My daughter, who helped me, was weird.

Like the old lady from Shirai, she put her hands together and said, "Welcome…" etc.

I'm sure he's younger than Lucien, but here's the thing... he's old.

As much as I thought of the word "bitch smell" for a moment.

But I didn't cry or burst out frightened, so I was helped.

Even so, she won't be scared. Maybe he cried and refused to accept the status quo.

That made me feel more sympathetic.

And nostalgia springs out of the bottom of my heart, with a small regret.

Looking down, she had white skin that had not been burned to the sun. Flax hair is a common colour. But red eyes are rare.

The only thing wrapping a lean body is a generated piercing jacket that I think is some prisoner.

The reason they raided this hall... is the same as those who were killed in the woods.

"Here are the victims of those who were performing contraindications..."

Funny remarks would be due to that too.

In the first place, it began with something strange about the demonic movement near the Knights territory.

It was the merchants who brought the report.

A demon appeared where he had never been before.

Demons who deviate from the scope of action are likely to have traveled to attack people.

So when I moved the Knights to go exterminate them, an incredible body was found.

I don't think I was traveling. I don't see any clothes, and any of the victim's luggage.

The only situation I could think of was abandoning slaves in order to get the demons to finish off.

But in Scylla territory, next to the Knights' territory, there appears to be no eyewitness testimony of a slave trader and no disappearance.

In an incredible situation, another victim was found.

From the last time, a knight exploring the streets found traces of the dead.

If it goes on, there could be a big problem hiding behind something.

That's how I searched for the abandoned hall, secluded in the woods.

Instead of trafficking in human beings, an investigation showed that he was using contraindication magic, so Lucien let a dozen knights even use flying lizards and stormed them out of the sky.

Inside were magicians with the characteristics of neighboring Tanastra and warriors guarding them.

Though it was an immediate battle, a few fled because there were too many magicians.

If I wanted to track him down, I moved myself.


The other knights told me not to protrude, but in that way they could somehow be moved by magic.

He was about to use the life of a slave-like girl to activate the art of long-distance travel when he chased her outside.

But I tried to get a translation from her who helped me... I was suddenly passed out.

"Captain Lucien, are you all right!?

A blonde young man comes running. He's wearing the Knights blue uniform, Frey from the First Squad.

"I have no problem. Is this girl wearing the same thing as the dead?

Frey asked, staring at the girl's clothes and nodding.

"I think so"

"Protect and ask about the situation. There's someone else there who just stunned them. Ask out."

"Yes, sir."

Frey, who is instructed, wakes up a magician who was rolling nearby.

"Hey, get up."

The shaken magician seemed blurred because of a concussion, but eventually realizes he was caught and trembles. But Frey asked relentlessly.

"What kind of magic were you guys using here? Prohibited magic, isn't it?


"Tell me now, and I'll kill you without killing you."

The sorcerer answered snapping after letting his gaze wander to think loosely.

"The fusion of the Spirit and man... to produce a witch..."

"Fusion with the Spirit!? You've been taking people and experimenting with them?

"Buy people, they'll have legs...... So I made a summons from a distant country, but none of them, failed... guh"

A mage who talked that far suddenly suffered.

When I wondered if I had breathed black smoke out of my mouth, I weakened and stayed put and never moved again.

Frey checks his heart movements, shakes his neck to the side.

"You can't."

"Mouth seal..."

"Probably. If you tell an outside person about the case, they'll all be the same. It must have been because of the time it took to activate the magic.... In the meantime, do you want to hear from the rest?

When Lucien gave his permission, Frey woke up one remaining magician after another, letting him throw up as much information as he could while he was blurry.

That's how the rest of the magicians died, too, when I got an overview.

"So you tried to do a fusion experiment with the Spirit. But if I take people away, they'll find out, so I kidnapped them from another country with summoning magic... But if it fused, it would either die, or there would be no magic, and all I could do was make a mistake, feeding it to demons in a remote place, and then I was done with it."

"So that was the body we found. And this girl."

Frey got a sympathetic look.

"You survived well...... this child"


They did unscrupulous things like fusing with the Spirit. Mixing with spirits with extraordinary magic can also cause your body to collapse.

"I guess I could live because the magic of the Spirit was scattered and I couldn't blend"

It is also suspicious that we can continue to live safely.

In fact, I guess the fighting in the building ended when Lucien thought that you were also talking weird. The other knights came.

"Master Lucien! Why are you acting alone!

It was Eval, a young man with long dark hair tied around his neck, who came with a slightly more annoying look.

He looked slightly nervous, like he was told he looked better doing civilian work.

"What would you do if something happened? You are one of those who has the right to inherit the throne of this kingdom of Arlendar."

"Here we go, Eval. As far as I'm concerned, no problem. Besides, didn't the crisis leave when the Sigur Knights on the edge of Arlendar troubled us? By keeping me away from Wang Du, my uncle would be relieved of some of it."

If Lucien says, Eval will have an increasingly bitter look.

"I don't know when or what. In order to protect Master Lucien, even His Majesty the King, who gave you an English break, cannot restrain His Highness Eric..."

Eval, who has served the House of the Duke of Alvain for a long time, is keen to keep Lucien away from danger.

"My uncle also has a situation.... It's this girl anyway. I might be seeing or hearing something. If you were a victim of contraindicated witchcraft before that, you'd need protection."

"Yes, sir."

Frey held up the girl who was falling.

"I just want to be able to manage trends here for a while after I protect them"

"What? What do you mean?

Ask Eval. Tell him.

"They're doing a fusion experiment with the Spirit. I may be failing, but I don't know what the impact will be in the future"

"Fusion!? That's again..."

Eval, who now heard about fusion, just turned a pitiful eye to the girl.

"But don't you have to send it to the lab? If it's a difficult case, it's not the norm to leave it there."

"If you hear of spiritual fusion, you won't be able to leave for life"

"... yes. Aren't you a little overly considerate?

Lucien, too, thought they'd say that. But I can't help but take it into account. Thank you. I was reluctant to cut him off as a human resource.

"It's about spirits."

With that said, the Evals finally got a convincing look.

Lucien was the most helpful person I've ever seen to be involved with the Spirit. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to stop sending her to the lab.

And even if pursued any further, Lucien cannot speak for certain grounds.

It is also difficult to be known that the reason for my sympathy is because I feel nostalgic.

"You'll need to talk to the vice president as well. Keep me posted."

Copy that, sir.

Eval sighs.

"I know the decision is objectionable. How long will that one persevere too...... I understand that Sigur is the Royal Knights, and I asked him to give me the rank of captain because it was His Majesty's decision, but I didn't know he was going to hide."

The cause of Eval's sigh seemed to be about the deputy commander.

"His Majesty will not leave the Vice Commander, so his status will remain unchanged. I just have to pray that soon you'll be in a better mood."

As a Lucian, I had to answer that.

Because it's not so easy for others to change people's feelings.