Heroic Death System

Retrospective Spoon 4

When the smell woke up, he found cocoa picked on him like octopus, soft hair through the smell of sunshine, body temperature, skin touch, heart beat, filled with fresh colors to fill his cool life.

Smell Jingrong bow his head and kiss those in his arms with love. The deep feelings in his eyes are like a sea that can bore people to death.

It seems to feel soft on the lips, unconsciously able to respond, chase, absorb the delicious light, taste the sweetness of intimacy, until the body is enriched again, manipulated, yet unwilling to open its eyes.

Previously, when it was a brush stroke, lust was his food, and now, as a flush pen, lust became a spring-drug that consumed a lot of physical strength. He is biased and desperate to disperse prostitution - to bring about a good feeling, he can only absorb bliss to the best of his ability.

Wen Jingrong's closeness to him is naturally pleasant, and the immediate consequence is the need for infinity and lack of restraint.

“Enough...” Jean-Claude sounded dull, "Don't you have to work today? ”

“I'm the boss. I go whenever I want.” Jingjung was in such a good mood at this moment that he accidentally revealed a few points of arrogance in his tone. He looked satisfied.

“Get out, get out!” Jean could have stepped on his waist, but instead let him go deeper, “... asshole! ”

Jean-Claude was angry: "Are you going out or not? ”

Smell Jingrong lean over and kiss his nose: “Good boy, do it again, I'll be gentle. ”

“In bed, you have no credibility. ”

“My ‘sexuality' doesn't satisfy you yet?” Sincerely, "I said,“ it's okay, I'll keep trying. ”

“… KAO! ”

The battle between the two shemales ended with the exhaustion of cocoa, which turned into a magic pen.

Smell Jingrong happily packed himself up, walked out of the house quickly, started the car and called: "Jac, sell all the shares of Xinhui, um, all... don't ask, I have other plans. ”

“Isaic, how is everything going with your investigation? Send me an email when you're done. ”

“Boyfriend, go make an appointment at the hotel, have a company employee party tomorrow night... for what? What else could it be for, of course, to celebrate the International Day of the Fight against Monopolies?” (Boy Fitzgerald's heart runs through a bunch of grasshoppers: Are you a big monopoly traitor to celebrate Antitrust Fight Day?!

“Joon Xuan, didn't you ask me out yesterday? I'm free today. Want to come out for dinner? The place is set... OK, see you at 7: 00. ”


Jean-Claude called all the way around to see someone's eyebrows dance, and it seemed like it was all business, but he always felt like the guy was trying to announce to everyone: after banning - wanting countless days and nights, he was finally released!

As Fu Guang nourishes, the human figure can be maintained for longer and longer. From a few hours to a couple of days, the power is steadily increasing, and occasionally small spells can be used. Daytime Doing - Lover's Carry-on and All-purpose Golden Fingers, work with lovers at night on behavioral arts.

Soon afterwards, however, it was worrisome to discover that the glow of the scenic beauty seemed much dimmer.

Bliss comes from the blessings of the ancestors, and it is not easy for a living person to accumulate blessings, at least not by doing a few good things. Despite the good intentions of the scenery during this period, the rate of accumulation of bliss is far less than the rate of consumption.

If he continues this uncontrolled absorption, it will probably affect his luck after the smell. Luck is a delicate thing, it can make people glorious, it can discredit people, it can make people happy, it can make people poor. Though with the ability and financial resources to hear, even without the blessings of bliss, it should be able to be rich for the rest of its life. But Fukumitsu can increase a person's luck. If you have to, it is best not to squander.

I feel like I need to control my appetite.

“Cocoa?” Scenic Jung came out of the bathroom and found that Coco did not lie in bed waiting for him as usual, but continued to stay on the nightstand to make a quiet magic pen.

“I'm practicing tonight. You sleep early, too. Good night.” The magic pen flashed a few times.

“Mmm.” Wen Jingjun, although a little disappointed, didn't ask for it, picked up the magic pen and kissed it, and placed it gently in the box, "Good night. ”

Wen Jingjung thought that the so-called “cultivation” was just a day or two, and the result was a whole half month, but it didn't even turn into a human form, and always kept the magic pen.

“Coco, is something wrong with you?” Asked Jingjun with concern.

“Nothing.” It just slowed down the cultivation.

“If it's all right, why don't you transform? ”

“Because you need to forbid - desire. ”

Smell Jingrong: "... so you're going to make me banned - for how long? ”

“Well, a month. ”

“A month?” Smell the clouds on Jingrong's face, "it was too long, I asked for 20 days shorter. ”

“What else is forbidden in 20 days? No negotiation, just a month.” It's a resolute tone.

"Why are you being so cruel to me?" said Jingrong with a grudge. ”

“Because I don't want to be too cruel to myself. ”

Wen Jingrong: “…”

After an evening of tangling, Jingrong finally looked away. What's a month like losing forever, forbidden? As long as Coco is happy, he's happy.

Since then, it has become a habit to smell a fork on your calendar every day.

First Prohibition - The moon passed, the scenic spirit rose from the bed shaking, just thinking about the sound of cocoa good morning, by the way, booked an interactive evening show, and found that the box was hollow and the cocoa that was lying inside was gone!

There is a note on the nightstand that says: I have business going out today and I will definitely be back before 7pm. Cocoa stays.

What can I do for a pen? Why didn't you tell him if something really happened?

Jingrong felt restless, which was the first time Coco had left his sight after he had been reborn.

He turned on his phone, searched for a location, and quickly locked the cocoa location.

Seven Star Gardens? This is a world-renowned pensioning city, with quaint architecture, a clean environment and popularity with the elderly.

Wen Jingjun drove all the way to his location.

But his position was not fixed, and after about half an hour in the seven-star garden, he took a car to another place.

Wen Jingjun kept an eye on his position, from Seven Star Gardens to Fudong District, from Fudong District to Lake Yining, and from Lake Yining to the Law Center... almost all over the East City one morning.

Coco, what are you doing?

Wen Jingjung parked the car and walked toward the book bar across the street.

Looking around, he quickly found the person he was looking for in a window position.

While sitting casually on the sofa chair, swinging the spoon in the cup, reading the book in his hand, his attention was not on the book, a beautiful pair of eyes, glancing at the young brown hair around him from time to time.

The smell of Jingrong's face was dark, his cold eyes fell straight on the young man, and he looked unsatisfactory, full of books, typical little white face!

Coco ran half the city just to see him?!

Jingrong felt his whole life was bad, and the flames of jealousy burned inside him.

You can still feel it, turn around and look in the direction of the scenic spot.

“Jingrong?” He flashed a slight surprise in his eyes and waved, indicating his past.

Jingjung walked to him, and the evil appearance of the fierce god was incompatible with this elegant book bar, like a bandit wolf breaking into the world of a group of scholarly sheep, and no one's bullying scene appeared.

He sat beside Sankoh and surrounded his waist in an absolutely occupied position.

Most of the people around them saw the young man with brown hair as no exception.

Shannon immediately pulled up Jingrong and laughed at the young man with brown hair: "Nice to meet you. I'll see you next time. ”

Another date? Wen Jingrong tried to suppress the anger and followed Sang Ke out of the book.

“Who is he?” Just a few steps away, someone starts asking questions about sin.

“Just met a friend. ”

“What are you doing out here today? ”

“Shopping.” The answer is quite straightforward.

“Why don't you let me stay with you? ”

Jean-Claude glanced at him and grabbed his arm, smiling and explaining: “I got up early and didn't want to wake you, besides, you were going to work, and I came out alone. ”

“Is that all?” Jingrong smelled suspicious.

“Of course. What else can I do?” You can still look calm and see nothing unusual.

Smell Jingrong's silence, always feel that Coco has something to hide from him.

In the evening, the smell of the scenery pressed down on Shannon can be very intense.

“Coco, don't leave me, don't leave...” Although he has returned to himself, Jingjun still doesn't feel safe, afraid of losing it again, afraid that this is all just a dream, more afraid, Coco no longer loves him.

Jean felt his anxiety, holding him tight and whispering in his ear: "I love you, Jingrong. ”

The smell of Jingrong's body trembled and the haze in his eyes gradually dissipated, eventually turning into a soft...

Three days later, the young brown haired man was able to dial the phone he had bought from Jingrong.

“Ah, Jenko, I remember you. What's up, eating? I'm sorry, I'm at the airport, getting ready to go to S City... Haha, here's the thing, yesterday my mentor gave me a temporary assignment to go to S University to make a scholarly speech... Um, yeah, we'll have an appointment when I get back, okay, thanks, goodbye. ”

Hanging up on the phone is a bad idea.

Jingjung walked in from outside the house and saw his face unfortunately, his eyes flashed with a glow.

In the next few days, Jean-Claude went out for a few more trips and made a number of friends. It's just that every time I ask them out, they get delayed by all sorts of things. Those who are able to make a successful appointment are basically older than half a hundred.

Jean doesn't believe that he only has elderly relatives, other young and beautiful handsome women, one or two is fine, four or five are not dating, it doesn't matter what you think!

“Smell Jingrong.” Jean put his hand on Jingrong's shoulder and asked with a smile, “Did you do something behind my back? ”

“What have you done?” The smell surrounded his waist and his expression was calm.

“You don't want me to make friends? ”

The smell of Jingrong remained the same: “Tell me first, why are you suddenly so passionate about making friends? ”

He could still stare at him and spit out two words: “Secret. ”

“Fine.” Smell Jingrong lift his chin, "then I'll continue to exercise the right to" jealousy "to remove all the instability that could lead you out of the wall. ”

Jealousy has a yarn right? It's amazing to speak so honestly about your desire to control...