"I would not paranoid man the main white moon" Author: Zhao Jue History


Only after Chu Yin died did he realize that he was Bai Yueguang in the rich man's text.

The paranoid male protagonist fell in love with her at first sight when he was young, and imprisoned her after taking over the power of the chaebol.Chu Yin was suffering and died early.

Opening her eyes again, she returned to the day before she transferred to school and met Lu Zhen.

"Ding~ The learning system is bound! The host can change the junk script through learning!"

[If you do complete homework, you can change one word of the original text!

[The first one in the next grade, you can fix the original sentence!……

[Win the college entrance examination champion, you can make your own ending!Get rich!famous!Do whatever you want!

That night, Chu Yin got the permission to change the word after finishing his homework overnight √

In the original text, "On the day of the first encounter, Lu Zhen walked into the school, and the sky was raining lightly.

The next day, Lu Zhen walked into the school-a knife suddenly fell from the sky.

Juvenile Lu Zhen:?Someone dark shark me.

The whole school knew that the daughter of the Chu family from the countryside swept first in the grade and was also on the throne of the school flower.

But one day, the whole school went crazy, saying that she somehow got into the big devil Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin was blocked in the corner of the wall, feeling a little guilty.

The young man in front of him was like a trapped beast, his dark eyes pressed against his two-life craziness: "Want my life?"

"—Take it."

[Beautiful and bad white moonlight x being played so hard that I almost disappeared, the chaebol master]

The heroine is ruthless, the hero walks into the crematorium one step at a time

The original world drops wisdom.Happy sand glyphs, without logic, the heroine is the biggest.

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Brief introduction: I sent him a fully automatic crematorium:)

Brief comment on works:

Chu Yin is the short-lived Bai Yueguang in the novel, and he was depressed by Lu Zhen in his previous life.After death, she has a golden finger that can tamper with the plot by learning.In this life, she will no longer be a short-lived white moonlight, study hard, be self-reliant, and change her fate in this life, and finally uncover the mystery of the previous life and hold the happy heroine's script.The style of this article is hilarious, the sand sculptures are relaxed, and the heroine is self-improving step by step, and encourages every reader to disobey fate and bravely chase the light.