Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 9: 5

Evie opened her eyes violently with the heat that never faded. In his gaze, a translucent figure stood still in the shadow of a speckled tree, in an elegant position, in a light posture, with long hair in the breeze, faintly appearing, like a mist of silk.

The figure turned back and the hair flowed with the wind, revealing a beautiful face.

Evie stood up and came to Sankoh, lifting his face gently, palms without a warm touch, only faintly cool.

“Cocoa…” Evie's deep eyes sparkled with crystalline light with a strong emotion.

A brilliant smile could be revealed to him, his hands stretched gently between his foreheads, and he sprinkled countless gorgeous stars.

Evie also laughed, her eyes tender, the part of her heart that was vacant, as if it had been filled at this moment, this feeling of loss and recovery did not seem to have appeared for the first time, both feeling incredibly satisfied and slightly acidic...

“Coco, Evie!” The bubbles filled with air came from afar, breaking the tranquility of the morning.

Jean looked around and found the Pokémon getting up, either poking their heads out of the house, hanging from the vine, or sitting on the tree's edge waving happily towards this side.

Jean-Claughably greeted him. Starting today, he officially became King of Children, leading these little cuties on a great journey to dominate the world.

Evie also followed behind him, watching everything that was beautiful in front of her, and raised a great power in her heart.

Fight for them and die for them.

In the recent past, the situation on the continent has undergone renewed turmoil, with the organic ghosts beginning to divert strategic objectives, launching attacks on their native countries and devastating them in an attempt to disperse the Allied forces.

Their purpose soon came to fruition, and Allied soldiers heard that their homes had been attacked and were no longer willing to remain behind, demanding backup. In fact, fewer than a quarter of the Allied forces use organic ghosts and the puppet forces under their control, but the ferocity of organic ghosts is frightening, even if they can only divide thousands of troops into destructive sweeps of several small defenceless towns.

Evie, who has memories of her past life, knows very well that this is just the beginning, and then the ghosts will continue to harass the native nations of the national coalitions and burn down the looting for nothing. In just one year, the Alliance's forces collapsed into a scattered sand. The Organic Ghosts will then launch a fierce offensive against the Jazz Forest in an attempt to destroy the Pokémon Holy Land. Evie left the Pokémon in the rolling woods and herself came to war alone. As a result, she did not expect the Pokémon to follow her. Finally, she helped the Allies retreat from the Organ Ghost Clan in a brutal manner of self-sacrifice.

Once again, Evie will naturally not let the situation deteriorate.

An organic ghost can deal with a man as he deals with you if he dares to strike a differentiation tactic with his voice.

Evie leaned against the branches and looked at Jean sitting by the lake tying Erica's hair. Erica's hair was dry and sticky, messy, moisturized with spring water, and just slightly softened. It took a few tens of minutes to straighten out the hair and tie it into two braids. When the hair dries, the braid becomes a whip and can be used as a weapon...

Other elves have also been carefully dressed and refined aristocratic clothing has been replaced with lightweight sets. Pokémon tend to prefer green, so their clothing is basically green and they come together in groups that look like a swaying loaf.

Then, they can choose their favorite accessories, such as knives, swords, hammers, forks, shovels, □ □, darts, canes, spears, mirrors, bracelets, and various instruments. Because the organic ghost family has the ability to manipulate metals, the materials used in these devices are non-metallic substances.

When these things could be taken out, the Pokemon were crazy, picking and picking, and it took two or three hours to make a hard choice.

As can be seen from their choices, most of them do not like melee weapons, but are more interested in instruments, accessories and other items.

Of course, they can be refined, not to engage them in combat, but as a medium to direct the natural forces within the Pokémon, to help them better develop their own power, and to carry and nourish their bodies over time.

Courses that can be arranged for them are “simple”, that is, using magic to create their own "base” and mode of warfare, including defensive points, ambush points, observatories, underground tunnels, planting areas, trap areas, magic markings, messaging, terrain designs, etc. Each project must be studied through internal discussions, followed by a small scale simulation before being formally implemented.

Unlike other races, pureblood elves possess a certain knowledge heritage and master literary and gifted skills very quickly, lacking mainly in the accumulation of experience, the use of magic and the development of creativity.

Once fully prepared, the first task can be published: mapping the topography, vegetation distribution and animal species covered by the first magic array, and then mapping them. This task can be done in teams or alone. The surrounding environment is quite knowledgeable, so don't worry about the Pokémon being in danger. Even in the event of an accident, he can arrive instantly.

Fully armed and ambitious, the Pokémon rushed into the woods to greet each other, leaving only Hill, with inconvenient legs, at the base camp. Jean-Claude intends to make her a magic □ □ chair and teach her how to draw and use floating arrays on objects.

The current condensation has reached 62% and, on a visible basis, has been audibly increased, with no further obstacles to communication with Pokemon.

“Cocoa.” Evie's voice came from behind her and she could look back, seeing that he was also heavily armed and ready to travel, couldn't bear to ask: “Are you going out? ”

“Well, about a month or so. ”

“Organ ghost clan? ”


A small bamboo cylinder can be removed from the divine wood space and delivered to Evie: “It contains the essence of the Spring of Life, which can provide a great deal of natural spirituality. ”

Evie put the bamboo cartridge in the bag and looked at Sankoh with determination: "Wait for me to come back. ”

“Mmm.” No stopping, no retaining, but just silently sending him out of the Jazz Forest.

He trusts Evie's abilities and his decisions. And just now, the system provided a message that Evie had the memory of this world.

“System, there's something I've been curious about for a long time, and every time I go back, it's a rebirth. Why does he sometimes keep his pre-rebirth memories, sometimes he doesn't? ”

That's because he returned his memory to him.

The spirit will not tell Jenko that these memories belong to him. He gave up integration into the soul and chose to guard them as an organ, the only precious thing he could gain was the memory of each and every generation of the soul.

The Lord's feelings for cocoa have become profound, but he cannot retain them, cannot taste them, and every turn must start anew. He doesn't know he ever lived, loved, was happy, suffered. Because these memories eventually become the treasure of the spirit.

The moment of death of the Lord's soul is the happiest time of the organ spirit. The reception of memories brings him to his place and feels what the Lord's soul has felt and experienced, including love for him.

Happy memories, the spirit of the vessel will not be returned to the soul of the Lord, but if it can help Cocoa to pass through the ordeal and better protect him, the spirit of the vessel does not mind to divide him a little. At least make him understand the ghost, and don't make the same mistake again.

Man, you gotta be tough on yourself!

[The answer is simple, memory retention depends on whether someone is intelligent or not (mole?) Obstacles.]

Shanko: “…” He felt he shouldn't have asked the question.

Ten days later, an inspiring message came from the outside that several senior generals of the Haunted Nation had been reckoned with in their camps, sealed and in a coma. The incident caused a lot of vibration inside the Fungi clan, and their external sabotage was temporarily halted, turning to gather strength and increase alert in case of another sneak attack.

You don't have to guess. Evie must have done it. Throughout the Anglo continent, only his oxygenation is capable of causing such damage to the Fungus in a short period of time. His oxygen beads, as well as other spiritual objects, have no direct sealer ghost effect. The enhanced version of Oxygen Beads - Oxygen engraving can do this, but it is cumbersome to refine, scarce materials, has limits on the user's own properties, and has only a 35% chance of being completely sealed, while at other times it generally only maximizes the action of the Ghost.

Evie's oxygen spirituality, relying entirely on his own strength, awakened him of Dragon descent, along with the spiritual energy supply of the Fountain of Life, is enough to maximize the oxygen spirituality.

Evie's aim is to harass and snipe - go around the Ghost camp every other month or two, seal one by one, delay their march as much as possible, and buy the Alliance and Cocoa enough lead time.

Despite the enormity of the task, Evenin is willing to travel long distances, travel back and forth, and return within the agreed time frame.

The tiredness, killing and bloodshed of the war washed away at the moment of entering this peaceful and beautiful land, greeting him with a familiar smile and a natural scent capable of dispelling all negative buffs.

[The condensate reaches 97% and is expected to solidify after ten days.

Not yet happy, listen to the system add: [In the meantime, do not dream, do not lose control, do not consume physical strength, do not waste “energy”.

Shanko: "… without saying anything else, dreaming or not seems beyond my control. ”

The host doesn't want to deceive the system, even the host has a few hairs on it.

Can you give him a little privacy?

Shanko Black Line: “I try to control...”

The host doesn't have to worry, if the host can't control it, the system will help the host. The system exists to solve the “man" problem for the host.

Shanko doesn't want to be troubled by “man” at all...