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Horus 1266: Age Restriction

Age Restrictions

Side: Kagura

"... I see. Is this what happened?" Hmmm..... "

In front of me, I look at the paperwork that Princess Carrie received.

For once, I'm Yuki's wife and it's natural for me to move for Weed's benefit, but I still face each other in correspondence and paperwork.

Now that the diplomat in charge of Weed is a solo, it's a good job for him to do, but this time, he brought it directly to me because he thinks it's better to let me through.

Incidentally, Mikos is planning to create and distribute articles in Weed based on the talk of the international student system decided this time.

I'm not suddenly telling the Weeds that I'm doing this as advance information.

To find out if there is any strange movement inside Weed.

No, I thought it was just an international student system, but I thought once again that the more I talked, the more problems I had, the harder it was going to be.

Thinking like that, the princess who finished reading the documents raised her face and looked at me.

"Briefly, the number of international students from our Heiden is five. Is that correct?"

“Yes, that's the criterion. Our continent has only Heiden, Findar and Sea Sipho allies, so we can talk to the other 15 to decide who to bring.”

"If you think about it normally, you should make it even, but you mean you can use it well here, right?"

"... yes, I want Miss Fusora to be welcomed from the Kingdom of Zufuia"

"It's true that you're the one who decided on the international student system." Got it. There's nothing wrong with you. I am an actress who recommended this international student system. It won't be a problem. "

If there is a fool who stops Fusora from studying here, it can be recognized as Heiden's enemy, so the princess decided it was a good thing.

Yeah, as Yuki predicted.

"One more concern." I want you to consult with countries on every continent, not Weed..... "

What is it?

“It's about the age of the students. Lady Fusora is finally able to count with both hands. However, at the age of other international students....."

"Indeed, it is difficult to find things that are young at that age." No, it's not. Two or three children the same age as Lady Fusora. And a couple of kids about the same age as Kagura and Mykos. "

Yes, Yuki was also quite worried about her age.

I was thinking about the examination for the selection of international students, but I thought it would be quite difficult to say that friendship between the same country and continent is too fragmented.

Above all, we will have to accept a wide range of exams.

As a result, the person with the lead rate, who is the conciliator, also has a lot of difficulty.

Considering that, it is not important to limit the age to a certain extent.

However, this is only a wish of the Weed side, and it is necessary to make a judgment on the part of the major powers.

"As a Weed, I can give you hope..."

In the future, the age limit for this overseas student system will be lifted, but it is said that the most important thing is to make the first overseas student succeed this time.

It won't last much longer.

"There is also a possibility of contact between hostile forces as Yuki-sama said." It is troublesome to be poorly connected to a student and cause trouble. In that sense, it's also important to target your age. ”

Yeah. Ageing is about limiting the influence of those hostile forces.

If the ages are fragmented, there is a possibility that such tracking will not catch up.

Well, we'll make good contact inside Weed, but it's up to each country to do something outside Weed.

I don't want you to fail anywhere, so I will manage it, but as a way of managing it, the first step is to narrow down your age.

“Yes, and with that in mind, Yuki wants us to talk to the countries of the Heiden region and say that it's time to decide on the name of the region. There is a Zlable Empire next door, so it is difficult to distinguish."

"Speaking of which, there was also a story like that."... Surprisingly, I might be able to do it here, but I'm afraid I won't be able to say that I don't have a name for my region in the future.... I understand, and I'll go ahead with the story. ”

The princess sighs deeply.

The situation in this region is not good.

Of course, the trouble Akhenoki caused greatly reduced the power of the Heiden Kingdom.

It is thanks to this that countries have taken action.

The Windermere Empire, the Seasipho Kingdom.

Under the circumstances, Heiden's decision to take the lead in deciding on the name of the region could be quite a quarrel.

That said, Finder and Sea Sipho have friendships through Wade, so we can push them somehow...

You should tell me what Yuki taught me.

"Princess, you may temporarily give me a temporary name."


"Yes, the Ifu mainland is calm now, but it seems that Yuki has decided on the name of the Ifu mainland and is still using it, because her name has not been determined temporarily." There is talk of changing, but it seems to be a situation where we are using it as it is because we are deliberately causing trouble. ”

“I see. Is that a name that Weed gave you, and you can change it if you choose another name?" As long as we don't have a name for convenience, we won't have any trouble either... "If you don't mind, may I ask Yuki-sama to decide on a convenient name?"


I'm surprised by so many sudden suggestions.

If the countries of the Heiden region decide, then weed decided on its own, and that's the reason for the dissatisfaction... "

"Now, even if we decide to rub it for convenience, we can still see it. That's why I can't complain if Yuki-sama comes here and calls me that on her own. If that happens, I can tell you to decide on a name right away."

Oh, I see.

Do you mean that Yuki did not leave the naming rights to Yuki, but that Yuki called her by herself?

"Then there is no horn inside the Heiden region..."

“There's a chance that Weed is arrogant, but it's also true that there's no name, and there's a precedent for the Ifu continent. If you tell me to decide on a name right away, like I said, that's the only way to shut up. Ask me if I can help you.”

"... I see."

Certainly, there is a precedent for the Ifu continent, and if it is said that it is bad that we have not decided the name, that is all.

That said, I don't know if I might buy the disgust around me when I have to decide on the international student system from now on... unless I ask.

“Is there anything else?”

"I see... Is it acceptable for the royal family to study abroad this time?"

"Are you royalty? I hope you will pass the examination, but there is also a question of standing as a royalty, and it is difficult because you have to distinguish yourself from the average student. And that's why we need to talk to the countries of the region, and of course to the countries of every continent.”

"... that's true. That said, the presence of people from all over the world in Weed can be a necessary social space for future prospects as a nobleman or royalty. I was wondering if you were considering that possibility, but you didn't expect it.”

"Yes, I do not expect royalty to come." No, I didn't ask Yuki directly, but I might say that the surprise royalty comes and treats them the same. ”

"That's possible. It seems unlikely that Yuki-sama will treat you like an overseas student without going up and down." For once, that was the name of Heiden Academy of Magic. "

However, there was a faction up and down by position after all.

That's the reality.

No matter how equal they are, they will eventually form ups and downs and factions.

"I don't think Yuki knows that either..."

"That's right. Well, please ask Yuki-sama as well." If royalty can study abroad, countries will definitely send it out. It is essential for the future of the Intercontinental Exchange Alliance. "

“Yes, I understand.”

Indeed, the exchanges between countries within the Intercontinental Exchange Alliance will deepen in the future.

But not just for one generation.

We need to take it over to the next generation.

It means that the international student system will be used as a place for the opportunity.

Well, since I'm aiming for this, I think Yuki has already assumed it, but what do you think of royalty from the start?

With such questions, the princess and I immediately returned to Weed and reported the results of our discussions with Yuki, and everyone else returned to the motherland just like me...

Welcome back, Kagura. Is it a matter of accepting royalty?

Huh? Do you want to take everyone with you?

"When I look at everyone and hear..."

“Yeah. Well, that's not all, but I was wondering if the royalty could go.”

Well, since it's an intercontinental exchange alliance, I understand that you want your royalty to broaden their understanding.

Yes, Your Majesty Blade also said he would take his daughter.

"... nn. Inis-sama says she's going to study abroad..." Yuki, you should set the age limit properly. "

I see, that's what they said in other countries after all.

I guess Princess Innis is Agusto herself...

I've spoken to you face-to-face in Weed, but it's like Celaria or Delille.

What about Rogali?

"When I turned my gaze to all aspects of the Rogali continent..."

Ahahah, you said your sister was coming.

Rithea, the four nobles are either candidates for the Holy Maiden.

"Roumel and Rochelle asked the envoys if the Duke was good." There aren't many young royalty in line. Well, when it comes to Rochelle, all three sisters are involved in Weed. "

Looks like there's a lot of Rogali on the mainland.

As for Roumel, as Yuki says, Arya, Selaria, and Elge are in and out of Weed, so it's not as if they're going to study abroad.

“In the meantime, let's decide how old they are. If so, we will notify each country. It's up to the country whether it can use it as a reference or ignore it."

That's right.

Now, how old are you to settle down?