Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 9: 1

You can still find yourself floating in the middle of the sky, translucent in body, covered in a light green wave of light, starpoints, beautiful and radiant. The forest in the distance is vast, the sky is washed, a large tree with a large emerald, high and standing between the heavens and the earth, is the fairy mother tree - the natural divine tree.

The host is currently in a 47% condensate state, which can be materialized when the state reaches 100%.

"How long will it take to reach 100%? ”

[Forecast 89 days.] The system adds that [the host cannot leave the scope of the Jasmine Forest until the condensation is complete.

89 days? Luckily it's not too long.

You can circle around the nature tree and sweep your eyes through the woods, and you can almost see 35% of the people wandering through it. On the edge of the woods, there are several camps neatly and in an orderly fashion, staffed by allied armies of warriors of all races, with flags flying and magnificent.

Remember before he disappeared, the size of the Alliance army was not so large. After his death, the ethnic forces should rely on the resurrected Nature Tree, regrouping new forces, the Unified Resistor Ghosts, just don't know how the war is nowadays, Evie and the Pokémon are okay?

Deep in the forest, two or three kilometers from the divine tree, a group of Pokémon seemed to sense something, and at the same time looked in a certain direction. They showed a lukewarm and anticipating expression on their faces. After a moment of silence, they took steps and ran towards the natural divine tree.

Cocoa, cocoa aura!

Twelve Pokémon, fastest at Sandy's speed, followed by Michalet, Sarah, etc.

“Wait for me!” Hill held onto the trunk with his two weak legs pushing forward, but only a few steps away and the little ones vanished into thin air. He was thrown behind him alone, tears were falling so fast that he could only scream helplessly.

At this point, a small figure drilled out of the bushes and carried Hill on his back with no effort.

“Thank you, Alam.” Hill rubbed gently in his ear.

Aram didn't say anything, the expression was rigid and the face was covered with a layer of bark, rough and weird lines, spreading down the neck, all over the body, looking like a tree man with incomplete evolution, only those eyes, unusually clear.

A group of Pokémon gathered around the Divine Tree, looking up at their mother tree, full of anticipation.

However, the person they missed did not appear.

Raleigh pulled his head, tears fell like beans, and the other Pokémon were also frustrated and extremely disappointed.

Just when they thought it was just an illusion, a familiar and affectionate breath flowed around them gently, embracing them and softening them.

The Pokémon glittered in their eyes and quickly walked to the tree, opening their arms and hugging the trunk as if they were in the arms of their mother.

Slowly falling down, translucent fingers, rubbing over the elf's head, silently told them: I'm back.

47% of the condensation, though not visible to the Pokémon, can be felt.

Pokémon's face revealed a happy smile, hugging the trunk and not letting go of his hand, he could not help but hang on to it.

“What are you doing?” At this moment, a clear and cold voice suddenly came from behind.

The Pokémon turned their heads and saw a red-haired hybrid Pokémon walking towards them slowly, with a slight discomfort on their face. She is a teacher arranged by the old magician Gerry for elves to teach them magic and various combat techniques.

Pokemon excitedly said to her, "Marty, Coco is back! ”

Marty frowned and did not take their words to heart at all, asking herself: "Have you finished the lesson you gave me today? ”

Pokémon were dark and wanted to share their joy with other Pokémon, but they were poured cold water.

“Marty, can we stay here for the night?” Riley asked frighteningly.

Marty glanced at her and said coldly: "Though you are pureblood elves, you cannot break the rules. No one shall remain in the Holy Land except at the Prayer Festival. ”


“Well, hurry back and finish your classes.” Marty ordered it irrevocably.

The Pokémon held the trunk tight and stubbornly refused to leave.

Marty stopped talking and blew a whistle into the air, after which he saw several forest guards coming out of the woods.

“Bring them back.” Paused, Marty added, "Be careful, don't hurt them. ”

The forest guard nodded and turned to the Pokemon.

Pokémon fled and played hide-and-seek around the trees and guards. However, several inconvenient Pokémon were quickly caught. The other Pokémon jumped over quickly and hung themselves on the guard in an attempt to rescue their companions.

Without moving, the guards clamped one hand and hung several more on their bodies, and walked them towards the residence.

You can still see the scene floating in the middle of the sky, and your heart is angry. Nature Tree is the mother tree of the jinn clan and the abode of all jinns, and no one has the right to prevent the jinn from approaching their mother tree. And strictly speaking, pureblood elves are the owners of holy places, and hybrid elves can only be counted as having the sidelines and branches of elf lineage.

With the eyes of the Pokémon about to be taken away, the spirits of Sankoh suddenly rippled apart, the natural air burst forth, the vines on the ground grew rapidly and instantly tied the guard's feet tightly.

Thereafter, several more vines were stretched out on the ground, gently wrapping around the elves' bodies and sending them all to the branches of the Divine Tree. The vines then let go of the guard, like a blue snake, interwoven in a circle on the ground, eventually forming a semi-circular, converging hug that looks like a pair of giant wings to protect the elves on the Divine Wood.

Marty and others looked at the scene in shock and were half speechless.

The spiritual shaped Pokémon can sit in the middle of the Pokémon and wave at the following people: “I'm taking over the Pokémon, you can go. ”

Although they could not hear or see each other, the pressure of Nature Tree made Marty and others feel breathing nitrogen and couldn't help but retreat a few steps.

The Pokémon stayed for a while and all jumped excitedly.

Jean-Claude looked at the happy elf and muttered with dissatisfaction: "Where did Evie go? Didn't you tell him to take good care of the elves? ”

Jean-Claude has no objection to Evie bringing Pokémon back to the Jasmine Forest, after all, this is their home and the best place for them to grow. But as things stand, they are not in a very good position.

The first is their place of residence, arranged two or three miles from Shenmu. The house is rigid and has a single style, completely inconsistent with the characteristics of an elf. The clothes worn by the elves are obviously also designed according to the aesthetics of the people. Despite its sophistication, it is not suitable for elves. Pokémon move vibrantly and like to run and jump in the woods, clothes should be lightweight rather than dressed like nobles.

Pureblood Pokémon are both natural artists and botanists, but the hybrid Pokémon named "Marty" just now doesn't seem to understand this. He is strict on Pokémon tubes and does things at a glance.

Pokemon strength does not retreat, and there is no sign of abatement of disability. Don't they know that the Fountain of Life can cure injuries and illnesses? Although inherent disabilities are difficult to cure, it is perfectly fine to alleviate them.

However, their situation appeared to be more serious than before his departure.

It is not yet known that since the reappearance of the natural trees and the Fountain of Life, this place has been classified as a forbidden area by the various ethnic forces, the idle miscellaneous, etc., and the use of the Fountain of Life must be re-examined. In the past few years, the elves have had to get permission from the elders, not to say to treat them with spring water, but to taste a few.

Evie knew that the Fountain of Life nourished the elves' bodies but didn't know how to treat them, so he just occasionally scooped them with pots.

Under a valley, Evie, who had just gone through a fierce battle, was reclining on the walls of the mountain with her eyes closed. Not knowing how long later, he suddenly opened his eyes, shooting two sharp lights in them, and then turned around, looking around, his face flashed with a hint of suspicion.

Strange, isn't he dead?

Evie clearly remembers that shortly after the sacrifice of the elves, he went into the camp of the Devil Ghost Nation alone, opened a killing spree, and used his own art of gathering spirits to abandon hundreds of Devil Ghost Nation in a row. Finally, because of exhaustion, he was captured by the Devil Ghost Nation and locked up in a dungeon.

Looking back at his days in the dungeon, Evie's eyes flashed with two flames. The Organ Ghost tribe tortured him every day with all sorts of cruel means to make him suffer. But he, of Dragon descent, was extremely resilient and, under their torment, survived. Until the Allies broke into the camp and rescued him.

However, he did not die under the torment of his enemies, but he gave up himself.

The Alliance sent troops to rescue him because of his strong fighting power, and as a result they rescued a cripple. Evie, at the time, had broken limbs, broken bones, had no flesh and flesh, and could not even stand, let alone fight. As disappointed as they were with the elf's disability, they also disappointed him.

Evie felt a little funny and a little sad.

These people are not necessarily brave in battle, but they always like to judge others by their own standards. Once it did not meet expectations, it would not hesitate to give up. This is true for the elves, and for him.

But they didn't know that the Dragons had powerful regenerative abilities, and as long as there was a breath left, any more serious injuries could heal themselves. And every time you experience a serious injury, you become more powerful. Just give him a little more time, he can continue to fight, and in order to protect the natural trees on which cocoa depends, he can fight to crumble bones.

However, as if history were repeating itself, there was yet another traitor in the Alliance, using new ghost balls to seal the Fountain of Life and destroy the Tree of Nature. This time, it was truly destroyed and not even a branch was preserved.

If the end is doomed, why should they struggle? He ultimately failed to protect the cocoa, protect the elves, or drive the organ ghosts out of the mainland. Today, his last conviction in the struggle for it is also dashed by the short-sighted and relentless betrayal that the Allied forces are eager to achieve.

Evie's heart was like dead water, and he chose to give up.

It should have ended with his death, but he, again, “woke up" with his pre-death memories, “woke up" two years after the cocoa became the mother tree...