Heroic Death System

Present World - Initial 7

Lieutenant Hun had promised to cooperate with Shanko only with the "pay him to play" attitude, but after looking at the information he could send, he was surprised to discover that the technical content and development prospects were very significant.

Robotic R&D is still in its infancy, mostly for some curious rich people and high-tech laboratories. Not very appealing to the general public. Because it's not smart, it's not practical, and it's expensive.

However, the idea of a robot is entirely for everyday life, divided into pet robots, cooking robots, decoration robots, knowledge baidu robots, cleaning robots, medical care robots, etc., as well as professionally customized guided robots, coffee robots, welcome robots, and integrated intelligent robots. If perfectly achieved, even just a few of these features would be enough to become a global patent product.

However, these patents have not yet been approved. It is not possible to determine whether the available technology is really as powerful as described in his information, if a finished product can be provided...

Upon his return, Shang Ke received a telephone call from Qi Chen's mother complaining that an unfaithful son had not contacted them for a long time and knew nothing but nonsense.

“Coco, you have to help me curse that kid, it's getting so disgusting! ”

“Hehe, no problem. ”

After finishing the call, Qi Chen's number could be turned over. Just about to dial over, the doorbell suddenly rang, and it was the “unfaithful son” who stood outside the door.

“Cocoa.” Qi Chen hugged Shang Ke and moaned in pain, "I broke my heart! ”

There was no fluctuation in his heart, and he was brought in like a sack and kicked to the door.

“I broke my heart, Coco.” Qi Chen looked pitifully at him and looked at him like a fool looking for comfort.

“Congratulations. ”

“… why so ruthless. ”

Qi Chen complained of his liver and intestines. He followed Shang into the living room and looked behind him. The smiling expression on his face gradually shrank.

“Feed yourself whatever you want.” Jean can sit on the couch and count down, "haven't you been home for a long time? Aunt Qi gave me instructions so I could teach you hard. ”

Qi Chen smiled and opened his face: “Don't be polite, be sure to ’harsh' me. ”

Jean glared at him and ignored him.

Qi Chen stared at him and was in a much more depressed mood. Sitting on the couch opposite him, he noticed that the coffee table was covered with lines and parts. One of the relatively complete metal objects was connected to a Coco laptop.

Qi Chen was curious in his heart and was about to ask, but when he heard the unlocking noise coming from the door, he immediately saw Captain Hun enter. His two arrogant gazes fell directly on Qi Chen. There was no surprise on his face, obviously he knew he was here a long time ago.

Shanko didn't get up to greet him, just glanced at him and turned his attention to the computer.

Qi Chen saw how cold he was with Lieutenant Hun. Don't mention how comfortable he was. Then he warned someone with his eyes: you are not welcome here. Get lost if you know him.

Li Hun looked away and walked to Sangkou. He was about to sit down. Qi Chen suddenly jumped up and lightning struck Sangkou's side. Fei Hun paused in time to avoid the tragedy of sitting directly on Qi Chen's face, then quickly lifted his feet, accurately kicked Qi Chen's lower leg nerve, so that he could not straighten his waist.

“What's the matter?” You can hear the noise and turn to Qi Chen.

Qi Chen held his leg with one hand and pointed at Li Hun with one finger. He complained: "He kicked me! ”

“I kicked.” Lieutenant Hun stared down at him. “What do you want? ”

Qi Chenso stood up and looked at him with a limp.

Just as they were fighting in the air with their eyes, there was a sudden clatter around them, and then only one quick child sounded in the room: “I am your fruit pie. It looks lovely, nutritious and delicious. The thirst quenching look is very good... Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Watermelon, 12345, 54321, played all day, but I don't want to go home. My mood is up and down again. If anyone can guess my mind, I will reward him..." ("Sweet Fruit Pie")

Li Hun: “…”

Qi Chen: “……"

When they turned to Sankoh at the same time, they discovered that the song was not coming from the computer, but the strange metal object on the coffee table. It shook its head, spinning and bent, and its two bulb-like eyes flashed and looked weird.

“What is this thing?” Qi Chen asked in alarm.

“My pet robot.” Answer with a laugh.

Qi Chen's expression is weird: This suspected metal garbage integrator is actually a “pet” robot?

Fei Hun came to be interested. I just wanted to see the finished product a while ago. I didn't expect that it could be made so soon. Although the appearance was a little chilly, it was important to function.

“Coco, if you like robots, I can order them for you.” Qi Chen pointed to the "metal garbage” on the coffee table, “You have this thing... it's too ugly, isn't it? ”

Still not talking, the robot that was treated as “metal trash" said, “I'm ugly, but I'm gentle. ”

Qi Chen: … Did you just hear it?

“Officially.” It's ridiculous, “said Jean.“ This is my pet robot 'number one'. Number one, these are my friends, ‘Chen Qi’ and ‘Lieutenant Hun’. ”

“Hello, my friends Qi Chen and Lieutenant Hun, my name is" First Number ".” The first stretched out a crippled robotic arm to them.

Neither Chen Qi nor Li Hun moved.

Five seconds later, No. 1 retracted his arm and said to Jean-Claude: "They were rude and my fondness for them dropped by 50 points. ”

"How fond are you of them initially? ”

“Li Hun 58 points, Qi Chen 55 points. ”

Shanko: Has a photo face almost completely lost its liking...

Qi Chen asked dissatisfied, "Why am I 3 points less than him! ”

The first number's eyes flashed several times and replied: “Lieutenant Hun is 2.5 centimeters taller than you and weighs 8.2 pounds, fully in line with international standards. ”

Qi Chen Fu: These days robots also like to make people look good?!

Fei Hun's eyes flashed a slight discoloration. Can such a robot directly scan basic human data?

He quickly sat across from Jean-Claude and asked seriously: "What are its specific features? ”

Jean laughed and tapped on a two-person web game and patted the first head: “Let's play the game. ”

The first number immediately moves to Sangkou, connects the line yourself, goes online, selects the game character, clicks play to enter the game interface, and begins Sangkou switching off together. Sankoh's operation is invincible, but the first one is even more perverse - perverted, almost immediately when the monster refreshes, the point of time is so precise that it can assist in the drawing of water throughout.

This is also a combat game, if you switch to an intelligence game, kill the opponent in minutes and seconds.

Fei Hun looked at the robot in silence and asked with hesitation: "Are you sure it's a pet robot, not a game plug-in robot? ”

“It's not called a plug-in, it's called a golden finger.” The first one was cold.

Li Hun: “…”

"A robot is a mobile smart computer, and in theory, it has all the functionality. Imposing restrictions affects their intelligence growth. ”

“Robot intelligence still grows?” Forgiveness is the steadiness and amazement of Lieutenant Hun.

“Yes.” It can be explained, "I initially set the pet robot to be adorable, play games, assist with learning, archive analysis of the owner's hobbies, and converse relatively intelligently with humans based on keyword and sentence arrangements. Synchronize updates to facial expressions, language libraries, and knowledge points in a networked state. Protect the master in times of crisis. In addition, there are general functions such as notes, timing, recitation, recording, playing music, etc. One of the most interesting designs, which is also different from today's robots, is that their personalities grow according to the interests of their owners. If the owner is a profoundly simple, perennial and bubbly royal family, then his robot could also become a three-spectacular senior royal home.” As you can imagine, there will always be a harmonious picture of one person playing in a dark room...

Speaking of which, the sound of game clearance came from the computer. The first raised his arms of varying lengths and circled happily in place before reaching out to Shannon.

Jean-Claughingly gripped: “Enjoy your cooperation, number one. ”

“Pleasant cooperation, cocoa. ”

Fei Hun could not describe his mood at this moment. Although he had been surprised by the idea that he was still alive, he did not have an intuitive understanding. Witnesses today are real oral, even far beyond his expectations.

Qi Chen returned to the smell, pointing shockingly at the robot: “You, you... it... it...”

“The first issue has just passed the basic debugging, followed by more precise data proofreading, program editing and limb manipulation," it can be added. ”

Fei Hun thinks this is already powerful!

Qi Chen almost adored him as a male god!

The two had completely forgotten their previous contradictions and devoted themselves to the robotic discussion.

You can show them the initial other features and see the two of them amazingly connected.

A pet robot is so powerful, what about other types of robots?

Fei Hun could not bear to ask this question.

"As long as I can keep up with the funds, I have absolute certainty that I will be able to realize all the ideas in the plan, and I am currently dominating in pets and decorations. Decorative robots can accurately measure house sizes and randomly generate hundreds of basic design solutions and color matching drawings. The owner selects his favorite scenarios, then goes online and selects the style-matching furniture images and imports them into the robotic system, and the robot automatically generates a 3D effect diagram. Even though it's not as refined as the manual design, it's also enough to give you clarity about the style of decoration you want. In addition, the decoration robot searches for information on various decoration materials, detects the quality of materials, and helps the owner screen out the best suppliers and decoration teams. ”

Fei Hun and Qi Chenmeng are stunned. This robot is a nightmare for interior decorators! Apart from large buildings and relatively special personalised designs, ordinary home decorations make a perfect solution for a decorative robot.

Once this robot is available, it is not known how many interior designers will face unemployment.

Fei Hun looked out at Sang Ke and suddenly felt like he looked like a terrible person who could start the world trend...