I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

This is where it all started in the first place.

When I opened the day, I was in a place I didn't know.

Grey stone walls.

Large rooms with long windows. A place that reminds me of an old European church.

I thought it was a continuation of the dream I had just had.

It's a fantasy game.

It was an online game, but you were giddy with the guys who lured you into starting the game, because you were no longer on the right level.

Even though I don't have time for work, I stopped logging in.

Then naturally, I was to fade out with them as well, not in the same workplace.

Even after that, I know there was a new additional story out there.

I even looked into the tactics, but I finally didn't get my hands on the game.

'Cause I don't want them to say, "You haven't cleared that dungeon over there yet," or, "If you don't have an O-O, you're in trouble when you're in the dungeon with me, too," or something.

I was dreaming of feeling so bitter.


What the hell, then, and stick to yourself in your dreams.

'Cause my name is Yura, and I should have lived in a small town in the Arlendar kingdom. I live alone with my grandmother, who is a small store, at the age of twenty.

I just buried my deceased grandmother in a church cemetery.

After being alone, and being late for a pull-in proposal, I sighed in front of my grandmother's grave wondering what to do now... my memory is broken.

That memory kind of makes me feel like it's not about me, and I'm confused.

But there's only one thing I can tell you for sure.

"I was kidnapped, wasn't I?

The clothes you're wearing are completely different, too. It turns into something like a raw piercing coat. And from the life of Yura in the kingdom of Arlendar in my memory, I don't live in a building this big.

That's when more than one person enters the room.

There are many blondes and people with brown hair, and their skin is white and their face is deeply carved.

Look at them, they look foreign. I thought I was weirder, but that feeling doesn't go away.

"You're awake!

"Oh, it's a success of the experiment!

"I thought it was a failure when he changed his appearance..."

"No, and it worked that we put two together?

Men dressed in black came near me in straw.

"Say your name."

Asked, I honestly replied, thinking I might be killed if I didn't answer.

"Yura...... but"

They have grabbed their arms or touched their backs on their own, not even saying "well."


I was put on my head or touched on my back, and my body suddenly shuddered because of my disgust.

What! What!? What's this all about?

"Hmm. I like the frightening look..."

If I was rigid, I could hear a hell of a word.

He's still a young blonde-haired man. The guy with a slightly higher nose is so scared to finally laugh while saying disturbing things.

The man pushed about a handful of thin green stones on his forehead.

"Oh, my God, you're not responding."

He looks at me with a scared eye when he sees the stone.

He uttered a word he didn't understand well and shoved a stone in my forehead again.

"I knew it. Didn't I fail?

"You're a failure."

I don't know, but these people's expectations seem to have been betrayed.

This will set you free? If you think


Disposal!? Oh, you mean I can be dumped?

I just felt scared and was wrapped around with a blanket and rope.

It is carried out of the room, in charge as if it were luggage.

But the blanket wasn't completely covered in my face, so I saw what was going on out there.

There was a mirror in the corner of the room.

The moment I passed there, I saw my face and was attacked with tremendous discomfort.

You look like you're wrapped in a blanket.

Flax hair you should be familiar with is not tied and bulky. More importantly, the color of the eyes is more red than I remember, like tea.

What is this...?

In confusion, I was transported out into a dark stone wall hallway.

I'm also concerned about my appearance, but it's more important that I be dumped.

It was then that I trembled.

The roar echoed.

Looking back at the building, as the person who was carrying me was also surprised.


Whoever was carrying me ran, screaming. Right around the corner, a rubble bigger than my head fell.

I scream at the sound of Dosun, too.

Then he realized he was still in charge of me because of it.

"Damn, I'm in the way of getting away!

I was thrown out on the spot and thought I would hit my back and hold my breath.

If I hadn't been wrapped in a blanket, I wouldn't know what would have happened with a bruise.

My back and arms that hit the ground hurt.

It hurts, but I want to run, too. I don't like dying in a place like this without knowing how.

Roll around and move.

On the clap, the part that covered his face turned big. Thanks to you, I know exactly what's going on around me.

A three-story stone building was broken like it lacked.

The broken tendon is... like a winged lizard, a giant creature.

"Flying lizard......?

This dragon-like creature is a flying lizard, a means of travel often used by knights.

Even Yura, the town daughter in a despicable place, knows this.

The flying lizard steps on the building with a shiver and leg as it is. If it hadn't been stone built, the house would have been crushed at once.

Every time, there seems to be debris falling on the ground.

Under the feet of flying lizards, occasionally yellow or blue light happens.

Someone is fighting with magic. At the same time, it's a magic battle! I've never seen it before! And I had a delightful self.

What's happening to me?

If you were always a pull-in idea, you'd definitely be screaming and your head blank.

Eventually, several people jumped out the nearby door.

Those are the men in those black long clothes.

Looks like the three of them came running after someone from the inside.