How did i become a god

Chapter 1 Who's Responsible

Host detected.

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the life experience gift package and a diamond card reward.The amount is unlimited.

[Note 1: This bank card transfers and consumes without any risk, and is green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.The final interpretation right belongs to Bluestar Shenhao System.

Ding.The red diamond card has been transferred to the host wallet.I wish you a pleasant experience!

Standing on the road in the capital, Jing Gao listened to the system prompts in his head with a dazed expression.My heart was like a cat scratching, and I wanted to take out the wallet in my trouser pocket and check it immediately.

Today in 2016, online novels have become very popular.He is very familiar with this "infinite card" routine.

In his twenty-seven years of life, he has never been feudal or superstitious, five stresses four beauty, eight honors and eight shames, loves life, and abides by the rules of primary school students.

But at this moment, this kind of prompt sounded directly in his mind, and his solid worldview was slightly shaken.

There really is an infinite card in hand, isn't it fragrant?

He is still renting a house in the capital since graduation.Yesterday I just received a text message from a housekeeper in a long-term rental apartment. The rent will increase by 500 next month.

However, he cannot take out his wallet now.Because, he is standing in front of his project manager, and he is cursing.

Without any modifiers or pronouns, this is the most straightforward and accurate description.

Standing on the street together and scolded were three other colleagues in the temporary project team: two men and one woman.

"What's the use of the company's special support for you? Ah? No small things can be done well. Don't even think about the bonus this month. Wait for the end of the year to be eliminated."

The project manager's surname is Luo, a 34-year-old fat man with a big face like a pie.Tired of scolding, he pulled the tie around his neck angrily, opened the door of the crown waiting on the side of the road, turned his head and said angrily: "You will come to work early tomorrow. Grass!"

The rest of the curse drifted in the faint twilight on the streets of the capital, and the lights were beginning to come on.Street pedestrians in early April wore thin clothes to show off the fashion of this city.

Wu, the oldest in the temporary project team, patted the suit lightly, as if he wanted to pat Manager Luo's saliva and bad luck, and said indifferently: "Let's go."

He is 31 years old and is a seven-year old employee of Haike Company.An old fritters.

The three Jing Gao followed him into the Harvard H6 parked on the street.Haike Company is not here on Qingnian Road in Xiyang District, but in Shunning District, dozens of kilometers away.They all live in Shunning District.You have to go back first and then go back to each house.

The manager drove the crown, and the employees took the domestically produced car.Nothing wrong.

The cars started slowly.The bustling night scene outside the car window glides past like a glimpse of light.Jing Gao looked at the glorious Longhu Building obliquely outside the window, and took out his wallet with a complicated expression.

Haike Company is a small company engaged in food e-commerce, specializing in the production of fried chestnuts and peanuts.

The Henghu Pharmaceutical Group, located in Longhu Building, publicly tendered a batch of food suppliers to the public a month ago, and the company formed a temporary project team to bid.After a month of hard work: bidding, quality inspection and other procedures.

Today, the deputy purchasing manager of Henghu met with them and took out a copy of information and photos, which showed that Haike's production links were seriously not up to standard.The meaning is to ask them to take the initiative to withdraw the bid after two days.

Therefore, Lao Luo scolded a few of them just now.Bidding is not only a price war, but sometimes also depends on outside bids.

"I want life in full bloom, like flying in the vast sky..."

There was a rock with leather pants in the car.Jing Gao took his thoughts back, his eyes fell in his wallet, and a red bank card appeared.His heart beat violently.

Boom, boom, boom!

Therefore, the prompt sound just now was not an illusion caused by him being scolded by Lao Luo, but it was true?

What does it mean to have an unlimited and secure bank card?

Eat breakfast, buy two bowls of soy milk, drink one bowl, pour one bowl, luxury cars, model car actresses turn around every night?

This is a vulgar routine.I like it!In addition, what are the routines in the net article?

Jing Gao squinted his eyes and leaned against the seat, feeling that his heartbeat was still accelerating, and his brain was so excited that his scalp was a little numb.

The old Wu, who was driving the car, glanced at Jing Gao and reminded: "Several people, it’s a trivial matter that the bonus is gone. We should pay attention to the last eliminated thing. This single business is caused by competitors. In the second half of the year, we will Work hard."

As an old fried dough stick, he is very clear about many things.

Sitting in the back row are two colleagues, the man named Tian Yi.The woman's name is Tang Yunhan.

Tang Yunhan is twenty-four years old, tall, wearing a decent black suit and white shirt, with a lightly familiar beauty, frowning and saying: "Angkor, I am doing my duty as a guide. The problem is that Quality control."

With that, he glanced at Jing Gao.In this temporary project team, Jing Gao is responsible for quality control and food packaging design.

Tian Yi is a salesperson, glanced at Tang Meimei, and echoed: "Jing Gong, I am not talking about you, you can't escape your responsibility if there is a quality control problem. I suggest you take the initiative to send an email to Manager Luo to explain, and don't hurt everyone."

Tang Yunhan muttered: "Yes!" whispered, but make sure that Jing Gao in the front row can hear it.Bonuses account for a large percentage of her salary.

Jing Gao's "good mood" came to an abrupt end, and he felt so tired!

First of all, his position in Haike company is art and design.Quality control, he just put a name in the project team.He has no control over how the company's products are doing.

Secondly, Lao Wu is responsible for the production process.He actually has more say in quality control.However, the latter two dared not attack Lao Wu, the old fried dough stick, and pointed the finger at him.

In the end, the two goods seemed to be in conflict, venting their grievances.In fact, he was required to bear responsibility individually.In other words, at the end of the year, he should claim the "final elimination" quota.

Jing Gao looked back at the man and the woman, and said word by word: "The responsibility is shared by the project team. Whoever wants to send an email to Manager Luo to assume the responsibility can send it by himself. Old Wu, stop at the front intersection. . I have something."

A few minutes later, Harvard H6 stopped on the side of the road, Jing Gao got off the co-pilot, closed the door, and merged into the night.

The three people in the car looked at each other.

They didn't understand why Jing Gao suddenly became so tough.In this month's cooperation, Jing Gao has a very good temper and is kind to others.If Jing Gao is a thorny head, would they dare to force him "by appointment"?

Tian Yi was a little unsure on his face, and snorted coldly: "He is a graduate of a second university, dare to beep? What is his performance in the company? Wait until the end of the year to see who Manager Luo will eliminate. Angkor, Yunhan, night We have a meal together."

Old Wu smiled and said, "You young people, eat." There was a slight cloud in his heart.

This order is already dirty, and someone must be responsible.In the workplace, a daoist friend is not a poor daoist.He has no psychological barriers.If it is really unemployed, who will raise his wife and children?Who will pay the mortgage?

But what happened to this small well?Looks emboldened!