Heroic Death System

Retrospective Key (9) 4

“Evie!” Several Pokémon jumped out of the water and hung onto Evie.

Evie grabbed them and looked around, uncertainly asking: "Is Coco... back? ”

“Mmm!” the elves brushed their heads together, a pair of big eyes sparkling with joy on their little red fluttering faces.

“Where is he?” Evie's voice trembled a little, and the light in her eyes revealed the urgency in her heart.

“Just here.” The bubble lay on the magic boat, slowly saying, "You come and the cocoa leaves. ”

The other elves were in peace, and only Micah looked to Evie, where a hidden figure was floating.

Evie's eyes are dim and her heart is fluttered. Don't you want to see him? Was he also reborn and disappointed because he knew he didn't protect the Pokémon?

In the midst of his wild thoughts, he felt his pants and feet pulled away. He looked down and saw Riley the elf lying on the shore, leaning back on his head and saying to him: “Coco should be nearby, he's a spirit now, and it's hard for us to see it. ”

Riley is an honest kid, not as weird as a bubble, and when he sees Evie depressed, he immediately explains the situation.

Evie calmed down a little, her gaze swept through the quiet mountain forest, softly saying: "Coco, I'm back, I miss you so much. ”

Evie, I'm back. I missed you, too.

He could wrap his neck around his back and whisper in his ear.

Evie seemed to feel something, turning her head, opposite Sankoh's eyes, but he could not see, but could see him clearly. Evie at this moment, her hair is chaotic and full of dust, her left face still bears the seal of a ghost jade, interwoven like a spider web, a pair of golden eyes, sharp as a sword flash, her chin full of beard, a little bit of blood, her clothes all worn out, naked - exposed skin, covered with scars, the whole person looks like a falling hero.

“Evie, it must have been a long time since you took a bath and your body stinks.” Sarah jumped off Evie and waved her hands in disgust.

“Come and wash up!” Pokemon are warmly invited.

Evie looked at the flowing springs and the elves playing in the water, silent. The Springs of Life, which are glorified by the gods and carry the destiny of a race and claim to never dry up, are used as natural pools by the elves at this moment. If those Mixed Pokémon see it, they don't know how to show their faces.

Pokémon are free to enjoy the Fountain of Life because they are the owners of the Fountain of Life, have pure souls, and are not excluded, but Evie has no such blessings. So he refused the Pokémon's invitation very sensibly.

Evie came back this time with the intention of taking the elves out of here, but now things have changed, cocoa has appeared, and he's starting to protect the elves in his own way, and the next thing he has to do is do everything he can to help them and guard them.

The tragedy of previous life, he would never let it happen again.

Outside the magic array, hybrid elves headed by elders gathered to speculate nervously and worryingly about the intentions of the mother tree, yet they remained inconclusive. Until dusk, new changes occurred. The second magic array was launched, with the first magic array at its core, extending seven kilometers outward. Within this area, all but the Mixed Elves are transferred out.

This time, the hybrid elves finally understood the intentions of the mother tree. The two Magic Arrays divide the Holy Land into three areas, the center of which is the forbidden - land of the Elves, and the non-pureblood Elves are not allowed to enter at will; the second level is the area of activity of the Mixed Elves, which is inviolable to the outsiders; and outside the Magic Arrays is the free area, which is normally accessible as long as it is not an enemy.

Hundreds of years ago, the whole jasmine forest belonged to elves. But the number of Pokémon is scarce today, and there is currently not enough power or a need to expand the territory.

The purpose of the Magic Array is to create a better living environment for the Pokémon and to protect the Nature Tree and Fountain of Life against invasion by foreign enemies.

As a Woodwood Elf, he has an absolute advantage in this territory and is able to arrange the most powerful natural magic array. He believed that this time, the Organic Ghosts could no longer easily break through defenses and destroy the Nature Tree and the Fountain of Life.

Once the rear defensive line is firmed, the next step is to find ways to increase the combat power of your allies and help them expel the Ghost Clan.

Organic ghosts can control metals, so their fighters can only use non-metallic weapons, which undoubtedly greatly reduces their combat power. Organic ghosts have strong vitality and ordinary means cannot kill them at all. Even Evie's oxygenation can only rust their bodies and seal their consciousness. The only way to endure is to throw them into the lava and refine them, but before that, they must be subdued.

The reason the Organ Ghost Nation hates Pokémon is because each Pokémon has a strong natural aura. Even the weakest Pokémon, their natural breath can influence the power of the Devil Ghost Nation. If Pokémon are given enough fighting power, they will undoubtedly pose a huge threat to the Organ Ghost Clan.

If the Pokémon were able to organize their response in a timely manner and were assisted by the various ethnic groups, the Organic Ghosts would have had no chance to invade the Anglo continent and develop their power today.

When the second Magic Array was launched, the Mixed Elves witnessed the power of the Mother Tree. They don't even know when the formation was arranged, as if in an instant, a new pattern was formed.

not of my clan, shall not enter the country; and the trespassing on my territory shall be far away.

A change to settle down some of the restless Mixed Elves. Though temporarily excluded from the forbidden - earth, the restoration of consciousness by the mother tree means that the elves have their main bones, their patron gods and strong backing, and no longer rely solely on other outsiders, homeless poor people.

At night, the Tired Pokémon return to their tree houses and sleep beautifully. Through the nourishment of the Fountain of Life, a great deal of magic has been consumed. Though exhausted, the body and mind are unexpectedly comfortable. I just lay down and fell asleep, and the quality of my sleep was pretty good.

Prohibited - In the ground, only Evie has not fallen asleep yet, sitting alone under the trees of the divine trees, keeping an eye on the gods. He didn't know that what he was looking for was sitting beside him, leaning on his shoulder, whispering an unknown tune.

The surrounding air was as if it had been towed, fluctuating as the sound fluctuated. Leaves stretch, the breeze swells, and the grassy floral notes add some serenity and sobriety to the night.

Evie was soothed, her eyebrows stretched, and she accumulated tiredness day after day. In a silent whisper, she gradually dissipated, unconsciously entering her dreamland.

Still staring at him, his transparent fingers folded with him, wondering when he could really meet, suddenly flowering in front of him, then finding himself in a strange place.

The surrounding light is dim, the tree shadow woman is silent, and it feels a little like acquaintance.

Suddenly a pair of powerful arms were stretched out behind him, locking him firmly in his arms, amidst suspicion.

“Cocoa…” Evie's voice bursts into her ears with a fiery aura.

Jean-Claude finally realizes where this is.

Real Dream - Lock Dream Magic!

In the dark, you can feel yourself turned and pressed against the trunk, followed by a warm kiss. Rough hands cross the body… the touch of dreams is so real that they can clearly smell each other's breath and hear each other's heartbeat. The man leaked his thoughts and feelings with impatient action.

There is a soft whisper that bears foreign intrusions. Full of body, tough and powerful collisions make people tremble. Two bodies tangled together, strong and slim, rough and beautiful, in stark contrast. Shanko barely even has chuan breath voice, can only follow the rhythm of the man constantly floating...

“Coco, you're really back...” After saving it a few times, Evie pressed down on Sankoh and made a low mute sound.

Previously, he didn't know that there was a magic called "Lock Dreams” that pulled people they loved into their dreams and felt everything about them. When the cocoa disappeared, he never dreamed of him again. Haven't even slept well once. Now he appears in front of himself, lying in his arms. Warm touch, true proof of his existence.

Like a dream, not a dream.

Evie sat with him, neck to neck, intimate. At this moment, his body and mind were unmatched with satisfaction and comfort.

It is possible to anticipate the scene where the two of them met, only I didn't expect that it would actually be in a dream, and it is still so hot. It is forbidden to perform ten, eight, and banned at the first meeting. Can you turn the clouds and rain and water ru into each other without being materialized? I don't know if the effect of locking dreams is boosted or if dreamers are too powerful.

“Cocoa…” Evie fluttered between the lips and teeth of Shang Cocoa, full of love.

Still preparing to respond, suddenly hearing the system's ghostly voice coming from outside:

Host illegally dreams, condensation drops to 48%!

[Host overexertion, condensate reduced to 39%!

Host is weak, the condensate drops to 20%!

[Host knock off the light and reduce the condensate to 0.1%!

Host's character is exhausted, please hurry to heaven, thank you for your cooperation.

As soon as the voice fell, Sankoh's figure disappeared from Evie's arms and instantly disengaged from the dream.

His gaze was blurred, and when he opened his eyes, he could see that he was back under the tree and remained in a spiritual state. Turning his head, the morning sun fell through the leaves, illuminated on the sleeping Evie, the original tiredness between the eyebrows seemed to have disappeared, but the eyebrows slightly raised and his face was slightly stifled...

Congratulations to the host for coming out of the nightmare and returning to reality, the condensation rose to 52%.

Shanko: "... honestly, the system, your so-called condensation state, is completely under your control, right? ”

I say drop, I say lift, it's better than an elevator.

[This is unfounded assumption that the system reserves the right to complain.

Shanko: "System, interrupting people's love will be struck by lightning. ”

[The system is just saving the footless teenager.

Shanko: “You are no longer the system I know...”