Heroic Death System

Retrospective Key (9) 2

The movement of the natural godwood eventually struck the elder, and when he came with a group of hybrid elves, he was also very shocked to see the suddenly growing vine on the ground. Upon the resurrection of the natural godwood, the consciousness belonging to the godwood elves disappeared, and the hybrid elves prayed daily without receiving any revelation. Unexpectedly, two years later, the Spirit of Divine Wood seemed to have created a new spirit.

The hybrid elves headed by the elders were so excited that they knelt on their knees, prayed faithfully and asked for the blessings of the Mother Tree. However, it has not yet been heeded and, in fact, he is unable to communicate with them in his current state.

The hybrid elf prayed for a long time and remained unanswered, leaving with regret.

“The Elders, the elves...” Marty looked at the elves climbing the tree and questioned with hesitation.

“Now that the mother tree allows it, let them. At night, let the guards take them back to bed. ”

After the elders walked away, the elves really let go of their hands and legs and kept calling Sankoh's name. Jean could sit among them, smile and look at them, responding, even if they could not hear.

At this point, you can feel a little elf leaning over and sitting quietly next to him. Jean can turn his head and see Michalet staring at him without turning his eyes. In the green eyes, he flashes like a jewel.

“Can you see me?” Ask yet.

Michalet did not shake his head or have a slight head, but merely put his body closer together, holding his hands to his knees, twisting his head and watching him quietly.

Jean smiled slightly, put an index finger up on his lip and made a "shush” gesture. Michalet was mute, and Shanko's moves were totally superfluous, but he naturally did.

Migalo's hands covered his mouth, revealing only a pair of curved eyebrows.

Even though you can't talk to Pokémon, you can communicate by magic. Like hallucinating a few little butterflies in the air, or giving them a rope ladder with vines.

It wasn't until they saw the magic that came out of the sky that the Pokémon were truly certain of the return of Coco, and then began to ask all sorts of questions in their mouths.

It is not possible to answer them for the time being, only to keep their questions in mind. Once their emotions have eased a little, they can magically illuminate Evie in the air.

The Pokémon were very smart and immediately understood what Sankoh meant, answering: "Evie went to war and it took about seven or eight days to get back. ”

The bubble broke his finger and reported out loud: "It's been six days! ”

If you get word of Evie, you won't have to ask any more questions. You'll see her in a few days anyway.

At this point, Marty walked over with several guards and shouted to the Pokémon: "Boys, it's time to go back to bed. ”

Pokemon stopped joking and hung the tree without meaning to come down.

Marty said, "You've already delayed your classes today. Do you want to be lazy tomorrow? ”

The elves heard the rumors, wrestled the expression, struggled for a moment, and eventually unwillingly climbed down the tree.

Throughout this time, Marty has been militarizing Pokémon, with strict time limits for eating, sleeping, and learning. Pokémon will be punished accordingly for violating the rules.

Jean-Claude frowned, and he didn't mind the teacher being harsh, but he didn't like the faint look on the elf's face. What they need to learn is self-esteem, self-esteem, strong independence, discernment of right and wrong, not following the rules, humility and blindness.

It can float from the trees and slowly fly to the woods not far away, leaving a sparkling star that, as he moves, becomes a galaxy that stretches from under the feet of the elves to the front.

At the end of the galaxy, several large branches of leaves stretched, vines wrapped around, interwoven in magical light into a lovely shaped tree house, the vines continued to look at each other, and between the tree houses, a winding bridge was coiled.

When the light disappeared, it appeared in front of everyone and was a small, lush tree house. On the green vines, a small yellow flower suddenly blooms, followed by a second third, hundreds of small flowers, in silent nighttime, showing off their wind.

Pokemon cheered and jumped towards their tree house.

Marty opened his mouth and eventually didn't stop it, just turning his head toward Nature Tree: Is this your will? Master Mother Tree, Pokémon will have to be your guardian in the future. It is not necessarily a good thing that you are so spoiled.

Though he disagreed, Marty had no objection, and turned to salute the natural god tree and left with his guard.

Lying in a tree house full of natural flavors, the elves were excited and thought they would soar into the middle of the night. I didn't expect them to calm down soon and go to sleep one after the other. Jean could take a blanket from their original place of residence and put it on them.

Good night, little treasures.

Jean is a spiritual body, no need to sleep. He floats in the night sky, leaves his mind open, feels the natural atmosphere, and congeals the entity.

After a while, a slight movement suddenly appeared below. Looking down, I saw a little figure climbing down the tree and walking into the woods in obscurity.

She didn't know until she was reliable enough to go to the toilet, laughed, quietly illuminated her with magic, and then turned her back.

The world's toilets, which look like snail shells, are half underground, half underground, with relatively complete drainage channels and ventilation patterns. Toilets are generally built close to houses, in certain densely populated areas, and “public toilets” are built according to population distribution.

After a while, Pokémon came out of the toilet and could listen to her footsteps until she returned to the tree house. Who knew that the footsteps were getting farther away and actually went in the other direction.

Jean-Claude rushed over and quickly found that little elf walking around in a bush.

“Kanio, where are you going?” Shannon could have fallen beside her.

Canyon couldn't hear him and looked around confused, seemingly unable to find his way home.

Canyon suffers from intermittent amnesia and often forgets people and things around him, not even his own name. Fearing for her loss, Jean not only hung a gem with her name engraved around her neck, but also assigned tasks to other elves to take turns as her guardian.

After he left, it was not known if Pokemon remembered the task.

In the middle of thinking, Canyon is getting farther and farther away from the treehouse. A man walks alone in the dark woods, not knowing who he is, not knowing where to go, like a lost lamb, walking aimlessly into an unknown world.

Without further delay, she intends to be brought home by magic.

Still not moving, suddenly heard Canyon shouting low. Her voice was small, but she could hear it very clearly. Her name was Cocoa.

“Cocoa...” Kanyo looked around, his eyes full of confusion, but his mouth called out the name.

“Cocoa… cocoa…” a cry with a trembling sound, from low to high, like a chick looking for her mother.

Shanko felt nothing but a sour heart. He had forgotten everything, but only remembered him.

Stick your arms out and gently hug her little body.

Canyon seemed to feel something, slowly pausing.

“Cocoa? ”

“It's me, I'm by your side. ”

Kanyo tried to open his eyes and look for someone who was obvious but untouchable.

“Kanio!” In the dark, a rushing voice suddenly came from not far away, and I saw the elf running silently in front of Canyon, "I'm sorry, Canyon, I almost lost you. ”

The sound of silent speech is loud because he cannot hear and naturally cannot control the volume well.

Canyon turned his head to him and said, "Who are you? ”

“Come on, I'll take you back.” Hold her hand silently.

“Are you cocoa?” Kanio frowned, “It doesn't seem right...”

“Kanio, would you stop telling Coco about today?” Paused, silent and frustrated, "Forget it, you better tell him, it was indeed my fault. ”

“Where's Coco? Can I see him at home? ”


Jean followed them and listened quietly to their chickens talking to each other like ducks, escorting them back to the tree house.

They have not forgotten that, even when he left, they kept their promises and tried to take care of each other.

The next day, the elves woke up in a bouquet of fruit, and the tree house was filled with fresh fruit, with crystalline water beads and the smell of the Fountain of Life.

The bubbles are the first to hold, reaching out to grab them.

Hill knocked his hand off: "Wash your face and brush your teeth! ”

Bubble dissatisfied: “Hill, I'm the big brother, you can't be so mean to me. ”

“Whoever does not speak of hygiene, I will be vicious against him!” Hill had a face.

He soaked and touched his nose. He burrowed out of the treehouse and went to wash his face.

Hill had a few Pokémon take the fruit out to eat, in case the tree house got dirty.

Jean-Claude watched them work together in a delicate and orderly way, and, like adults, felt both comforted and distressed. Rejoicing in their understanding, and painful in their understanding.

As the elves enjoyed the fruit in the morning light, Marty came from a distance and looked at the fruit on the ground and asked, "Who prepared the fruit for you? ”

Without waiting for the elf to reply, she said, "Don't eat fruit in the morning. I have prepared porridge and noodles for you. Come inside with me. As a noble elf, sit down and eat on the ground. Like what? I told you not to forget the etiquette at any time unless you are on your way. ”

The Pokémon drowned their heads and had a beautiful mood.

“Well, throw away all the fruit in your hands and come with me.” When Marty finished, his head didn't go back, and his cold back was irrefutable.

The elves looked at the unfinished fruit and couldn't help but throw it away. They looked at each other and stuffed the fruit into their mouth very tacitly, eating three times five times two.

“Perfect! ”

Twelve thumbs up at the same time, shining against the vast blue sky.

Still in the air was angry because of Marty's impotence, and I couldn't bear to laugh when I saw this scene.

His Pokémon is truly the cutest baby in the world.