Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 2

When Goh Joon Xuan came looking for Jing Jun, he saw several couriers coming out of his house, walked into the lobby, and was immediately shocked by a box full of ground. The icons on the Magic Pen on the box are unusually eye-catching, so you don't have to think about what's in them.

“I said, brother, are you going to open a magic pen store?” Gwen Junxuan knew that Wen Jingrong had been collecting magic pens for several years, but before, it was at least a purchase. Did you buy back all the magic pens in his shop this time?

The smell of Jingrong was silent, and he grabbed the diameter of Gwen Junxuan, who was about to sit down, and when he reacted, the door had closed in front of him without mercy.

“How many does that mean?!” The water doesn't even give you a sip? Goh Joon Xuan stared at the closed door and felt his fragile little heart hurt by 10,000 points.

Just wanted to go back to someone's theory, the phone suddenly received a message: Don't come to me for these few days, or you'll be proud of the consequences!

Gwen Jun Xuan: “…” Can we still be friends?

In the lobby, Wen Jingjung carefully removed the magic pen from the box.

A total of 760 pieces, from counting, packing and delivering, were completed under the surveillance of Jingjun, even inventory and defective goods, which he bought without omission.

The scene was very shocking, and many people who didn't know the truth thought the brand had been sealed up by the relevant departments. When you figure out why, it's the first time you've seen a rich man who's so fresh and defunct. While many suspect that this is a merchant's advertising strategy, they need to support it with this unique hegemony. The smell of Jingrong sweeping the goods made this brand burn.

Shanko, along with other magic pens, was placed on the table in rows and rows, as if waiting to be chosen by the king.

Still cool, his heart is adorable, waiting for his man to "take 3,000 pieces of weak water".

Just wondering how to recognize him, I saw Jingjun take his phone out of his pocket and start searching with the first magic pen.

Instead of coming directly to him, Coco contacted him via text message, apparently with physical problems that prevented him from moving freely. In that case, Wen Jingrong can only use electronic products to find him.

Wen Jingrong took the phone and swept the magic pen on the table in turn. When I moved to the fourth row, my original black phone suddenly lit up.

Sniffing Jingrong's breath stagnated, he pulled his phone over a magic pen and shouted: “Cocoa? ”

The mobile phone screen clicked to unlock automatically. When I smelled the scenery, my heart felt like it was about to pop out. I tried to suppress the excitement. I gently picked up the magic pen and held it carefully in my hand, staring deeply: “Coco, I finally found you. ”

Find a fur! You're fucking wrong! Watching Jingjung reach out to him, he irrevocably took the magic pen next to him, but his heart was broken. Don't you dare be more awkward! What about true love?

As Jingrong was preparing to complain about the magic pen, the phone began to brush its presence angrily, and a deafening song suddenly rang in the lobby.

“Who are you witty, who are you witty, who are you affectionate, who are you cheating on, who are you cheating on, who are you selling miserable... dear, please let me take your heart, spleen and lungs, please let me drain your fine blood... aahhhhhh... I love you so much, I love your bones so much, I love your flesh and blood so vague... when I put your head on the altar, please tell me that you regret nothing, regret nothing... regret nothing...”

The look on Jingrong's face is a bit disintegrating: “…”

This divine song came to the attention of the tidal gang at that time. I didn't expect him to keep it. At this time, it was released to respond to the scenery. (Wen Jingrong: Not at all should the scenery be good?!

Under the circular offense of the Divine Song, Jingrong finally realized his mistake and quickly dropped the magic pen on his hand, decisively choosing his cocoa.

Cell phone music stopped and the world instantly calmed down.

“Cocoa…” It seems too late to show loyalty at this time.

Being heard of Jingrong in the palm of his hand, he comfortably enjoyed the illumination of Fu Guang, and even less awkward than someone else's eyes. He typed four words in his mind on the phone: [I'm back.

The smell of Jingrong's sour head, his head close to the cocoa pen, the metal cold touch made him truly feel his presence.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly pulled open the distance and placed it on the couch next to him, as if he remembered something.

Being relentlessly stripped of the embrace of Fukumitsu can only stretch out his thirsty hand to mourn the lost food.

“I know the bliss on me will make you feel bad.” Smell the sound of the scenery, "so I'll try to keep my distance from you until we can really be together. ”

Jean-Claude Thriller: No, no, no! I'm not upset at all! Don't keep your distance, let's love each other like flirtatious rascal rabbits.

“Coco, you don't have to worry, I'll find a way to eliminate the bliss from you and keep you from getting hurt. ”

Oh, my God, we have to get rid of Fukumitsu. Eliminate Fu Guang, what do you take to feed me!

"I remember you once asked me to take you to jail to absorb brazen breath. I'm sure the prison environment will help you recover, and I'll take you there tomorrow. ”

Jean Cover: I'm not a brag now, I don't need to go to jail!

The phone displays information at the same time: [Do not go.

“Why? Is there somewhere better for you than prison? ”

What do you mean, "Is there somewhere better for you than prison"? Are you sure you're not kidding?

[Going nowhere.] You can still try to control your faint thoughts and type hard on your phone. [Just stay with you.

The scent filled with satisfaction: “Of course you will stay with me, just not too intimate for now. ”

who the hell told him about Fukumitsu?

You can relax and continue typing on your phone: [I need…]

The words "Fu Guang” were not finished, the phone suddenly shook a tiger's body, followed by a series of ringtones of delight, then the screen turned off gracefully, black.

Yet: “…”

Wen Jingrong picked up a handkerchief and gently wrapped it up.

Jean-Claude: Don't bag me, let me luo ben!

Wen Jingjun walked into the study and sat down in front of the computer and said to Shanko: "I need to verify my fingerprints on the magic pen, you hold on a little bit. ”

Remove it from the handkerchief, expand the pen, and use the scanner to verify and bind his fingerprints. The Magic Pen is an input device that tracks positioning and has both a signal and a solid state core, the former for screen writing and the latter for paper. Once bound, identification and font identification can be carried out automatically and only documents signed by me have legal effect.

The shape of the Magic Pen is diverse, and the yet remodeled pencil remains cufflinks, small and sophisticated, and modern, just a little out of tune with the scenic style of the outfit. However, once the force is restored, you can adjust your appearance appropriately.

While Jingrong is in the process of authentication, you can still absorb Fu Guang in a hurry.

As he was sucking away from me, Zhou Fuguang was dim and Jingjun put it on his handkerchief.

Seeing that he was ready to wrap him up again, he could still absorb the power he had just absorbed, quickly and accurately typing a line on the computer screen: [I need Fukumitsu!

He's not a brush anymore. He's a voodoo pen!

Three days later, the absenteeism of many days appeared in the company with a very windy - sultry spirit, between walks, with its own floating effect. The whole person looked like a blind dog's eye in a demonic mirror, lining everyone else with a face, and the demon was in the air.

“Boyfriend, you take a few men down and get what's in my car.” Jingrong spoke softly to his secretary.

“Okay.” The secretary glanced at her boss in horror, feeling unrealistic like a dream.

But for a moment, Toshifi and others walked into the conference room with several boxes each.

“Smell it, boss. I got everything. ”

“Mm-hmm.” Sniffled Jingjun also said, “Today's holiday, you can distribute the contents of the box according to the department. ”

Today's holiday? Kim Fi hastily opened the calendar and found a few words below today's date: International Day for Crisis Relief and Distress. (PS: This is an overhead holiday, don't be serious!

Kiddo Fi feels like Samson from the boss is malicious.

However, the boss' instructions must be strictly enforced.

Kim Fei opened the case with her assistant and found it filled with a new magic pen. On that day, all employees of Wen Group headquarters received a magic pen to celebrate the great International Day of Crisis Relief and Distress.

After half a month of bliss nurturing, you can finally have a relatively smooth word exchange with Jingrong.

Wen Jingrong's daily routine today is to chat at work to feed Coco. Previously, 200 per cent of work efficiency had fallen to 100 per cent in a straight line.

The secretary often sees the boss face springing - colorfully facing the computer, chatting, watching plays, playing games online with a mystery person, eight hours a day, at least four hours away from the job. He also handles company affairs in an orderly manner, except that he is different from his previous workaholic state and comes and goes every day on time.

“Where do you want to eat today, Coco?” Wen Jingjung opened the door and asked.

The phone illuminates and it shows: [Baiwei Xai.

“Okay.” Start the car, smell the scenic spirit tremble straight to Bai Wei Lei.

[Seat belt.] Cocoa warm reminder.

The seatbelt has been automatically fastened without waiting to be heard.

“Thank you, Coco.” Smell the spring breeze and feel like you have an extra sweet little assistant around you.

[No spicy food today, you seem to have a cold.


[Remember to buy medicine when you go home.


The temperature in the car was set to optimal condition and a gentle piece of music sounded slowly.

Sitting on a comfortable chair cushion, listening to the music of delight, smelling the sights and eyebrows of happiness.

His cocoa's back, right next to him.

This time, he will never let him go, and he will not be harmed again.

He's going to feed him for life with his own bliss!