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In early summer, there was a cough in a well-decorated bedroom in a residential building.

"A person lives, life and death are impermanent, I never thought that my life was only 23 years."

Li Qiuxian lay on the bed with a pale face, and began to remember his life. He grew up in an orphanage and entered society at the age of fifteen. In the past seven years, he has experienced all kinds of situations in the world. He has been a courier, a waiter, and a job on the construction site. After working, I finally bought a house with my own savings. Since the beginning of this year, my body is getting weaker and weaker. I went to the hospital for a checkup. I couldn’t find the cause of the disease. I couldn’t get up for more than four months. To this day, the body began to feel no pain. He knew that this was a return to light.

"I don't know if people have an afterlife. Will their consciousness dissipate directly after death?"

Li Qiuxian muttered to himself softly, and then, his breathing gradually weakened, not much trouble, no more breath.

At the same time, in a gray space, there was a corpse wearing white clothes with a vague face. After a while, a wave of fluctuations began to spread from the body of the white-clothed person, and countless gray air currents poured into the body of the white-clothed person.

I don't know how long it has passed, the man in white opened his eyes, looked at the chaos, and said.

"From today, I am the evil god in white, and my real name is Li Qiuxian. In the heavens and the world, those who praise my name can be my favor."

After waking up, Li Qiuxian recovered all his memories. It turned out that he was originally born in the chaos of the original evil god, the evil god, the existence that cannot be directly looked at, the existence that cannot be named, the existence that cannot be called directly, the original evil god is the innate evil god among the evil gods When he was born, he was at the pinnacle of the heavens and ten thousand realms. Then Li Qiuxian wandered among the heavens and ten thousand realms. Until one day, he passed by a top-notch world, with blood raging to the sky, the avenues wailing, and under curiosity, go in. As soon as he entered the world, he saw an axe light slashing towards him. In the next second, his body was shattered and the true spirit fled. To this day, the body has recovered from the chaos and the true spirit has returned.Love Book House

"That world is definitely the Primordial Universe, Axe Guang, Pangu, it seems that someday after encountering Primordial Land, you can go to Buzhou Mountain to see it, and the cause and effect will be settled."

Li Qiuxian silently wrote down an account in his heart, and then leaned back slightly. A simple throne emerged, sitting on the throne, watching the chaos around him, the chaos is boundless, giving birth to the heavens and all realms, even if it is a prehistoric place. The top existence in the great world is still a corner of the chaos.

"The original evil god, passing by a small thousand world, just a breath of breath will bring the small thousand world into destruction."

Looking at the worlds in the chaos, birth, growth, destruction, and endless cycles, Li Qiuxian suddenly found that he had lost his goal, his life was eternal, and everything was dull.

"Ding, the Heavens and Myriad Realms chat group invites you to join, do you want to join?"

At this moment, an invisible wave came, and a mechanical voice rang in Li Qiuxian's ears.


"You are welcome to join the Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms chat group. At present, there is only one member in the group, who automatically becomes the owner of the Heaven and Thousand Realms chat group. When the group owner is detected, the automatic invitation function is turned on, the red envelope function is turned on, and the live broadcast function is turned on. Turn on the video function, turn on the integration function."

After receiving the information, Li Qiuxian uploaded the system summarized when he walked the heavens and worlds to the chat group, and after writing his name on the white evil god, he stopped paying attention to the chat group with only one person, and began to sleep with his eyes closed.