"Why the Sigle Knights!

"It's not the Spirit's fault!? The captain is of the Spirit..."

"Run anyway!

One of us was talking about that while running, and he noticed me.

"Hey, I can handle underworld art. Use that girl for sacrifice! Anyway, I've secured another success story."

"Good idea."

Suddenly he rushes towards me. Besides, he said sacrifice now!

I want to run, but all I can do is roll. At the very least, I tried to rotate super fast.

... I got caught right away.

And though he was free from the scroll, he was depressed and held to the ground with his feet.

The back I just hit hurts!

"I am. Aaaaaaah! Terrible! Devil!

I screamed, but they pissed me off.

"Shit, shut up, you failed piece of shit! Hurry up!"

Along with the yelling, he simultaneously begins to say something in an unchallenged voice.

Then from the ground, a thin, purple light began to emerge. Just around me and these people.

It wasn't reason, I felt it would really kill me to stay like this.

But I can't do anything anymore.

"Somebody... help me"

That was the best I could do.

- At that time, I felt the wind blow on my lid and I was whispered, 'It's okay'.

With so much fear, I thought I heard the phantom.



I can scream and my feet are avoided from above me. I could see the people surrounding me falling to the ground in my sight as I turned sideways.

One of them is bleeding out of his neck.

I took a breath.

He's dead...? Someone touched me like that when I didn't think so.



I held up my body as I inquired, so I could see the person's face.

He was a silver-haired young man.

Hair to the collar and feet shakes in a breeze. I think it's even beautiful because he was so beautiful himself.

The year is probably, like, early twenties.

He was tall and shoulder-width, so I thought this would be what it would be like to have a winter god.

Eyes with slightly longer forehead are as beautiful purple as they are fitted with amethysts. Though only slightly tanned, the white cheeks still give an increasingly sculptural look to its face.

Maybe it's because of that costume that I associate with the game. Because she wore a blue coat with silver shoulders and breasts.

... I guess this is a dream. I'm starting to feel that way.

I think I have some tired, game-like dreams of being kidnapped and terrible, and being helped by a beauty figure.

By this time, I was convinced that games and other dreams were completely my own memories.

"But there's so much intensity, it's going crazy."

"... what?

The beauty makes me look confused.

Still beautiful. You'll never see someone like this again. Oh, maybe a welcome from heaven to hear rumors.

Then I decided to worship. Please at least let us go to heaven......

"Hey, why are you worshipping"

"Thank you... I'd like to be reborn sooner rather than later, God. This isn't interpersonal phobia, I'd like a life that doesn't involve a case accident."

"I don't care if you pray to me. Besides, you saved my life, didn't you?

To the confusing words of the confused beauty shapes, I also said, "Yes?" and a question mark came to mind.

Thank God... that means he's alive. It seems that this beauty figure is also alive.

And that made me uncomfortable.

Looks like I've seen this guy's outfit somewhere...... No, I might remember your face a little too.

I was roaring and watching, he said.

"There seems to be confusion in memory or thought, but you seem safe. Besides, you don't seem to be one of them..."

buddies. Could it be those black long clothes people, they think they're buddies!?

I wanted to shake my head to the side and deny it, but suddenly I kind of couldn't breathe.

Oh, what is this?

It's kind of like I've been in this state lately...

Yes, the cemetery.

When I went to your grandmother's grave, I couldn't breathe.

After all, I had a heart attack or something, and I came to heaven?

Other times, I feel like this happened, but I can't remember.


Beauty also seems surprised that I suffered. But I can't reply, and I'm kind of distracted...

"Captain Lucien!

I heard someone calling someone by their name.

I fainted as it was.