Heroic Death System

Extra: I am a brass pen

The cocoa in his palm turned into powder and just disappeared into his world. Jingrong doesn't know how he should accept this reality.

More than a month after the accident, Goh Joon Xuan was discharged from the hospital, voluntarily assumed responsibility for investigating the cause of the accident, and carried out insane retaliation against Berlin, the author of all this, even abandoning half of his assets and knocking him to death.

His life was saved by Sang Ke and Wen Jingjung, but eventually he lost his beloved.

The smell of Jingrong appeared to be unusual, working on time and off every day, and handling all kinds of affairs in an orderly manner. But Goh Junxuan often saw him habitually touch his empty cuffs, when signing against the magic pen, and occasionally miscalled him “cocoa”, his appetite was weak, he was getting thinner, and he couldn't sleep on sleeping pills at night.

“Brother, cheer up, don't torture yourself any more. Drink with me if you feel bad and live well!” Goh Joon Xuan finally couldn't bear to scream at his collar one day.

“I'm fine.” Smell Jingrong open his hands, his voice cool and his expression indifferent.

“You call that" good "? Yeah, the bigger your company gets, the more money you make, but how long have you been sleeping well? Twenty hours a day, you think you're Iron Man? ”

“Jun Xuan, don't worry, I've been working with psychotherapy lately, I'm sure it will be all right soon.” Jingjun behaved reasonably and saw no sadness whatsoever.

Gwen Joon Xuan stared at him and bit his teeth: “Okay, I hope you make it. ”

Wen Jingrong did receive psychotherapy, once a week, lying alone in a comfortable chair, facing an empty room, saying that he was dripping with cocoa. No psychiatrist, no professional counseling, just his voice.

After “treatment," Jingjun would go to the mall, buy a magic pen at the Magic Pen Counter, and put it in the collection room at home. Several years down, he has collected hundreds of magic pens.

He knew it was pointless, but he couldn't control himself and even wanted to buy back all the magic pens in the world, maybe his cocoa, right there, waiting for him to find him.

In addition, he sent people everywhere to look for famous theologians in an attempt to summon the souls of Sankoh.

“Recruitment requires relics from the living, can the donor bring them?” A righteous monk said so to Jingjun, who had come to ask for help.

Smell Jingrong took a delicate little box out of his pocket and opened it carefully, containing the last thing that cocoa left him - a pencil of grey.

The high priest made a sorcerer for him and told him that the soul of the living man had left the world.

Jingrong was not sad or angry, and continued to visit other high people with a pencil ash.

Day after day, year after year, the result is either a con man or the same answer: cocoa has left the world.

“Smell Jingrong, give up!” Gwen Joon Xuan looked at him repeatedly doing all this useless work and said, “He's gone, he's gone. No matter how you look, you won't be able to get it back. Smell Jingrong, forget him, find another lover and live happily ever after. ”

“Jun Xuan.” Smell Jingrong calmly, “I think I've given all my love to this person, and I'm afraid I'll never fall in love with anyone else again in my life. I've been looking for him since I can remember. I used to think it was just a phantom of a dream, but I didn't expect him to show up one day. You know how happy I was. That kind of joy and contentment deserves everything I do for it. So I'm not gonna give up looking for him until, like, the end of my life. ”

Wen Jingrong so persuaded Gwen Joon Xuan, so persuaded himself.

Yes, he will not give up, he believes that one day cocoa will return.

With this hope, the scenic landscape passed a lonely and long day and night.

With the steady expansion of Wen's industry, wealth and prestige came to the forefront of the world at an extremely fast pace, a legend that began with nothing, yet he was still searching for the one with whom he could share his honors.

Until one day, Jingrong met a really tall man. He asked Jingrong, "What does the person you're looking for have to do with you? ”

“Lover, he's my lover. ”

“You're in love? ”


“Well, do you know he's not a mortal? ”

"Yes, I know," she replied, flashing a glow in Jingrong's eyes, trying to suppress the excitement in her heart. ”

“He is a brazen thing, and you are a body of bliss. I'm curious, you're actually going to be lovers. ”

“What do you mean? ”

“The light of bliss on you comes from the good fortune of your ancestors, to keep you rich for the rest of your life, and not to invade all evils. And your lover, brazen, could not reasonably have come near you. ”

“What if it's close? ”

“Near you will be purified by the bliss of your body and you will suffer from burning. ”

Smell Jingrong's face suddenly change: “Do you mean that he has been suffering from the purification of Blessed Light as he stays with me? ”

“Yes, so I think he must love you very much, or else he will endure the purification of bliss day after day without regard to the danger of his soul scattering, and he will be with you. ”

Smell a buzz in Jingrong's brain, his heart trembled violently and he felt a little unable to breathe.

He never noticed that. As he approached, Cocoa resisted inadvertently, frowning inadvertently, and suffering inadvertently... he initially thought he just didn't like himself. Later, Coco accepted him, intimately embraced him, tenderly comforted him, and never showed any discomfort in front of him again. While he enjoys sweetness, cocoa endures the pain it inflicts on him.

What Fu Guang, what brazenness? It is true that Jingrong very much wants to reprimand this nonsense, but there is a voice hidden in his heart that tells him.

He has insisted, as if at this moment it had all collapsed. He thought he had paid everything, but he was completely ignorant of Sankoh's. He left the best to himself and never complained.

How could he be so tolerant, so cloudy and windy? Where he can't see, how can he relieve the pain?

“Leaving you may also be a relief to him. ”

The tall man said this to him before the trip.

This phrase completely broke Jingrong's hopes and pushed him into the abyss.

Leave him, is that a relief?

Is it all hurt to leave his love to him?

He searches day after day just to keep him coming back to bear the torment of burning himself?

So, why is he stubbornly looking?

Let him go, let him go...

Jingjung smiled and smiled cruelly.

No, he won't let go.

No matter how painful it is, he will not let go. Because Coco chose him, even in pain, he chose him.

So, so is he.

He was willing to give up his life for cocoa and wipe out the glow.

If it is evil, then he will not be of the shade.

Wen Jingrong began to use his wealth and connections to collude with senior ZF officials.

As a result, the officials with whom he was approached, an individual, were the only ones still standing. In addition, he nurtured a large number of close relatives, who stood firm in politics and built their own factions and forces.

Jingrong really saw the power of Fu Guang. Whatever he did, he could go all the way to Kai Gong. Unrestrained torment in exchange for more wealth and power.

Bliss on him, like a curse, makes him live a lifetime of sight, lonely.

Until he was old, he couldn't find who he was looking for.

It wasn't until he closed his eyes that he finally admitted that his cocoa had left the world.

He stuck to the end of his life with lies.

Coco, are we, are we going to have another life?

In Mizuma, he said to him as if he had heard a laugh: "Jingrong, we will meet again in the next life. ”

Okay, I'll see you in the next life.

Smell the relieved smile on Jingrong's face, like a child, sleep quietly...