Yeah. If this was any other HR.

If it was a sight I once witnessed as a mere passing third party in an unpopular classroom or something, for example.

It's just that I could have adored you.

I guess it's sad. When you become an associate, no matter how much I have the soul of a rotten girl, adoration is far away.

Uh. At least I wish this was Castle Town out of patience. I had a glimpse of the jolly shy love between guys I have no idea. I adore myself right now.

... I think it's inside me.

I narrowed my eyes.

In front of us, there is a love scene between men. In three dimensions, not two. But they're both so beautiful. They are both completely worlds into each other's own state, tangling them up to their tongues.

And these two. What are you hiding, one of whom is my brother? Oh, my God, he's in his capacity as the First Prince. Yes, the next king.

And this is the proud, magnificent corner of the royal castle of our Espheric nation. Those who read the air seem to voluntarily avoid only this space so as not to disturb their brothers, but it is, by nature, a place of return. It is a hallway. It is not an exclusive passage for royalty only, but for those who work for the castle and guests as long as they have permission.

... You thought it was strange.

Usually, there are more people. I can't believe I don't even see a samurai or a guard soldier.

The cause was in the love scene between my brother and his lover!


I had a fan in my hand, Pasin! and closed.

In the hallway, where only the dirty water sounds made by my brother and his lover were echoed, that alone had a full effect. Like a stiff, the lips of the lovers leave.

"... Octavia"

My brother, who admitted to my appearance, called my name.

"- Brother. It will be quite a pleasure to get along with Master Sil. But I need you to think about where you're going to do that."

You're not flirting here!

And I want to say it on a direct ball already! I would say, as my brother is the first prince, I am also a princess. As a royal preference, let the words be wrapped in oblate.

Octavia, the first princess of the Esphia country. That's me. Age sixteen. By the way, my brother is nineteen.

Brother, Celius, the first prince, wrinkled between his brows.

... xoxo! You're handsome!

Watery eyes on silver hair. Long length. Perfect superman with good appearance, clear brains and excellent martial arts.

That's just the offense I adored and adored in my previous life and was number one on the characters popularity poll!

"... bad"

My brother apologized. By the way, he's equipped with a handsome voice that makes his brain jerk off.


When I replied that way, the silence fell.

Awkward.... awkward.

Look, my brother's lover, Master Sil, seems uncomfortable, too. Realizing that, my brother shook Master Sil's hand. It's love love love.

As courageous as I was, Master Sil opened his mouth.

"Dear Octavia,"

Master Sil is a neutral handsome man. Although she doesn't look like a woman, she's the beauty owner.

My brother is a beautiful man, beautiful woman... then no beautiful man, beautiful man. A person from the Baron's family who was bonded to his brother after an excessive turning.

- And the protagonist.

"What is it?"

I was heartily frightened by the seriousness of Master Sil. Royalty, even if it rots, though. The skin on the cultivated surface is thick. I responded under the guise of calm.

"- How can I admit, Master Octavia?

"... there's nothing to admit or not to admit. What about me? I understand that Sil is my brother's beloved. Isn't that enough?

Master Sil's face is sadly distorted.

Originally, Octavia blesses best the love of her brother and Sil.

But I am, no.