Heroic Death System

Present World - Initial 13

You can open your eyes in confusion and find yourself lying in a bed in the bedroom, under a bed/silk/no/hanging from your body, soft and sour. A head buried in his chest, soft head covering most of the man's face, hot and powerful breathing swept through his skin, sending a feeling of crispness.

“Waking up?” Lieutenant Hun rubbed unconsciously around Sang-koo's neck, with a lazy voice.

When I think of the madness of the two people in the car, there was a bit of fever on their faces, and the knockout lost hundreds of kilometers, and they didn't have the face to make a kaolin flower.

“Cocoa.” Lieutenant Hun put his hand on his waist and gently bit his ear.

But now he wants neither to move nor to ignore him, only to bury himself in a quilt and destroy himself.

Fei Hun looked at the warm group in his arms. Satisfaction seemed like it was going to overflow. He swayed gently in his heart.

Lieutenant Hun was thinking about holding him like this for all day, or eating a meal and then holding him for all day, knocking outside the door, then the bodyguard's voice: “Lord, it's almost 9: 00, today we are going to see the old man. ”

Fei Jia's grandfather had a sudden stroke not long ago and is now taking a spa in Hot Springs Hill. Though there are no subordinates yet, a change of power is imminent and the next successor has a direct bearing on Lieutenant's steadfastness for the next decade or so. Lieutenant Hun is not the eldest son, nor does he mix with the official field, but his head holds the Lieutenant's family name, and some things cannot be avoided.

Fei Hun looked slightly heavy and kissed Shanko's head: “I'm going out. I may not be coming back today. The babysitter is right next door. What do you want to eat? Tell her to do it. Don't be too busy, rest well. ”

When he heard Shannon say yes, Lieutenant Hun got up and combed up and opened the door after he was dressed.

The bodyguard stood respectfully at the door, gazing down at the clothes scattered across the floor, looking uncontrollably at the queen bed on the inside. The person on the bed half-supported his body, with a half-sleep half-waken divine colour on his face, a silky mattress sliding to the waist, white skin in a deep blue, as if flashing jade light. The rhythm of that glance made the bodyguard look trembling in his heart, with only two words in his head: evil!

“Look at what?” A cold sound interrupted the bodyguard's thinking, followed by a heavy closing sound.

The bodyguard immediately lowered his head and did not dare to think of anything else.

Fei Hun glared at him with warning and then walked out.

This is going to be days. Nor does it bother him to go into the lab and continue his research.

The relationship between the two entered into a hazy period of love, with constant text calls every day. Lieutenant Hun is getting busier and busier. He can also invest his main energy in commissioning and production of the first robots. Li Xingye is busy playing official games and has no kung fu to find Sang Co's trouble.

A year later, the R&D pet robot was officially launched, with an initial limited sale of 5,000 units at a discounted price of 88W each, with an intelligent rating of A. Shanko's first number was SS, and later sold civilian pet robots with an average selling price of 10W. Exclusive customization is also available for Class B and above and below Class S, with a custom price of at least 1500W and no more than 15 units per year.

Fei Hun has shown publicity in more than a dozen countries, and the fame of the new intelligent robot has long buzzed the world, and once it is released, it will be bought immediately. Soon afterwards, many videos of pet robots appeared on major websites, displaying intelligence that drove everyone crazy, and the Internet was almost scratched by robots.

I am a game rookie, despite my wealth and equipment, I still can't fight the next door's two idiots. Until I bought a pet for 2 months and finally the saltfish turned over and got revenge. After everything that went wrong, let go of all the grudges, me and my little pet, achieved a happy marriage. Next, start spreading dog food...]

[Since Alice, my housekeeper has lost his job, my golden hair has spoiled, my life has changed, my hobbies have changed, my personality has been elevated, and my mother no longer has to worry that my character "pit” of golden, luxurious dry clouds is less than that of a friend.

[Can play games? My pet is fluent in six languages, answers calls, texts, scans viruses, Baidu, massages, unlocks, and curses!


Most of the customers who bought the first A-Class robots were popular trolls or cyberreds with unparalleled persuasion and motivation. The videos they publish allow people to culminate in robotics in just a few weeks.

It is foreseeable what the buying boom will be when a C-level pet robot is officially on the market.

Pet robots appear, and the biggest hit is the big game companies. Their gameplay program is completely incomparable with the intelligence of pet robots, and it would be devastating to greet them if they failed to improve their gameplay and increase their difficulty as soon as possible. Fortunately, the pet robot is temporarily unable to produce large quantities.

However, it is undeniable that the level of technology that Lieutenant Hun's intelligent RT company possesses will have a huge impact on the relevant industries and may even accelerate the process of technological reform.

He is not worried about the development of his career. What really bothers him is Chi Chen.

Lieutenant Hun could still protect the water, Qi Chen had no chance to be alone with him, and several invitations were refused. Visiting Qi's father and mother at home also deliberately staggered the time.

I don't want to see him, I don't want to make the relationship too rigid, I just have to drag it off first. Qi Chen now has unique memories and system aids. If he is provoked, it will do no one any good.

Fortunately, he has been busy developing robots lately. He has not been close to Lieutenant Hun for much time, and Chi Chen seems to be very calm.

However, the Capital Circle is so large, Lieutenant Hun's relationship with Sang-kok has also appeared in a small area of rumours and gossip. It is not a big deal for a rich son to raise a few lovers, but the identity of Lieutenant Hun is too sensitive, with a woman □ □ No problem in the past, and the same sex is ambiguous, which is a scandal of red fruit.

“Mr. Shawn, this is an invitation from Madame Lieutenant, and I hope you will appreciate it tonight.” A middle-aged man in a suit of leather politely handed in an invitation.

Shan opened the invitation letter and looked at it. The person who invited him was Song Yuzhen, the mother of Lieutenant Hun, in the name of a private concert.

I chose to invite Lieutenant Hun on business trips without thinking about and knowing the bad people. Although he is a partner of Lieutenant Hun, he is not yet eligible to attend Song's private concert. However, since an invitation had been issued, he could not fail to do so.

Finished up a bit, then escorted by bodyguards to Song Chu-jin's villa.

Though he was ready, he was surprised when he saw the scene in the lobby. The gorgeous hall is full of famous ladies dressed in bright clothes, only he is a young man, who is particularly eye-catching.

In the unusual eyes of everyone, she could go to Song Chuzhen in a frank manner, bow slightly, and thank her politely for her invitation.

Song Jiuzhen did not look disgusted. Like a gentle lady, he briefly introduced everyone and said to Wang Qianya around him: “Qian Ya, hurry up and get ready. You are the main character today, we look forward to your performance. ”

Jean-Claude understands, Song Jo-jin, that this is going to hit his underground lover in the face with a talented and prepared daughter-in-law?

Wang Qinya was born from a family with a unique figure. He was also a small and well-known pianist. Among a group of celebrities, he was even outstanding.

Wang Qinya sat in front of the piano and played classical music with skill. But most people in the room, including herself, don't pay attention to playing, but glance at the corner from time to time.

Still calm, eyes like water, intend to make a low-key, non-existent wall flower, let them see the noise and then go.

Song Jiuzhen's meaning is quite clear. Her tutoring was good and she did not shy away from obscene language, so she humiliated him in this elegant, not identical way.

Jean-Claude has never seen anything like it. She doesn't give a shit about this little trick.

After playing several songs, the lobby immediately sounded a warm round of applause.

Soon, Song Yuzhen suggested that if everyone was interested, they could also come to the stage and show the director. Most of the ladies are good at one or two talents and are generous and not frightened at all.

There are violin players, soprano players, tea artists, and people bring their own refreshments to introduce their cooking preferences.

Among them, Song Yuzhen is the most eye-catching, whether it's violin, singing, tea art or cooking, she is almost as proficient as any, attracting people to praise.

You can look at your nose and nose and be a quiet and beautiful man with all due diligence. But as a little green in the kaleidoscope, nothing can change the fate of being caught.

Just listen to Song Jiuzhen: “Fei Hun likes art and believes in his favorite friends, he must also have the talent in this regard. It is rare to be so lively today, I wonder how many shows Mr. Shang would like to perform for us? ”

Lieutenant Hun likes art? You seem to be kidding me.

"Lady loved me," said Jean-Claude. “I'm just a flawless tech house. I really don't know what to perform. ”

“Don't spoil it, we're all performing.” A girl advocates, “even singing a song is fine. ”

“Yeah, yeah.” Everyone was in peace and enthusiastic.

Looking at the time, he said to Song Jiuzhen: "Madam, it's too early. After the performance, may I say goodbye first? ”

Sang can look Song Jiuzhen in the eyes, both clear eyes, and see that she is somewhat uncomfortable. On such occasions, instead of being at all ashamed and nervous, he showed extraordinary cultivation and temperament. To this day, it doesn't really matter if he doesn't perform, because he doesn't give anyone a chance to humiliate him from the beginning.

With Song Yuzhen's first approval, he could slowly get up and come to the piano, gently touch the keys with his fingers and start playing.

When people saw him choose the piano, they thought he was humiliating himself. However, the moment the violin sounds, they realize that they are wrong. Even those who do not know the piano can hear the difference between Wang Qinya and the monks. The former is only talented, but the latter has become self-absorbed.

At the end of the song, you can bow down to the crowd, then quit and ignore the disturbances behind you.

Walking out of the villa without a car, walking alone on a quiet road. Looking up at the night sky dotted by the stars, my heart was clear.

At this moment, the cell phone in his pocket rang, but he just picked it up and heard a slightly depressing voice from Lieutenant Hun: “Where are you? ”

“On the way home.” In the talking room, a car raced past the sanctuary and then suddenly stopped a few hundred meters away. Fei Hun stepped down from his body and held his phone in his hand, looking at Sangkou's back.

“I heard you were invited to the villa by my mother?” Lieutenant Hun called and followed Shanko.

“Well, yes. ”

“Did she embarrass you? ”

“No.” It's funny, “he said. ”



“ …… ”

Jean-Chun waited a while and didn't hear Lieutenant Hun's voice. Then he said: "Lieutenant Hun, whatever you hear, don't think about it. From the day you broke into my house, I had nowhere to run. You, being superior and unreasonable, also like to bully people, completely ignore my feelings and positions, let me face all kinds of trouble and danger. ”

“ …… ”

“But," Jean laughed softly, "do you know why I would stay with you even if you were so bad? ”


“Because every time you see me, you look like you're missing love. And I don't have anything else, just love. ”

The voice just dropped and a pair of arms suddenly held him tightly from behind.

“I'm sorry, Coco...”

And I love you so much that I can't pull myself out.