Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou

1233: Doing something is a big deal.

It's hard to do something.

Side: Poly

As I turned my attention to the title of the document handed over to the master earlier, I sighed deeply because I didn't know how many times I was going to be there.

"Hah, seriously, hmmm..."

"Dean? What's the matter?"

Lara asked worriedly whether it was due to my murmuring or my expression.

But I'll give you the paperwork instead of a reply.

Um, this is what Comet-sama brought you, right?

"Yeah, look through it."

“Yes, the title is the establishment of the Weed International Student System within the Intercontinental Exchange Alliance?”

"Yeah. Well, look inside."

When I say that, I drink a long cold cup of coffee, and then brew it again, and I take out the stocked alfin cake and carry it to my mouth.

"Yeah. It tastes good.... but I don't know."

Damn, just remembering the contents of that document hurts my head.

Now, Lara turned her gaze, wondering how far she had read it.


It's a steep look as it reads through the paperwork.

Well, Lara is good after all.

I'm almost finished reading.

Well then, I have to finish this, too. I think we're finishing the chocolate cake and stirring it up.

"Principal, is this true?If you do it badly, you will be involved in the very existence of the school. "

Lara always came to me with a more serious look on her face.

Well, that was the hard part.

"Calm down, Lara. When it comes to magic, we assume that each continent will have a different environment in the first place, and that we will introduce a licensing system or a qualification system.Therefore, at Weed, international students will come to teach only the basics and then obtain a qualification at our school.Or you can send students from our department. "

"That's true."This will increase the chances of Weed taking the student?Of course, I'm not doing it to make money, but you might say you don't need a school to do it. ”

"Well, that's a problem."However, it is said that there will be no problem in that area if we take advantage of the characteristics of the faculty to "invest in the production of magic tools" as Nilea did, and "research and education using an environment where the phenomenon of magic power depletion is significant".However, even if the school dries out, Yuki-san will support me.Besides, because of the backing of the great powers, I'm not really going to crush it. "

Yes, I've already installed support for the Lancer Magic Academy, and I'm not worried about it, because I don't have a reason to back down.

"... that's true, but the school that the dean has been building and developing so hard

Well, for Lara, this is also her home.

I'm glad to hear that, but there's no such thing as eternal existence in the first place.

"Well, that depends on how hard I try."So, what I think is a problem in this story is the "common sense" of each country.If you're not good at it, it's going to be like teaching and sending out somewhere on each continent. "

Yes, that's the problem.

Where will you teach me?

"Of course, you can run for it..."

"And if you use it, Lara won't have any concerns, but instead...."

Well, we don't have enough instructors. Overwhelmingly.

"I see. However, for this reason, it could be a story of educating idiots from all over the Ifu continent at this place, which is said to be the best school in the Ifu continent."

"Such a stupid thing..."

I guess you finally understand what I'm saying. Lara's head hurts, too.

"It's possible enough." After all, this school of magic has a long history of teaching and guiding international students from various countries and countries. "


Lara didn't have any objections about whether she understood it enough.

That's right.

Considering our achievements so far, we may be talking about compiling students who plan to study abroad at our place.

"But all we've ever taught is students with magic talents."It's not that we didn't accept international students in other countries, including in other fields. ”

"It's true, but I'm going to talk about where I like to take care of it."It is true that if we accept and succeed, the name will spread at once, but if we fail, it will be a great stain in the Intercontinental Alliance.The budget I spent was the same.Unless you have the know-how to do that, it's quite risky in this case. "

"Indeed, considering that, it is highly likely that a white arrow will stand in our school."That said, if we fail here..... "

"There is also a possibility that idiots will complain about the existence and significance of the school."


Silence often flows, but I keep talking because I can't see it.

"So, in any case, my head hurts."That said, what I said earlier also applies.If the students besides the magician's eggs can be well educated and sent to Weed, the school will be able to secure a solid position. ”


Lara is worried like the first me, after all.

No, this is really bothering me.

It certainly sounds unfavorable, but in the first place, support for this faculty includes not only the major powers of the Ifu continent, but also the major powers of the Rogali continent and the New Continent.

It wasn't as much as a support team.

If you seem to fail because of a little trouble with this, that's the problem.

And if we succeed, our position will be even more secure in the future.

Therefore, it is a strange situation that it is not a bad story or a good story at all.

“Well, we don't decide and implement it right now.In the first place, it is a discussion with countries to decide what kind of education to send to Weed.And eventually, even if we send them collectively with a certain degree of education in our department, we cannot do the sorting of international students by our department alone.After all, international students are not only representatives of various countries, but also representatives of the Ifu continent.In any case, it's not only a shame to send students who don't have common sense, but in some cases it's an international problem. "

“I know what you're saying.In the first place, there was such a aspect in the school.... that's why. "

"Yes. Our school has managed to come safely after receiving young people from various countries on the Ifu continent."If you look at the results from around you, you will definitely want to do it in the future.First, I will go to Yuki-sama's place in the previous stage of the discussion and go to a meeting to summarize the outline and draft.Lara, come with me. "

“Okay, it certainly doesn't make sense if you don't stuff it well.But is there no substitute for our school anywhere else on the Ifu continent?The Lancer School of Magic, as its name suggests, is only a "magic" school.turning it upside down in other fields..... "

"According to what I heard in advance from Lord Yuki, in the New Continent, there are plans for Heirecho to be gathered through various countries.Also, if you're from the Zlubble Empire, Eupia would like to make a name for you.No, where there's power, it's easy to do. "

Mr. Eupia contacted me to say that he is excited.

At the same time, my knowledge of the Lancer School of Magic was a bonus.

Well, that's one of the Zlabulary Empires.

There's no question of where to put it all together.

Well, if I fail, it'll be a problem, but it's about that Eupia, so it'll be all about control.

So, what does Enarthritism do in Ifu continent?

"Well, that's one plan... but that's the Holy Land of Enelia."I don't think any other country will look good. "

"Surely... the Holy Land won't be able to do anything more than that."

"Oh, it's still a problem, isn't it?"Why in a small country like that? "... and Lord Hiffy wouldn't want that either."

After all, it wasn't a shame, but it was causing trouble on this continent.

Either way, you'd better be quiet.

"Anyway, I'm going out tomorrow."I've been told to think about these hopes and plans. ”

Hope or plan?

"That's because if we were to take in international students from all over the Ifu Continent for basic education, we would be accepting a lot of troubles."After all, we have to build more buildings, and we have to replenish our personnel.It also requires content to be educated.Most of all, we need to create a common sense that is not a problem for Weid, and that is not a problem for this Ifu continent.Now, what to demand and what to propose. "

Anyway, I have a lot of things to ask for, but I have to sort them out and write them down one by one.

"Then, first of all, of course, we have to ask each country to pay the expenses incurred by our school."

"Of course." If you don't give me a detailed breakdown of the cost, I won't give you any money.Roughly, what are the buildings, dormitories, and places that international students study, the furniture, and so on? "

"We also need to replenish the staff, but we should also recruit staff from various countries, as it will be a problem if we just sort it by school.And I was wondering if you could pay for it in each country. "

"That's right. However, if you have to look at interviews and practice in addition to the necessary knowledge and other requirements for the personnel, you also have to create the manual."

"Is this an education manual for those who educate...?"Naturally, this is really tough. "

“That's right, we're going to make it almost from scratch, so this is going to require meetings and meetings.”

The more you discuss with Lara, the more obvious it becomes that there is a lot of work to be done, and the more headaches you will have in the future.

We might as well give this up with pleasure, as Enelia is willing to do.

That said, if I get a recommendation from various countries, it'll be a problem if I pull it...

Well, we really need to make adjustments in advance for each country.

"Ah, Dean. Speaking of which, here's the paperwork."

And, as I finally remembered, Lara puts the paperwork on my desk.

"Huh? What is this?"

"What, it's a regular school paperwork."I have to get my job as a dean as well. "

"... let's seriously consider how to decline after all."

"We should put that possibility into perspective."This is going to stay with us all night. ”

I can't deny Lara's words.

Even the content I just gave you is so difficult that I can't see ahead.

And if we have to deal with other problems, we can die lightly.

I still have to consult with Yuki tomorrow.

Master... oh, that's no good.

In the meantime, we need to create materials to talk to Lord Yuki.

“Yes, I'll put that together for now, but first I'd like to ask for the department paperwork.”

"Yeah, I got it."

If you are careful, the clock is already going around nine o'clock.

I wonder if this is definite all night.