Yumei, a Miyagi at the lower end of the rear palace, is still vigorously cleaning today.

"It feels so good to be beautiful ~"

When you're scrubbing your nose, you hear someone walking down the corridor.

From a relaxed walk, someone must be a great man.

Rain sister holds a rag and approaches the shadow of the pillar at the end of the hallway, lowering her head.

"There, it's rounded at the edge, it's about to kick."

A violent rumor came down from above the man's voice.

What, Tachiyoshi (Lyon)?

As she knew her partner, Rain Sister raised her head and collapsed, leaving her back on the pillar.

I feel afraid to lose.

"You're in the way of cleaning. Get out of here."

Tachiyoshi shook her hands and raised her eyebrows.

"Well, His Royal Highness gave me some sweets, but you won't eat them."

That's how Tachiyoshi flickered what was wrapped in beautiful paper.

"I'm here!

Hearing of sweets, Rain sister changes her attitude with Colo.

I'm sure it's a luxury product because it's a confectionery that I got separated from the prince.

"Wait a minute, I'm going to wash my hands!

"Bring me some tea."

Rain sister went to wash her dirty hands with rags, and Tachiyoshi's voice chased after her.

These two, if their times are different, are not in a position to treat each other lightly.

But I don't know how it works, and they're here now.

Let's take a look at those two stories from the beginning.