Heroic Death System

Present World - Initial 11

You can change into new clothes, get your whole face done, and instantly change from a downtrodden vagabond to a lean, productive young man.

Having set a goal for heroic death, he relaxed and was no longer as cautious and worried as he had been before. He's a man who wants to conquer death. Why should he fear to fight the world?

“Come on, Chi Chen, let's go home.” You can give your guitar to a child, wear it lightly, and follow Qi Chen, who has recovered his memories and acquired the system. Qi Chen should not know that he has retained the memories of his previous life, but he will not naturally be exposed.

Neither the old teacher nor brother alone, nor today's Xiao Qi Chen, can speak of hatred, but there is no love in the past. Don't love him alone, maybe, but his love is mixed with too much unwillingness and jealousy, like a gambling child who has to score points to win.

“Coco, what are you laughing at?” Qi Chen looked at him unknowingly.

“I laughed at your underwear. ”

“What? No way! I'm not wearing any underwear today! ”

“ …… ”

Lie Hun followed the clue to g city, searched all the way, found the same robot engraving in the alley behind the bar, ruins, construction site and other places, all over the neighborhood of the small town. Lieutenant Hun looked around and found no indication that he could have worked in these places. Until he saw a line of words in a cart picking up an old man: [Five days without a bath, like making pickles, drying, soaking, then waiting to ferment slowly. 20.7.15] Sandwich Town.

“Oh, Sweet Boy.” The old man who picked up the desert saw the photo taken out by Lieutenant Hun, "he laughed," I really liked him, he stayed with me for more than a dozen days. ”

“Been around for a dozen days?” Lieutenant Hun looked at the old man whose hair was chaotic, clothes were shattered and smelly, and his heart had to be tightened. No wonder the footprints of cocoa were almost all over the town, but no one could hear from him, because no one would notice a despicable waste-picker.

Yeah, but there's no ID. What else can I do besides pick up garbage?

Fei Hun went to pick up the old man's habitual place and looked at it. An abandoned warehouse, leaking wind on all sides, the light was dim, and there were all kinds of bottle jars piled up on the ground. The only thing that went smoothly was the two mattresses in the corner. Although they were hand-stitched, they were very carefully tailored and designed and clearly did not fit into the environment here.

“Oh, you mean this?” The old man who picked up the desert answered with a smile, "Sweet Boy did. He said the original bed was too damp and the sleep was bad for his health, so he made two new beds. I have to say, his hands are so coincidental, if you go to hire a tailor, there will definitely be a lot of masters to grab...”

Fei Hun did not continue to listen to the old man's gossip. He stared deeply at the bed where Coco had slept. He appeared in his head to sew the mattress in the dark corner of the warehouse. To tolerate adversity, he does not forget to make life a little more comfortable under limited conditions.

Lieutenant Hun never seemed to know him in depth, but forcibly took possession of him by impulse and desire in his heart, thus neglecting his truly beautiful qualities.

Farewell to picking up the old man, Fei Hun continued his journey in search of cocoa.

Next stop - Sandwich Town. From a viable route, his target should be the metropolis. But without any papers, how does he intend to live? You can't keep picking up garbage, can you?

Soon, Lieutenant Hun knew the answer.

He found his mark on cocoa at a small restaurant in Sandwich town. Cocoa worked as a dishwasher for 10 days in this restaurant, moving and cleaning part-time, resting for 7 hours a day, with a meagre salary and no tips, and the owner was obviously squeezing the staff.

Lieutenant Hun was angry and was made to report the restaurant for “hiring child laborers, poor hygiene, use of ditch oil” and other reasons.

[The owners of demanding employee salaries are cactuses in the swamp, absorbing too much water to soak themselves up sooner or later (light candles). 20.7.26] Colon

Lieutenant Hun then found traces of cocoa in the cities of Cologne, Kip, Contas and Baru. Follow his steps and taste everything he feels, like a journey through the mind.

[Turns out someone really likes rotting fish, ram testicles - balls, soon-to-be-shelled worm eggs... OK, Contas, allow me to say goodbye to you with caution. 20.8.10]

[I met a cold-blooded driver named "Racer Warrior" today, and after three hours on a roller coaster, I realized that "Warrior” might be a derogatory term for artistic beautification. 20.9.17]

[I bought a used guitar with two-thirds of my savings and decided to be a free vagabond artist. 20.11.11]


The Order of Lieutenants must not leave behind any trace of cocoa, which took almost two weeks to reach the capital of State T, Danfenib.

Instead of just walking and searching, he sent a large number of people to investigate first and save as much time as possible. After all, the further back you go, the wider the area and the larger the population, the more difficult it is naturally to find. I'm afraid a few months won't necessarily be enough on your own.

“My lord, this is a video that my men have just intercepted online.” The bodyguard handed an ipad to Lieutenant Hun.

On the screen is a video recorded by a mobile phone that is a little shaky, but the image is clear, with a man sitting in a park bench holding a guitar in his hand and concentrating on singing. His face, white as a snowball in the cold wind, his eyes half-dropped, his divine color soft, his black hair gently brushed between his forehead, his bright red lips became the brightest color in the picture, singing a beautiful song in unison, leading the passers-by to listen, from time to time to hear the girl's exhilarating low shout.

Noting the stains on his clothes, the breakage of his pants and the redness of his fingers, Fei Hun looked at his gentle smile, his shining eyes, the anguish and pity in his heart could not increase, and was eager to rush over and hug him immediately.

“Where is he now?” Lieutenant Hun asked.

“Has returned home.” The bodyguard paused, adding, "with Mr. Qi. ”

Fei Hun didn't react much, he just repeated the video over and over again.

Half an hour later, he said, “Book your ticket. ”

At 1 p.m., Lieutenant Hun boarded a plane back home with a guitar bought from a child.

When Lieutenant Hun was still searching for Sang Co in State T., Sang Co had already started doing things in the country. He pushed away the dining room and slowly walked towards someone on the couch.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Lieutenant. I'm Jenko.” Jean can stand in front of that person and smile, "you should be familiar to me, I won't go into detail. You may not be very happy right now, but I'd like to thank you for being here today. ”

Li Xingye, the father of Li Hun, stared coldly at Shangko and said nothing.

Jean sat down on the couch beside him and said calmly, “I'll tell you straight to the point, son, I want it. ”

Li Xingye's mouth was blown, obviously he didn't expect to “open the door" so heavily.

“It's a good deal to trade a son for a solid family.” Look directly into the eyes of Lieutenant Jingye, "don't threaten me with your identity, you have now lost your credentials. ”

Fei Xingye snorted coldly: “Kids, some things can not be done in a single breath. ”

“You're right, so I've got plenty of chips.” Jean-Claude, “the transaction details sent to you the day before yesterday were one of them, didn't you know you were satisfied? ”

“Where did you get it?” Lieutenant Xingye stared at him aggressively. If this information had been so readily available, their Lieutenant's house would have been ruined.

Instead of answering his question, he continued: "Other information will be sent to you regularly until you agree to my terms. ”

“Can you go any further?” Lieutenant Xingye is finally angry, "you like men is your business, so many men out there choose whatever you want, why must you pull Lieutenant Hun into the water? ”

“I'm not here to reason with you today.” You can stack your legs together, "he said, threatening you with ‘sincerity’. ”

Fei Xingye's voice was cold: “Where dare you threaten me? ”

“When I decided to come directly to you, the moment I started, I was fearless.” It's ridiculous, "you can use any means you want against me or even kill me. But let me remind you that the 'chips’ in my hand will not lose their value because of my death. Instead, half a month after I die, those chips will spread all over the world. As long as the network exists for a day, it is everywhere. ”

“I think I'll believe it?” Lieutenant Xingye snorted.

“Have you taken my first number and developed any results?” It can suddenly change the subject.


"Real artificial intelligence. Would you like to see it? ”

Li Xingye was stunned and did not speak.

Jean suddenly said to the air: "Number one, send Mr. Lieutenant a picture of the puppy. ”

“Okay.” A tender voice came out of the pocket of the cocoa.

Then he only heard a ding-dong. Fei Xingye's phone rang a message tone and opened it. Hershey was a big head shot of Husky.

Li Xingye: “…”

“Mr. Lieutenant, beautify it.” Jean-Claude said.

Husky was immediately moved to a beauty software where he painted false eyelashes, put on a bow, wiped off a doorway teeth, tweaked black and white, and framed with a candle next to him.

Li Xingye: "…”

"I'm sorry, but the beauty of the first issue is somewhat different," she said with a glance. ”

Is that "different”? It's a human tragedy, okay?

The first issue was also very modest: “These are the fruits of hard work. ”

It makes sense to say, “If you have any questions, I can continue to show you other features. ”

Li Xingye had to admit at this moment that he underestimated Sangkou's abilities. His skills go far beyond his perceptions. It may be more beneficial to control and exploit the Lieutenant's family than to eliminate him. And he had enough material in his hand to shake the roots of the Lieutenant's family, and he couldn't have gambled with the entire Lieutenant's family and a small figure.

But two men… Wei Xingye is still difficult to accept.

“You should know that it is not possible for the Lieutenant family to acknowledge your relationship with Lieutenant Hun publicly.” Lieutenant Xingye's attitude softened by a few points.

“You don't have to worry about this, I can promise to handle this without damaging the Lieutenant's reputation. ”

“With what assurance? ”

“My life.” He replied with a smile.