Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 3

“Mr. Smell, the Jitong Township has been negotiated, and if things go smoothly, construction can start in a week.” Secretary Kim Fi conveyed the document to Jingjun as he reported.

“Negotiated?” Were there any accidents along the way, "Jingjun wondered. Wasn't there anyone else on the interview before? ”

What's going on? Leaning on Jingrong's finger, you can whisper to yourself.

System Immediate Answer: [Jitong Township is a new project to be developed by Wen Jingjung. Due to the strong opposition of the majority of the townspeople, there has been no successful acquisition of this area.

“This is luck, too.” Childrens' expressions strangely explained, "Those villagers did intend to visit, but before proceeding, the century-old tree they regarded as the patron saint was suddenly cut in half by lightning, and then many of the villagers' livestock became infected with the plague and lost a great deal, many people said it was God's will, and then they agreed to accept our acquisition. ”

“No objections to our acquisition price? ”


Smell Jingrong silently: Why is it better than last life? In order to consume the blessings of his body, he did his best to commit treachery and criminal acts by any means. For example, in this acquisition, he pushed the price very low and prepared a forced relocation team, and as a result, nothing was used, so the acquisition succeeded?

“Contract signed too?” Jingjung asked.

“Yes.” Kid Fi looked at Jingjung strangely, why did the boss look unhappy at all? Rationally, the project can be handled at less than 20% of the standard price without blowing ash, enough to be regarded by the industry as the most successful and lucky acquisition case.

Wen Jingrong's face was silent and ordered: “Also help me draft an additional contract to compensate 1,000 yuan per square meter. ”

“... anything?” Childhood feels wrong.

Smell Jingrong's eyes: “If your ears are not good, go to the hospital to cure them. ”

However, even if it will be killed by the boss's eyes, Chiefy needs to be sure again, adding 1,000 yuan per square meter, which is hundreds of billions of dollars in and out!

“Trouble smelling, let me record something.” Easily accustomed to the boss's shamelessness, the Children's Secretary was somewhat unaccompanied by this sudden generosity.

“Help me draft an additional contract to compensate 1,000 yuan per square meter.” Jingjun hasn't spoken yet, and a universal “Volt" pen has turned on its own recording.

Jingrong looked at the magic pen in his hand with surprise. Is his cocoa ready to speak in voice?

“Thanks for smelling Chief.” Kim Fi calmly recorded this voice on her own personal computer.

“One more thing, President Chen canceled the dinner with you tomorrow because of temporary business. Do you need me to help you with another appointment? ”

Who's President Chen? Efforts can be made to search for memory.

System Immediate Answer: [Chen Ji Min, Linyang's new political-commissioner-chairman, corruption, bribery, moral corruption, will be swept away in a few years - Huang will be double-regulated.

Yes: “…”

"" No more appointments, no more appointments! ”

”“ There's more... "cried Felton.

“And why so many things today?” The smell of Jingrong's face died and sank.

Chiang Fei's silence lasted for a moment: “You canceled your plans to build a hospital two months ago and prepare to invest in the chemical industry abroad, but unfortunately, some of the chemical plants you are looking at are either backward in technology, facing closure, or being ordered to rectify because of pollution problems and have basically lost their investment value. Do you always think about choosing new investment projects? ”

Wen Jingrong: "… cancel it and continue building the hospital. ”

Yet: “…”

“Okay." Kim Fi did not express any objection to the boss's erratic behavior, dutifully recorded and then bowed out.

When Kim Fi leaves the office, she can still use the voice of the Magic Pen to ask, "What have you done all these years since I left? ”

“What?” Jingrong calmed down.

“Forced acquisition of land, dealing with badly behaved ZF officials, investing in polluting projects.” It can be remembered that someone, although a little slag, has not yet reached the moral threshold.

“After losing you, I spent all day making bad decisions, causing company losses and declining performance.” The smell covered his forehead and his expression was heavy.

System: [Before the death of Wen Jingrong, Wen Enterprises had developed into the top ten super giants in the world, Jinjin Jinjin, rich and enemies.

Yes: “…”

“Luckily you're back, Coco.” Wen Jingrong held a magic pen and said, “With you around, I'm sure I can run the company well, make lots and lots of money to keep you worry-free all your life. ”

Shanko: Oh, the expression is in place. This commitment reached 99.99 per cent, with 0.01 per cent remaining to keep him from being too proud.

Without the system, he might have believed it. But now it seems that those plans are definitely not decision-making mistakes, but deliberate.

Remember what he said: “I will find a way to eliminate the blessings from you and keep you from getting hurt. ”

Obviously, these “wrong” decisions are someone's means of eliminating bliss.

Idiot, for a lover you may never see again, jump into the mud and destroy your future. If it wasn't for his blessings, I'm afraid he'd really be on the road to nowhere else.

“Cocoa?” Seeing that she hadn't responded for half a day, she snorted like a sniffer.

Jean-Claude is angry and heartbroken and doesn't want to ignore him.

“Coco, why don't you talk?” Smell the scene and turn on the computer screen, "downloaded a new game yesterday, why don't we play together? ”

Play a yarn, the president of a company in Tangtang, what does it look like to sit in an office every day playing games?!

“Work hard, and you'll be off in two hours.” It is a disgusting reminder.

“... oh.” Don't you really play games? This download is the most popular big online games right now, we can play weird upgrades together to see the scenery, and get married or something...

Boom, dozens of files pop up automatically, filling the entire computer screen.

Jingrong: “Coco, shall we skip work today? ”

Shanko: “You promised to make a lot of money so I wouldn't worry about eating all my life? ”

“Work first!” Although he can earn money every minute of the day, he can't be too relaxed, otherwise cocoa won't hurt.

In previous life, in order to remove Fu Guang, it was hard work to smell the scenery, once it was dark, but until his death, he did not wait for cocoa. Instead of being afraid of his bliss, the cocoa of this world has been washed away and needs to be cultivated by it. Therefore, he must remove all the hidden dangers left over from his previous life as soon as possible and complete the gorgeous transformation from bad businessman to charity ambassador.

“Isai, find out how many welfare institutions there are in the country.” Jingrong took the time to make a video call to his right-hand man.

“What?” Isaic laughed casually, "Don't you think Big Boss wants to support his country's charity? ”


“I say big boss, although I am also an unrestrained person, I sincerely suggest that you let go of those poor old and sick people. ”

"I intend to set up a support fund to target some of the elderly who are lonely and out-of-school children. ”

“... you forgot your medicine? ”

The smell of Jingrong's eyes was cold, and the anti-sedition field accumulated in previous life burst out of nowhere: “Esai, who do you think you're talking to? ”

“…” Isai smiled stifled, putting away her cynical expression, positively, “Okay, I'll do it right away. ”

After the call ended, the cold air on Jingrong's body still didn't dissipate, a pair of Wang Xua who “touched my bad luck to die”.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” A mechanical sound with no ups and downs suddenly appeared at the cuffs.

The smell of the scenery was full, the seconds turned crazy, a pair of alligator-like cold eyes sparkled like an elk harmless light: “What? ”

Yet again: "… nothing. ”

He suddenly found that while brilliant bliss persisted, someone's heart seemed to be showing signs of darkening...

Charity on the surface, but no pity in the heart. This is the conclusion reached after a few days of silent observation. Only in front of him will there be a hint of tenderness and tenderness on Jingrong's face, and when treating other people or things, he will always inadvertently show indifferent callousness and pride.

Despite his intentional disguise, long-established habits are difficult to change in a short period of time. In the eyes of Sankoh, this man's temperament is a daily windscreen between a bully and a moron.

“I hear you recently donated a fortune to the nursing home.” Goh Joon Xuan looks at Jing Jun with concern, "brother, are you not feeling well? ”

Jingrong glanced at him strangely: "Did you come to my house in the middle of the night to greet my body? ”

“No, I'm going to introduce you to a friend.” Goh Joon Xuan's face revealed a professional career - Ping's sincere smile.

Wen Jingrong answered by closing the door directly. Every time I see Goh Joon Xuan with this obscene - smiling face that wants to introduce him to a friend, Jing Jun knows that he's idle and he's going to pull - a pimp.

“Jingrong, are you still a man?” Goh Jun Xuan shouted as he slammed the door, "Every time I give you a chance to show you the male wind, you're a coward! How dare you? It's just a one-night stand. Do you want to be so stubborn? ”

“Knock!” The door suddenly opened, and a trash can flew out of it, right in the face of Gwen Joon Xuan, then an angry drink: “Get lost! ”

Gwen Junxuan touched his face, muttered a few times, and then drowned.

He comes here every once in a while to smell Jingrong, first to pull his brother out of the pain of losing his lover, and second to relieve the guilt in his heart. After all, Sankoh's death was indirect to someone he once liked, not to mention that Sankoh saved his life.

Although the man has been sent to jail, Gertrude knows that the resentment of Jingrong has not been dispelled...

Jingrong walked back to the room in a grumpy mood with undisturbed depression.

Close the door and suddenly hear the sounds of the cord coming from the dressing room. He moved and walked gently to the door of the fitting room, through the door stitches, suddenly saw a long figure, wearing a loose T-shirt, revealing two even long legs, red-footed on a dark plush blanket, the skin lining was white and delicate, making people couldn't help but have a good time.

Sniffing Jingjung breathed heavily, he almost blinked and rushed behind the human shadow, turning him over, hugging his waist with one hand, holding his back brain with one hand, deeply kissing him.

“Cocoa...” Jingrong overwhelmed the man in his arms on the table, rudely ripped off the T-shirt he had just worn, grabbed his hands, trapped him in square feet, long-accumulated desire - desire, all erupted at this moment, giving him no chance to breathe, unreservedly began ravaging like a storm and rain...

You can bear the dull pain and aggression from yourselves - Jim, just want to yell: mdzz, more rude than a simple one at a time, dare to wriggle a shot!