How did i become a god

Chapter 803 Blue Lake Club

The Blue Lake Club is located in Tongzhou, in the east of Beijing. From the Beijing Club, go directly to the east.

Dowe's two calls, the "Yunhe East Road" in the Blue Lake Club has hopped, and the flourishing trees cover the spacious street, the street lamp scattered with darkness.

In the Mercedes-Benz, Feng Yan has notified the Qin Ziheng, and the dark light is from time to time. From the window of the window, you can see Shen Yi in his eyebrows, and do not seem to leave the Beijing Town Club. Her heart is also a pine, the warm little channel: "The well, your mood is restored?"

The high feelings of the well-known female assistant to him, this is not her, but it is a kind of care. So the male boss, the female secretary is easy!

Some normal people's emotions, it is easy to change after the longevity of solitary men's widow, it is easy to change.

The well is high to see a slightly in a slightly dark carriage, Feng Yannao, very beautiful, with a delicate and charming style, look up, Guan Jia, Zheng Xiaobi, Feng Wei three, with Feng Yi's most beautiful.

Beautiful and charming, plus her white skin, like a soft beautiful young woman. Into the feeling of light and sexy! Well, this older, I know that this is a gentle and quiet young woman, the young woman, is a very good experience.

Of course, in the three beauty, his feelings are the deepest, and he likes the style of a beautiful young woman who is shy. And the bright sexy, there is a pair of legs of Zheng Xiaobing, and the experience given to him yesterday night is also the ultimate enjoyment.

Speaking of "Wen Yu", his marching Lu Xinzhen is also Wen Yi people, she and Feng Wei's temperament is some different. Her warmth is full of delicate and delicious. You will feel such a beautiful thing, waiting for you, fortunately, it is a very cool thing.

Feng Qing's warmth is the temperament of the 26-year-old women raise the festival: , quiet, gentle and sweet. This kind of beautiful young woman is very funny, very charming.

The high thoughts were flashing, smiling, nodded: "Feng Yan, thank you for your concern. I just worse, didn't you scare you?"

Feng Yi smiled softly and shook his head: "No." She certainly can't tell the truth.

There are also numbers in the well, relying on the car chair, saying: "I have been caught in the heart. Wei Minjun is too much, too arrogant. Some people, you don't hurt her, she will not respect Your, it will always be a wealth. The news brought by the two phones is not bad. So I am a little bit a little now. "

Feng Qingwen nodded, with the road: "Well."

The well smiled, he believes in Feng Yan, but knows that these things and Feng Wei have not used it, said: "Feng Yan, you play this phone, let He Qing yarns quietly come to the Blue Lake."

This thing, Hu Jiuming is not a pit? No article can be done!

After the mood is restored, his thinking is also clear! He now and Wei Mijun turned over, he was blown up for two hours, how do you see him outside? Soft is! Tan Qin called the phone.

The matter of counterattacking Wei Sensi first put it on one side, this takes time to lay out, plan. But he needs to show an attitude now!

Wei Min did not want He Qing yarn disappeared from the capital, and also made a promise to Yuan Yi's palace girl Yun Ruolin, then he biased Wei Minjun!

Feng Huiye came to see the screen on the well, which made the flavor of the fragrant flavored in the nose of the well, "Okay, the well."

After a moment, the Mercedes-Benz car arrived environment elegant, beautiful Chinese-style manor clubhouse in Blue Lake. The so-called Chinese-style manor style, is the entire club in addition to the main building on the 15th floor, where is one of Chinese style buildings.

Surrounded by greenery, pipa, cornices cliffs, winding corridor. Meals can be provided to members, friends, playing, fitness, wine tasting, party, Spa, spa and other services.

Qin Zaiheng high and well met in the banquet hall of the place is 12-storey main building, early waiting Li Wei, general manager of the club, to go well with dedicated lanes, direct access to the 12th floor, walking and said: "Well overall, ahead of Qin Zaiheng to an hour. "

Wells High nodded slightly, told said:. "Li Wei, secretly you help me find out about Hu Jiuming thing."

Li Wei was a little surprised, Beijing family of children in the circle, in fact, Huang Mingyuan inquire about it more appropriate, after all, Fan Yang wore this sign on the front. But clearly, compared to Huang Mingyuan, well total more confidence in him. He did not ask anything, a promise down, "Okay, well overall."

Located on the 12th floor ballroom arranged quaint little court style. Well high smiled and long-awaited Qin Zaiheng handshake, "Qin total, sorry, I put the time ahead."

He had planned to eat at half past six and health Minjun, around 11 pm, at Blue Lake clubhouse to meet to talk Zhou Mingyang things. It is less than 22:00.

Qin Zaiheng well smiling and shaking hands high, "well overall, out of the way."

Greeting a few words, the two men sat down in the living room of the banquet hall, the assistants have retreated to the quiet room next door.

Wells High said: "Qin total, how about the progress of the London lawsuit over there?"

Qin Xiao Qin Zaiheng son is the son of Zhou Zhou Mingyang Changle setup, contracted Ai addiction. Qiqiaoshengyan Qin Zaiheng gas in the London office to set up a peach week to sue the Changle. Anyway, and Zhou Changle sleeping woman insisted Zhou Changle strong j. Court battle immediately. Zhou Mingyang this time in London.

All in all, the news the other day to tell his or Hujiu Ming did not turn against the former.

Qin Zaiheng face smile faded a little bit, and said:. "Not very optimistic" and this is the reason he appeared here.

Well high and Zhou Mingyang this level of confrontation, although his sharp bell companies listed on the Paris market capitalization of more than a billion, but he's not qualified to mix. However, the status quo son Qin Xiao of thought, killed Zhou Changle have a heart.

Wells High paused and asked: "Is the country by Zhou Mingyang pressure, or the law of war in a foreign country can not be optimistic?"

Qin Zaiheng exclaimed: "Domestic nothing happened down here, please Zhou Mingyang a very famous British barrister group, but my money than him, so ..."

Wells High nodded, took out a cell phone to British history, Chen called and Chinese business leaders in the past, the two time difference is seven hours, the capital is now 10 o'clock at night, London there was 15:00.

"President Chen did not bother you, right?" Well greeting with high explained what he wanted, "I have a friend at court in London, he wants to hire lawyers a dream, but not familiar with the situation, I hope you can help help."

Chen annals phone hearty laugh: "Well overall, no problem you ask him to call me, I'll give him a few good lawyers."

"OK, ah." Hang up the phone, well sailed high and said: "Qin total cost of lawyers coming out of me ..."

Qin Ziheng was very sensible, and did not say the well. He said that the cross is said: "General, you can rest assured, I will definitely report the real name."

The well is nodding, quietly passed the kraft paper bag, the drum, and handed the Qin Ziheng. The inside is Zhou Mingyang to engage in public relations, and the water army is used by the water army. Among them, there is no shortage of cases of the stock market.

A lot of things, just let him know, what is the result of collecting evidence, but it is very simple. How many people can get a test of money? He went to Jiangzhou, Moscow's days, this matter has been completed.

"Qin, I will give you this material." Jing high shot the file bag, solemnly handed to Qin Ziheng.

According to regular logic, a material is definitely not dead, even if Zhou Mingyang is suspected of manipulating A shares. However, can Zhou Ming Yang also resist his a few rounds of attacks? This will be the last straw of the camel!