I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

You'll wake up in a strange place for the second time.

In my dreams, I was hearing weird voices.

"Let's be this girl."

"I don't know who she is."

"Our new relative."

"Individual information -"

Come on, come on, come on. "

Looks like the kid's making a scene. I'm fine, but I want to wish you a good ear.

"If possible, play outside...... so!?

Though I said that as I woke up, I don't have any children around me.

And I was in a strange place again.

It's not the same place I woke up last time.

The window shape is rectangular, and the room is small. More importantly, the sleeping area is made of wood with a mattress filled with a hardened cloth or something.

There were three other similar beds, so maybe it's the hospital room.

Anyway, he got away from the situation that he was about to be killed for reasons he wasn't sure about, or something.

"Ah, good..."

The fact that there is no danger to life is a good thing. Honestly, something scary and trembling just to remember.

I think maybe that beautiful silver-haired brother helped me.

"Nevertheless clothes... clothes again..."

While I was asleep, they were making me change again.

Now it looks like a white piece for a woman with a bow and trousers to her knees like Drawers.

The second time, I get the feeling of giving up. I can't help myself because it's while I'm losing my mind...

I think, so I realize it's not the same as last time.

From the bedding, it smells like herbs. Aroma like a pair of lavender and sage.

"That means it's possible that this time the woman made me change!

'Cause I can't imagine that beautifully shaped person who helped me crawl through the room and sheets with herbs for insect control at best. If so, I'd like to see it.

... because I'm sure it'll be interesting.

Whatever, isn't that what the woman took care of you this time?

That's why I think there was a child's voice earlier. That voice playing outside would have just illusioned me that I was dreaming and nearby.

I feel a little brighter. If you can see naked, same-sex is still better.

I'm usually scared before a guy sees me or cares about my shape......

Oh, and one more thing, I figured it out.

I thought maybe you remembered your last life. That.

Last time I woke up, I couldn't think of it because I felt like I was in danger for my life anyway...... this is a fantastic world, right? There's magic.

"You mean you were reborn into another world... right"

I was crushing that, and the door opened to the lid.


Last time, people suddenly showed up and something scary happened, and because of the original temperament of pulling in, I accidentally screamed and hid in the blanket.

But they didn't seem uncomfortable.

"Oh... maybe it's because I got caught by a weird group and I felt scared. It's gonna be okay, okay? It's already in the castle."

I grew old there, it was a woman's voice.

I looked out of my blanket and saw a good, cool middle-aged woman walking into the room.

He wore a grassy skirt, a generated shirt, and a brown apron, with gray hair all over his hair. Looking at it, I think I'm close to my 50s.

She looks at me and smiles.

"I'm glad you're up. I didn't wake her up at all."

With these words, I found out she was the one who dressed me. I was so relieved.

All right, I have to thank you, and I'm in the mood.

Ever since I was reincarnated into this world, I've always been weird and nervous, and I'm having trouble speaking well. So talking to others tends to irritate me......

I wouldn't be nervous if it was my tamed grandmother's shop, so I helped her live in the store...

"Um, thank you. Get dressed."

Words come out of my mouth all the time to surprise myself.

That. Did I speak so properly? It's like me in a previous life...... Could it be, thanks to what I remember?

To me with my eyes round, she responds like she doesn't care about anything.

"That's right. It's the one our daughter-in-law was wearing. You're so luxurious, I'm a little bumpy, but be patient with me. By the way, what's your name?

"It's called Yura."

"I'm Helga. If you wake up, drink the water there first and get dressed for this. I'll bring you a meal."

"Oh, yes."

Mr. Helga, who gave him a set of clothes, leaves the room immediately.

"............... is this due to remembering the previous life?

I feel smudged.

It would have troubled Mr. Helga if he hadn't been able to speak well.

Besides, even if you can put up with something like this at first, they often don't like it if it doesn't heal quickly.

... Many people assume that they don't like it, whether it's in the village or explaining my communal obstacles, and they struggled.

And then, because of this communal disorder, it bothered me after my grandmother disappeared. I was wondering if I could run the store properly by myself.

After many years of troubles were resolved and I had a terrible eye, but I felt better.

It was a lifetime ago. But I wonder if this cure also caused me to not be able to speak well with someone in my early childhood.

No, maybe it's the experiment and the shooting at that unsure kidnapper.

I had a dry throat, so I drink the water that was on the table in the room, as I was told, and then I look at my clothes.

What was given to me was a raw piece and a blue torso and skirt to wear on top.

I just got dressed and Mr. Helga came back just fine.

"Oh, looks like you were the right size."

Mr. Helga puts a basin with a meal on the table and he comes up to me.

"Eat first. Then I'll call the captain."

"Are you the captain?

I shake my neck.

"This is the castle where the Sigur Knights are based."

The coiled name pulls the knowledge in my head.

The territory of the Sigur Knights is in a place that protects the south of the kingdom of Arlendar.

The reason I know that is because the anecdote of the establishment of the Sigur Knights is also spreading as a fairy tale for children.

An anecdote of the King of Time evacuating to a castle in the south when he was about to be killed by a bad man. It was the Sigur Knights made by those who supported the King then.

Apart from that, it sounds familiar in some weird direction......

Even when I saw that beautifully shaped man's face, I kind of had this feeling.

When I put it in my mouth, I don't really want to say "Before, have we met? It feels like I want to hear."

But I don't know any knights. She's a little grocery store girl.


It's more of a previous life. I watched a lot of things from the fantasy world, and even knights know their faces full.

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