I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Prologue - I'm the Cavaliers' Tea Clerk

"Yura, for two, the usual favor"

"Yes, I'll stay."

When I got my order, I used the hot water I had prepared in the next room and poured tea out beautifully in the colors of red and tea in each cup arranged in the basin.

The scent of fragrant tea leaves spreads flutteringly, sweet with thin, floral notes.

Smells like tea.

As soon as it's brewed, I'll take it to the customers waiting in their seats.

"Thank you for waiting -"

Approach the tree length table where the customer is sitting.

The two of them either came here right after the training or had their cheeks dirty with dirt, while wearing armor in a blue uniform.

This is a Knightly Castle in the first place.

This is the "coffee room" that was remodeled where it was a normal room. So the walls and floors are made of gray stone, which is nicely even but tasteless.

Why are you imitating a coffee shop here?

That's to provide them with the purpose of rushing here without even changing their clothes and making a dime.

Oh, I'm here. I'm here.

An elderly knight lifts the cup with joy.

Apprentice-like boy smelled tea and looked strange.

"That's a sweet scent. The color of red tea is also beautiful..."

Around the corner, the boy began to speak as well.

Take the first sip and snap "Ah, yummy".

I'm glad you said that.

Anyway, "This World" doesn't have tea, and I made a flavor of it by trial and error.

When I pulled into the kitchen as I was about to burn, the tea-drinking boy seemed to notice a change.

"I don't know, it soothes me... Is that it? I should have been tired..."

"Got it? There's a reason there's a coffee shop like this in the Knights. This tea drink is a medicine."

The boy said, "Eh!" I was surprised.

"Even if there's magic to heal the injury, there's no magic or medicine to restore your strength, right?

"That seems to work just for what that tea master made"

"Speaking of which, Tea Master, what is it?

"I can make this tea, it's the name of the shop owner here"

I still feel ashamed of the word "tea master".

Isn't that what I named myself...

I made it because when I was wacky and decided to register a profession, none of the professions applied.

"Because of their rare abilities, how can they be the Knights?"

Even if I run into the kitchen, I can hear you two.

Ugh, the Knights have a loud voice......

Because of the cause of this weird ability, I have been protected by the Knights and am now an exclusive tea clerk for the Knights.

There comes another knight apprentice.

"As usual, please go to the office"


I pull myself together.

This occasional coffee shop is also important, but the main business is more important. There was a voice there.

I made a new cup of tea with hot water that was already boiling, put it on top of a basin that was engineered to keep the cup from slipping, and headed to a certain room on the ground floor.

When I knock, the blonde opens the door.

"Thank you again today, Mr. Yura. Please come in."

"Excuse me."

When prompted to go inside, he heads to the sofa set.

There were already two young men sitting there.

They're knights, but they're not wearing armor. Probably because I was on the errand.

The color of the uniform is also close to blue. That color, which is strong in purple, chooses people to wear it, but every one of them looks so good that they can't beat it.

A knight with long dark hair tied around his neck meets me small.

The blonde knight sat down too, so I leave my tea in front of the three of them.

The first person to put the tea down is obviously in a special position because he wears a water-colored shoulder strap embroidered in gold thread diagonally from the right.

If you look at the silver hair, the purple eyes, everyone will know it's Master Lucien, the leader of this Sigur Knights.

The three served tea keep their mouths shut.

I was a little nervous.

Eventually, the captain will say just one word.

"... as usual, it tastes good"

I was relieved by the evaluation. After all, it's important that the head of the group likes it.

Just taking a breath, Mr. Eval, the knight with dark hair, cuts out to me.

"I called you, as usual, for a request to deploy"

To the words, tighten loose feelings.

I do tea shops in the Knights, but I also go out with the Knights.

In that way, secretly, he was trying to avoid a future in this world that looked a lot like the game, one that could be wilderness for the most part.

... It's not a combat position. I just have to hang in there.

Yes, this is a world that resembles games in different worlds.

From me in my previous life, though, it does.

I remember a few months ago.