Heroic Death System

Present World - Initial 12

Upon his return, Lieutenant Hun did not immediately go to Shanko, but went straight to the J province where his father Lieutenant Xingye was located.

Just after we met, Lieutenant Hun hasn't spoken yet. Lieutenant Xingye has pointed at his nose and scolded: “You still have the face to see me, roll away, and how far away is that little white face? ”

Lieutenant Hun knew that Jean-Claude had met with his father, but he was not sure what they had specifically talked about, but from what he looked like now, he must have suffered at Jean-Claude's place.

Jean-Claude actually made his father suffer? His father had participated in dozens of wars that year, killing was never soft. Although his temper had slightly diminished after peace, he was not a disciplined and law-abiding citizen. Otherwise, he would not have done anything to throw an innocent person abroad to self-destruct.

At this point, Lieutenant Hun also seems to be deeply affected. I do what I do, but I do what I do, and rarely leave a handle on it. It is also because Lieutenant Xingye has been in power for many years, the relationship is complicated, involved in a wide range of matters, and it is under the influence of Shundo that a relatively complete archive can be compiled.

“Dad, I came here today to tell you that I've taken care of the potato that you sent to Country E. ”

Li Xingye was stunned at first and changed color: “What did you do to him? ”

“What you did to Jean-Claude, I did to him.” Fei Hun is indifferent, “you can rest assured, he will not die in a foreign country because he has no money and no language. Don't you see that he has returned safely? ”

Li Xingye's eyes caught on fire, pointing to Li Hun's silence.

“I don't mind continuing to clean the portal for you if you touch my people again next time.” Fei Hun turned around and paused when he walked to the door, "by the way, Mother seems to have noticed something. ”

Li Xingye's expression was stiff, and he copied one of the finely carved pen drums on the table for loading - forcing it to smash hard against the closed door.

Two people came to threaten him, really fucking cooperated with him!

Shanko doesn't think that Li Xingye really compromised just like this, people in the mixed system like to talk for seven points, who knows what the idea is? The reason for choosing to play cards with him was not for a single hit, but for letting him throw a mouse whiskey and not daring to do it again.

With a buffer period, he can focus on doing his thing.

Jean-Claude just came back in the morning and looked up and saw a tall figure standing at the door, staring at him with a pair of dark eyes.

Jean-Claude walked silently and opened the door, leaving him behind him.

Walking into the living room, he suddenly hugged me, looking back at what he was about to say.

Thought someone would come to a confession of truth, or a profound review, and he didn't say a word, just tied him tight with two iron arms, a beating heart and a hot breath, gently moving his heart string.

Jean-Claude lifted his hand and eventually held on, not hugging him back.

“Let's talk.” Jean-Claude pushed his chest.

Fei Hun did not resist, he withdrew, thinking that he would suffer no matter how much cocoa he cursed later. But if he wants to leave him, he can only use the word "entanglement”, which the legendary martyr is most afraid of.

“I met your father.” Says Jean.

Lieutenant Hun is serious about his heart and mind, and he will wait strictly.

“This incident caused tremendous physical and psychological damage to me.” Calmly enough, "so I offered him five million in personal injury, moral damage and sealing fees. ”

Fei Hun: Are you... Are you sure you're not serious?

“Turns out he said he had no money. ”

Fei Hun: … serious joke?

“I told him to pay his father's debts and let him take his own son as collateral. ”

Lieutenant Hun: … Are you kidding me?

“So he happily mortgaged you to me.” Look at him with regret, "I really didn't expect you to be worth only 5 million to your father. ”

Li Hun: “…”

“Lieutenant Hun.” Jean can get up, hold his chest with his hands and stand tall, "from today on, I am your boss. ”

This arrogant deity looks familiar. When you think about it, Lieutenant Hun realizes that it seems to appear on his face often. The tall eyebrows, the half-crushed eyes, the linear lips, the slightly raised chin, imitating the wooden trim, but less aggressive and powerful, suddenly appeared arrogant and cute.

Prior to his arrival, Lieutenant Hun conceived possibilities, but still underestimated the breasts and volume of cocoa. Not only did he not blame himself for his negligence, he also took his father's fault with him, while at the same time gaining buffer time and tangible benefits through his own abilities. In the case of anyone else, he was persecuted, either by calling the police, or by running away and keeping Ming Cheol safe. He was the only one who dared to negotiate terms with his father, and more strangely, he succeeded!

Lieutenant Hun suddenly discovered that he did not seem to have provided any help to Shan except to take advantage.

“Did he really give you my ‘mortgage'?” Lieutenant Hun asked softly.

“Sure.” Jean-Claude said, “If you don't believe me, you can ask yourself. ”

“I believe.” Lieutenant Hun is sitting in a good position with a clean face. "So, my boss, I wonder what I can do for you? ”

So good? Jean-Claude glanced at him and put up a finger: “First of all, I'm going to isolate my lab, and I'm going to develop and master the core technology myself. ”

“Good." In fact, Lieutenant Hun intends to redistribute the shares so that he can be the biggest controller.

“Secondly, apart from the question of principle, everything else is based on my opinion. ”

Li Hun nodded: “No problem. ”

Well, kids can teach.

He was ashamed of Lieutenant Hun and could continue to ask: "Thirdly, without my permission, you cannot enter my room at random, and you cannot make a mistake... strong.” This is about future harmony and must be made clear. The last three chapters of the covenant were essentially annulled, and now it is a formal agreement.

“…” Lieutenant Hun hesitated for three seconds, returning three words, "I try my best. ”

It was so refreshing, I started simulating two things when I mentioned this. Someone's innate color-sex, it's hopeless.

“For the time being, these are the three articles, which will be added later.” Overall, it is satisfactory. Instead of living cautiously and carelessly, I'd rather live happily ever after.

“I'm glad, Coco. ”


“You chose me as your ‘trophy'.” Lieutenant Hun slowly stood up and, with his height of nearly 2 meters, sincerely stated, "I will definitely perform the duties of ‘spoils of war' and wholeheartedly serve you. ”

Serve him wholeheartedly? Jean-Claude almost believed it.

It turns out that what he gets is not a loot to ask for, but a personal bodyguard who brushes his presence with anger, plus a mouth to feed.

Lieutenant Hun took the opportunity to move into his small building, get up earlier than him every day, sleep later than him, get company affairs home, and stay with him almost all day. But he rarely interrupted his work, kept his promises, and never forced him to do it again, just a little routine intimacy.

Although he didn't say anything, he could probably guess that he was worried his father would do it to him again.

Fei Hun heard footsteps and turned to look at the stairwell. Jean walks straight into the kitchen in his pajamas through the corner, but soon he hears the sound of cooking from the kitchen.

Recently, Lieutenant Hun became a habit of covert observation, and found that even without language communication, his eyes, smiles and movements were silently conveying a wealth of information.

When he is happy, he will take the initiative to hug him; when he thinks, he will unconsciously play his fingers; when he wants to sleep, he will become soft all over his body; when he is angry, he will have more means, either to cook dark dishes, or to carve monsters with radishes, or to order many strange plant seeds online, or to play a game against him on the first side of the joint...

It's a good feeling to have such a person, unhindered and cheering around you.

Now you can walk out of the kitchen with an ipad in your hand, pointing to two pictures on the screen and asking, "These are my two newest designs of a pet robot, which one do you like? ”

Aren't you cooking? Why suddenly come out and ask questions about the look of the model?

Fei Hun looked at the screen and chose the one on the left.

“This one? OK." Once you get the answer, you can happily float into the kitchen again.

Half an hour later, he took the lunch to the table and unwrapped the apron, introducing it solemnly: "Today's lunch is Robot XI005. ”

Only two robotic-shaped sculptures can be found on the plate, and the robot's body can be divided, like a building block, each with a different dish on the top, rice on the top, color from bottom to top, deep to light, layered, towering, both beautiful and novel.

This is yet another characteristic, often integrating technological research into life, full of wonders.

Decades after living with Shanko, Lieutenant Hun felt that his past life was “cold” and he couldn't stand to look directly at it...

In the square, Jean-Claude is sitting on a chair playing with his cell phone.

“Jenko?” A voice suddenly came from not far away, looking up, and only a few young men and women came towards him. As you can see for the first person, it was Ji Mingzhe who had eaten a meal at his house.

The bodyguards hidden in the crowd came around silently and stood ready to strike.

Wearing a casual outfit, it's stunning and stunning, even if it's a man. No wonder Lieutenant Hoon looks at him, he does possess a touching trait.

“Hello, Mr. Kee.” Jean-Claude reached out and shook him.

“What are you doing here? Weren't you with him?” Ji Mingzhe asked.

“He's got some business to take care of. He'll be right over. ”

“Myung-chul, who is this handsome guy?” A girl next to Ji Mingzhe looked with interest.

“Ah, let me introduce you.” Ji Mingzhe introduced several people. One of them, Wang Qinya, was the subject of the first relationship between Lieutenant Hun and the pianist who returned from overseas studies.

Wang Qinya also seems to have heard Shanko's name, and his eyes are a little hard to figure out.

Ji Mingzhe clapped his forehead and wondered how he forgot Wang Qinya was there. Although they do not know each other, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no contradictions in the future. After all, one is a homosexual mistress whom Lieutenant Hun has not only met, but also a prospective daughter-in-law whom Lieutenant's family likes.

“Next time we have a chance to hang out, we'll go first.” Ji Mingzhe waved his hand and left.

Wang Qinya said, “It's rare to meet him. Wait for Lieutenant Hun to come over and ask him if he wants to play golf together. ”

“Yeah, wait a minute.” Another girl, Xiao Tian, also attached.

Ji Mingchul had no choice but to wait.

Several people chatted in unison, basically Xiao Tian Monk could talk, and it was clear that she was very interested in Shang Co.

However, many times, Lieutenant Hun walked from across the street, and his model-like body, combined with the blood killings he had trained in the Special Forces Battalion, blended into a dangerous and unique charm. Countless people around him gave him a salute and subconsciously gave him a way out.

Ji Mingzhe and others greeted him with a smile and were preparing to greet him. However, Lieutenant Hun ignored him and crossed them directly and walked to Shanko.

“Is it over?” Ask yet.

“Mm-hmm." Lieutenant Hun habitually held his waist.

Ji Mingzhe has no words. Should it be so obvious? They're all watching!

“Lieutenant Hun.” Wang Qinya took a step forward and smiled, “I heard you left the country a while ago. When did you return, why didn't you tell me? ”

Fei Hun turned around and his gaze stopped on her face for a moment. Why did he tell an irrelevant woman when he returned home?

Fei Hun's eyes made Wang Qinya feel like he was making love.

“Lieutenant Hun, we'll go play golf later. Do you want to go?” Ji Mingzhe quickly sent out an invitation to break the embarrassment in time.

Fei Hun looked at Shanko and asked him what he meant with his eyes.

Jean-Claude said softly: “I still have some experiments to do, if you want to go, don't worry about me. ”

Fei Hun looked up to the crowd and said: "We still have the experiment to finish, we'll schedule another appointment. ”

What's with this “Shanko" horse's appearance? You're not serious, are you? Ji Mingzhe was somewhat shocked.

Fei Hun did not stop much, and left with Jean-Claude after that.

Someone said in a flavorful way, "The Lord is the Lord, and he doesn't want to deal with us. ”

“What nonsense? Lieutenant Hun is not a person who likes to be lively.” Ji Mingzhe looked at Wang Qinya and was relieved to see that there were no different colors on her face.

But in fact, Wang Qian Ya was angry in her heart. She dated Lieutenant Hun several times. The elders of the family acquiesced in their relationship, and many people in the circle saw them as a couple. But Lieutenant Hun left her with no face at all. In front of so many people, she left without even saying hello.

“Myung-chul, I'm a little uncomfortable, I'm not going today.” Wang Qinya smiled with regret at Ji Mingzhe and sent the driver to get in the car and leave.

On the way home, you can sometimes look at the man next to you.

“Look at what?” Lieutenant Hun said.

“I've had some doubts before, don't you know much about people?” Ask yet.

Fei Hun looked forward with his mouth shut and did not answer.

Jean-Claude took out his phone and shook it in front of him: “Even if you don't say so, I can find it. ”

Lieutenant Hun had long seen Shanko's computer technology and naturally knew that he had this ability.

A moment of silence finally spewed out two words: "Face blind. ”

“To what extent? ”

“Can't see clearly, can't recognize. ”

Jean-Claude flashed a little surprise in his eyes, and then he reached out to him and patted himself on the face: “So I've always been a shameless person in your eyes? ”

Fei Hun stared deeply at him and his face was clearly reflected in his bright eyes.

“So, how exactly do you like me?” Who would fall in love at first sight with someone who doesn't even have a face, and be as passionate as taking Spring Medicine? Is his charm so powerful that he can't stop looking at "Qian Shadow”?

Fei Hun flashed a smile in his eyes, but his face didn't show up. He just answered two words: “Feel. ”

“Feel that?” asks the incredible question, "What if I look blind, ugly, crying and howling? ”

“Didn't the first one say something? ”

“What do you mean? ”

“‘I'm ugly, but I'm gentle’.” Fei Hun glanced at him, “I liked your tenderness. ”

Shanko: "... do you usually identify me with something as flimsy as‘ gentle ’? ”

“Your tenderness is not slim at all.” Lieutenant Hun carefully described, "like angel wings, always fan in front of my eyes, fan feathers flying and dancing, it is difficult to even notice. ”

Shanko: Your eyes must have some kind of weird effect.

Looking back at the time they met him, Fei Hun never seemed to have missed him. Did he really identify with “feeling” alone?

Jean-Claude was moved and wondered if she should let go of some restrictions?

Lieutenant Hun saw him meditate, his arms quietly wrapped around his waist and pulled him into his arms. Soft and irresistible, Lieutenant Hun wrapped his other hand around it. Put your hands together and lean your chin against his shoulder.

Jean-Claude just felt so heavy that someone pressed most of the weight over her. After enduring it, he didn't refuse to be close.

Someone tastes the sweet tip and immediately starts to gain weight. The lip and tongue intentionally and inadvertently sweeps through his earlobes and neck, causing a gradual disturbance of breath. Prohibited - On the day of desire, Lieutenant Hun endured a lot of hard work every day. How can you let go now if you can't easily get close?

Lieutenant Hun buried his head at the neck of Sankoh, incandescent - hot tongue - head over throat, slightly up.

“Don't …” At last, some of them couldn't hold it, and their bodies backwards were trapped tightly by two strong arms.

“Cocoa…” Lieutenant Hun contained two pieces of soft, warm and deep shun suction.

The whole person was squeezed into the corner, his body was tight with Lieutenant Hun, and his legs could feel his stiffness, ai vaguely mocha across his pants. The body suddenly slips down, and one leg is entrusted to the arms… The black glass isolates the front and rear, in dim light, with two bodies crossed - neck tangled - wrapped, narrow spaces filled with erotic-porneous breath, deep and light fusion, through a depressed passion - passion. This time, Fei Hun tried to control his strength, patiently keeping pace, so that Shan could slowly adjust to his maturity until he was completely inclusive...

The car was still driving slowly, and the driver and bodyguard in the front seat had the same expression as a sun dog, and the deviation could not be too dewy - bone.

“How long are you going to go around this road?” The bodyguard in the passenger seat asked the brothers around him unemotionally.

The driver also answered unemotionally: "Look at the Lord's endurance. ”

“What if we run out of gas? ”

The driver looked at the dial and calculated, "I think it should be enough to drive another 300 kilometers. ”

Car - How long does an earthquake last? Even if the Lord is gifted, it's only two hours at most.

However, when they drive home, the gasoline runs out…