Heroic Death System

Spoon of Retrospective 1

Consciousness gradually recovered from obscurity, and when the light appeared in front of him, he could know that he had completed another retrospective.

He found himself lying in a showcase at the moment, neatly placed on both sides in a row of strangely styled magic pens. Apparently, he's also one of these magic pens.

[The host's original pencil body has been destroyed, and the millennium bravery has been cleansed by heroic values. The system remodels the host's pencil body, and the power returns to zero.

In other words, he can only make a pen as quiet as a chicken right now?

[Correct, although quiet as a chicken, the host is a "pen demon”, not a regular pen.

Zero power, no shape, no strength, what's the difference from a regular pen?

The difference is that the host has a sense of autonomy and can be re-cultivated.

How long does it take to cultivate to the molding stage?

[Based on the spiritual energy content of this world, it is expected to take 300 years to reach the chemical phase.

Shanko: The time I crossed into this world was...

The fifth year after the host turned into a pencil ash.

Shanko: The average life expectancy of humans in this world is 120 years. By the time I practiced for 300 years, I was 336 years old.

[Yes b (= ^_^ =) d]

Shanko Lift the Table: So what's the point of my crossing back? Lying in the counter waiting for the old attack to end up sleeping?!

[Smell the bliss on Jingrong to help the host practice and speed up the shaping, as long as he finds the right you at the right time.

Thoughts are still available to sweep around, the crowd is buzzing and lively, but his shopping mall counter is sparse, and the location is not very eye-catching. Of course, that's not the point. The point is that the sea is very crowded. What kind of luck does he need to wait until Jingjung walks into this mall, finds this counter, accurately picks him out of a huge number of magic pens, and then spends 3,000 yuan to buy him back?!

That's right, his bid is 2,969 yuan, rounded up to 3,000 a day.

Nima, it's too cheap!

Even if you want to buy a pen, it's a premium customization! You don't even have to consider under 100,000!

System, is there any way to draw people here? Like Todreams or something.

[There is no such way.

So he can't do anything but wait?

“Beauty, could you show me this pen, please?” At this moment, a strange voice suddenly came over my head.

Still to his reputation, only a middle-aged man in a suit stood in front of the counter, pointing his finger at his position.

Don't finger me, okay? Uncle!

“Okay.” The counter lady smiled sweetly at him.

You can then feel your body being moved and placed on a glass counter. The middle-aged man picked him up and looked him over and over.

Misty grass, touch anything! Let go of me! You can “stare” at the customer who is trying to write a pen.

“Hmm? Why can't I write?” The customer painted a few times on paper and didn't paint anything.

Shanko: Nobody wants me to spit ink but my man!

The counter lady brought it over and checked it out, embarrassed: “This pen may not have been commissioned yet, sir. Look at something else? ”

“Forget it, let's talk about it another time.” The customer seemed to have doubts about the quality of the brand and left quite simply.

Miss Counter was so depressed that she put it back where it was and then called the maintenance department to ask them to come and check it out.

The Maintenance Department quickly sent someone over, and after checking, they found everything was fine, and they had to complain: "Isn't it normal? What needs fixing? Our maintenance guys are busy like dogs. You're all right. Don't entertain us, okay? ”

Miss Counter couldn't help complaining.

Jean-Claude can only say sorry to the lying gun. He suddenly realized that there was a serious problem and that he was now a commodity that could be bought at any moment by irrelevant people. Even if he can disguise himself as a defect, more often than not, he will definitely be sent for repair, and there will be no chance to see Jingrong.

What should we do? What a rush!

While still trapped in the mall counter, Jingjun also “woke up” from his sleep. The memories of this world, like a walking lantern, pass through your mind. Joy, sadness, waiting, perseverance, exhaustion… countless emotions come to mind.

When he accepted the reality of rebirth, it was half an hour later.

Wen Jingjung stared at the date on the computer and his heart rose with endless sadness and anger. If you gave him a chance to be reborn, why didn't you let him go back before the cocoa disappeared!

Five years. Coco's been gone for five years!

Do we have to let him go through life again without cocoa?

“Bastard!” Smell Jingjung sweep everything on the table to the ground.

“Smell Chief, are you all right?” The secretary heard the movement and rushed in to check on the situation.

“Get out of here!” Jingrong's eyes were red and his expression was like that of an evil ghost, and his secretary immediately withdrew.

Sitting flawlessly on the chair, he smelled the scenery covered his aching forehead and kept mumbling in his mouth: “Cocoa, cocoa...”

After a moment, Smell Jingrong took out a small box from his arms, opened it gently, and then his face suddenly changed. There was nothing in it! Coco left a pencil of ash missing!

Smell Jingrong slowly raised his head and his eyes flashed bright. Now that he is reborn, there is no need for cocoa to fail. The ashes are gone, does that mean cocoa is reborn?

Standing up, Jingrong began to look around, turning all the magic pens out, but did not find his cocoa.

He picked up the keys, ran out of the office and headed straight to the parking lot. Driving back to his home, he turned the house upside down until he was sure there was no sign of cocoa before finally stopping this crazy behavior.

Smell Jingrong standing on the balcony, staring at this flourishing city, shouting silently: Coco, where are you exactly?

After three days of research, Shannon finally found a good way to summon the old attack by sending him a message via webmail or mobile text!

Although he is unable to shape or move now, he can use his mind to control some electronic devices simply. It's just not too long and not too far from the device.

The first choice was Miss Counter's phone. After several experiments, he finally successfully entered a message: Coco 19, 4th floor, xx mall.

It took almost half an hour to enter this information. Fortunately, the counter lady did not check her cell phone during this period of time, otherwise she would have thought something strange had happened.

I have to exclaim my magical memory here. I remember hearing Jingrong's communication number after centuries. As long as he didn't change it, he would certainly receive his message.


The phone sent a text message, and Jingrong didn't intend to ignore it, but the people who knew his private communication number were his relatives and friends, so he eventually took out his phone.

Tap on the message and his expression instantly solidifies.

xx Cocoa 19, 4th Floor, Shopping Mall!


Jingrong's fingers trembled and clicked several times before dialing the number that sent the text message. When it was on, there was a nice woman across the street: "Hello, who is it? ”

“Did you just send the text?” Jingjun asked eagerly.

“Text message, what text message? ”

Listening to her tone, the text may not have been sent by her.

Wen Jingrong tried to control his emotions and asked: "Excuse me, ma'am, are you in the xx mall now? ”

“Yes, I work at the xx mall. ”

Wen Jingrong immediately pretended that he had a friend who had disappeared in the mall, and then described what she looked like and asked her if she had seen this type of boy.

The Counter lady replied politely, though doubtful. “I'm sorry, I haven't seen it. ”

Nor was Jingrong disappointed. Since he had clues, sooner or later he would be able to find cocoa.

Before finishing the call, Wen Jingrong asked casually: "What goods are sold at your counter? ”

“Universal Magic pen, if sir is interested, can...”

Without waiting for her to sell, Wen Jingjun had quickly hung up the phone and rushed downstairs, driving towards the location of the mall.

Magic pen! He should have thought of it!

Jean-Claude heard the call between Miss Counter and Jingrong, and she was delighted. SMS attack successful! All that's left is for my darling to buy him back.

Just thinking about it, several customers come to the counter to pick up the merchandise. He could feel several sights passing through him and prayed darkly that they would not pick themselves. Unfortunately, however, an eye-deficient man preferred his low-key “beauty”.

“This pen is pretty.” This guy seems very satisfied with his appearance.

What's so beautiful about it? It's useless, it can't write at all. Try it if you don't believe me!

Under deliberate control, the other party accidentally failed to test the pen, and he was then put back in the counter.

Miss Counter, his eyes are burning. It's obviously a defect. Why can't those bastards in the maintenance department check for faults?!

Not at all concerned, in a good mood to fly.

After a long time, the customers in front of the counter left, and he finally waited for the person he was waiting for!

The 36-year-old smelled the scenery as hard as it used to be, but the eyebrows seemed a little more muddled, and the whole person looked like a moving Luohan living Buddha in a glorious light.

Only this time, he was no longer afraid of the bliss of his body.

Come on, my dearest! Let the Buddha shine a little brighter!

Wen Jingrong came to the counter and swept through a row of magic pens.

Here! You can wave your arms in your consciousness.

However, he could not be shaped, but hidden in a pen of silence like a chicken in the open sea.

You can control your mind and try to make your pencil shine. However, under the lights of the display cabinet, the brilliance of the fireflies on his body did nothing to make him stand out.

Honey, I, in, here, in! Jean-Claude screamed in tearing hearts, barely reaching out to Ercan.

Watching Jingrong spin round and round in front of the counter, he felt like he was about to explode in place!

Just as he strangled his brains in an attempt to attract someone's attention, Jingrong suddenly said something that instantly pissed him off.

“I want all the magic pens here. ”

It's a hegemonic leak!