. A little glow flashes in Evie's golden eyes: I'll take care of them. And then, with them, when you get back.

Evie became the guardian of the Nature Tree. He awakened the Dragon Bloodline, possessed far more body and strength than ordinary human warriors, huge dragon power, daunting. Those who tried to kill him are now too far behind him. The Elves were also dissatisfied with his impure feelings for the Divine Wood. For the jinns, the Mother Tree is undoubtedly sacred, and no one can hold it hostage.

And when men feared him and turned away from him, they had no choice but to use his power against the Ghost Clan.

Though Kamigi was resurrected, the Shinigami will surely find a way to seal him again. It is imperative that all ethnic coalitions do their utmost to protect the natural trees and the Fountain of Life, while at the same time mustering their strength to fight back until the Vessel Ghost Nation is completely eliminated or completely expelled from the Anglo mainland.

Evie stayed away from the Allied forces and silently guarded Shenmu. It's just that the Elves won't let him near, let alone touch him. His affection for and intimacy with the Divine Wood were considered an insult by the Mixed Elf.

With Evie's strength today, he could totally ignore the obstruction of the Mixed Elves and do whatever he wants, but he didn't. The distance is meaningless to him and to the cocoa that became divine wood.

The resurrection of Shenmu brings forces from all sides of the continent together in the Jazz Forest, erecting a protective circle and resisting the attack of the Devil Clan.

After several unsuccessful encounters, the organic ghost tribe temporarily withdrew from the corner and waited for the moment. Both sides entered a glued state, and nobody started a war again. Until the destruction of the Nature Tree and the Fountain of Life, the Organic Ghosts had no certainty of victory. And the ethnic coalitions, at present, do not have enough weapons and power to fight the Weapon Ghosts.

The Anglo continent is experiencing a relatively calm buffer period. Evie has always remembered the promise of cocoa, and once the defense of the Jazz Forest has grown, he brings the Pokémon back from the remote rolling forest to the Pokémon lands for better protection and care.

“Evie, is Coco really in the Jazz Forest?” The first bubble opening of the Pokémon asks.

Evie nodded.

“Is the jasmine forest good? Good enough that cocoa won't even come back to see us.” The penis grey eyes are a little depressed.

Evie was silent.

The mumps said, "When we see cocoa, we will ignore him unless he apologizes to us personally. ”

Lao San Railay pinched the corner and swallowed: “I don't want to apologize for cocoa, just stay with him. ”

Other Pokémon have expressed their opinions on what to do when they see cocoa. The only one who didn't speak was Michalet, the fifth elf, who was a mute, unlike the excitement, anticipation and anguish of other elves, with a slight sorrow in his eyes.

All hybrid elves were shocked when Evie appeared in the Jazz Forest with the elves. Since the disappearance of the natural Divine Tree and the Fountain of Life, the pureblood Pokémon on the continent have been virtually extinct. It was unexpected that the Divine Wood Pokémon not only survived on their own, leaving a lifeline for the Pokémon, but also kept twelve pureblood Pokémon.

The pureblooded Pokémon with their natural gifts are the true natural enemies of the Organ Ghost Clan, as opposed to the Mixed Pokémon with their power.

However, they soon discovered a cruel fact, twelve Pokémon, all with disabilities. Weak bubbles, left-eye blind grey eyes, burning rales, deaf silence, mute michaeli, painless sarah, loss of sense of smell, short memory kanio, weak legs hill, skin barking alam, fear of the sun in the middle of the night, dry hair Erica.

The legendary perfectly pureblooded elves are all disabled.

This discovery instantly cools down the otherwise excited Mixed Elves. But naturally, with respect for pureblood elves, they still have a responsibility to protect.

Simple Pokémon did not pay attention to the unusual sight of others, who rushed to the heart of the Jasmine Forest without seeing anyone they wanted to meet.

Standing in front of Emei's natural god, Pokémon asked, "Evie, where's Coco? ”

“Right here. ”

Pokémon look at the big tree in front of them and feel the smell of its properties, though so kind, they don't know why, Pokémon can't help but cry. They feel that the cocoa that used to accompany them is gone.

In their young minds, there is flesh and blood and cocoa, they will say laughable cocoa, and protecting and upbringing their cocoa is more important than nature's tree.

Nature is related to the survival of the Elven Tribe, it is so sacred, so vibrant, but it is, without soul.

Pokémon embraced the natural tree and cried very rarely.

The hybrid elves say, "The resurrection of the natural godwood is the gospel of the Elf Clan and the whole continent. Should you be happy as pureblood elves? ”

Pokémon cannot express the feelings in their hearts in words, they only know that the lost soul of the natural divine tree is not a complete natural divine tree.

After crying, Pokemon eventually had to accept this reality. Cocoa becomes a natural tree, can no longer smile at them, can no longer talk to them, will no longer make clothes for them...

Faced with a strange environment, strangers, Pokémon, under Evie's protection, struggled to adapt.

However, their disability has had a significant impact on them. At first, the Mixed Pokémon could do much more, but as the Pokémon became exposed to more and more defects, they gradually lost patience. Unlike pureblood elves, hybrid elves are closer to complex human minds and inevitably possess selfishness, prejudice, and a variety of negative emotions. When the perfect pureblood elf in their minds became a pathetic disability, that admirable mindset was gradually replaced by anger, contempt and some unknown sense of superiority.

They may not be offensive, but their growing indifference and disdain have left sensitive Pokémon devastated.

The cheerful little elves have become more and more silent and inferior. Natural forces, which had been steadily improved under the guidance of patience, also began to stagnate.

Even with the nourishment of natural trees and fountains of life, they have not progressed. People wanted to cultivate them as the backbone of the ghost clan, but seeing them so unproductive, their strength was even worse than that of ordinary hybrid elves. People were so disappointed that they were no longer willing to invest more energy in them.

Pokémon are raised in isolation as rare pureblood Pokémon. Although they were not subjected to any ill-treatment and were surrounded by many servants, they felt that they had been abandoned.

Evie brought the Pokémon back to the Pokémon, hoping that they would grow better, but in this environment, the Pokémon may never grow again. Other races simply use the Pokémon as a weapon of the Resistance Ghost Nation, and pureblood Pokémon who cannot fight are meaningless to them. Hybrid Pokémon only know how to complain about Pokémon's weakness, despise Pokémon's disability, and have too many selfish desires to raise and teach Pokémon.

Evie hoped that the Pokémon would live carelessly and that since they would not receive the care they deserved in the Jasmine Forest, they might as well go back to the Cove Forest.

So one day, Evie quietly left the Jasmine Forest with the elves and disappeared.

The departure of Pokémon, while infuriating the Mixed Pokémon, did not give them the extra effort to find them, as the Organic Ghosts once again attacked the ethnic leagues.

Over the next few years, the two sides launched dozens of big, small and small battles, each winning or losing. However, ethnic forces remain at a disadvantage due to the inability to produce large quantities of powerful weapons of the restrainer ghosts and the inability to resist their powerful forces.

In the fifth year of the fighting between the two sides, the organic ghosts, united with the puppet states under their rule, began to besiege and massacre ethnic forces. Most of the power of the communities is concentrated in the Jazz Forest, the local power is relatively weak, and there is little resistance in the face of the powerful organic ghosts. The communities had to split up to rescue, and the forces that had gathered were gradually divided and the situation on the battlefield was reversed.

But for a year, only the Jazz Forest remained in the Anglo continent, a force that could barely resist the Organ Ghost Nation.

Taking advantage, the Organ Ghosts decided to launch a general attack on the Jazz Forest, completely destroying the Nature Tree and the Fountain of Life.

The organic ghosts came out of their nest, their morale soared, and the festivals of power fell, quickly surrounded by the center of the emerald forest. The Nature Tree and the Fountain of Life are their last hopes, and once destroyed by the Vessel Ghosts, the continent will be utterly damned. They can only fight one battle, even if it is a battle to lose.

At the time of the crisis, Evie, who had disappeared for several years, appeared. Natural Divine Wood is the foundation of cocoa and the hope of elves, how can he watch the Devil Clan destroy everything here?

Evie launched the talented power of the Dragon Nation and stubbornly blocked the attack of the Organ Ghost Nation with the body of steel. But on his own, he will not be able to defeat the enemy once and for all until the elves arrive.

Originally left in the rolling forest by Evie, after a few years of quiet living, their strength, though not greatly improved, was much more mature and the sense of purpose in their veins made them choose not to hesitate to participate in the war.

The power of a single Pokémon may be weak, but the twelve Pokémon combine to instantly explode with amazing power. Pure natural power, makes the organ ghost tribe painful.

They stood beneath the trees, burned their lives, unleashed their greatest power, and forcibly expelled organic ghosts from their territory.

With their help, the ethnic forces fought back, wiping out most of the main power of the organ ghost tribe. As a result of this battle, the organic ghost tribe's energy has been badly damaged, and within two or three years, it will not be possible to wage any more large-scale wars.

However, when the warriors of the communities returned to the Jazz Forest with excitement, what they saw was a scene that they could never forget.

Twelve Pokémon, holding hands, emitting a light green light all over his body, looked up at the natural godwood in a divine manner, singing a mysterious spell in his mouth, as if some special ritual was being performed, sacred and solemn.

As they sang, the glowing forests, like baptized, revived the machine.

However, the ceremony was interrupted before it was completed. Weak bubbles, first stop breathing during the ritual. This was followed by a flame attack by Riley, followed by Sadie, Casio, Midnight… followed by successive deaths, with only Sarah and Dumb Micah remaining without pain.

He turned his head and looked at Evie beside him, grinning painstakingly: "Evie, I finally know what" pain "means.” He covered his chest and wept down his cheeks.

Evie hugged him and was heartbroken.

Strangely, Michalet had no grief on her face. He looked at the natural tree in front of him and said silently.

Evie, immersed in remorse and sorrow, did not pay attention, and Michaeli said, "Death does not mean the end, Coco, we wait for you, to return again.