I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I finally got an overview of the case.

When I was a company employee in Japan, I wanted to play a game when I had time.

"... I remember"

I wanted to join this Knights and play too...... I should have thought of that.

That's the Sigur Knights.

Players will choose one of the knights of various countries to participate in a crusade or other game. At the end of the day there was a story out there about defeating the witch.

"Oh, no. Really the world of games!?

But if I recall, I recognize that beauty shaped man's armor or something.

"So... what's the situation now?"

The game ended once in the story of defeating the witch.

It seems that the operating company has made a huge deficit in other businesses, due to the intelligent circumstance that it will acquire the gaming sector approximately.

That's why Rust was the reason the world was destroyed because of witches and the surviving adventurers worked hard to rebuild the devastated world...... it should have been like an end.

That, wait a minute.

The world of games means that this place will soon be devastated... NPCs and people in town should die all the time.

As it is, so am I... caught up in a witch's story and you're dead!?

"No, no, no, no."

Wait. It's not settled with the world of games yet.

Mr. Helga urged me not to get my hands on the meal when I thought it was in my head.

Set aside the one-end game thing and focus on your meal.

When I finished eating, Mr. Helga said he was going to call the captain of the regiment after lowering the dishes, and he left the room.

Finally, it seems to be face-to-face with the captain.

If this is the same world as the games of previous life, the captain of the regiment is that guy.

Eventually the door was knocked.

Mr. Helga enters first and is introduced to the person behind him.

Yura, this is Lucien Rade-Alvain, the captain of the regiment.


Shit. It's been established that it's a world that looks a lot like the game already.

That silver-haired beauty was the man, Captain.

The captain still has beautiful silver hair.

Nevertheless, assuming it is the world of games, although this beautifully shaped leader can survive... the members should have been close to total annihilation.

"You won't worship me this time."

Blurring and thinking, he snapped at me with a small voice, and I said in my heart, "Hiya!," he screamed.

Shit. I did something weird with my head confused back then. Isn't that the worst impression? Wouldn't that affect the investigation?

I was asking him how he was doing with that in mind, but he said as if nothing had happened.

"I want to talk to you"

That's what I'm saying, Captain Lucien comes into the room.

Go on. There were other men coming. It's the three of us, but from what I'm sitting on, I'm afraid of some tall guy lining up in front of me.

Looks like we can talk properly now, but I can't wait to hide in the blanket because of the after-effects of my native drawn-in ideas.

But I have to be patient.

Because, as you can imagine, they are people who do not harm themselves. It's been a rude behavior, and I'm more afraid of being hated.

But I turn a blind eye to Mr. Helga trying to leave the room.

Don't leave me. Yikes!

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't get it out of my mouth, and Mr. Helga leaves feeling sorry for me.

Then a red-haired middle-aged man drew a chair that had only one to my front.

Let Captain Lucien sit there. I fell back on the wall.

"You guys back off a little too. It frightens me."

Speaking to the other two, who were still young, he retreated the brunette looking young man and the blonde young man towards the door. It's not like either one of us has a crush on each other, but my gaze is getting cold, so I'm relieved.

This guy... he's a good guy.

They took into account the fact that women were scared. Maybe he's someone with a broad horizon.

I bowed down small with pleasure in caring. Then the red-haired man blinked his eyes and smiled at me only for a moment.

The captain sitting in the chair starts talking, as he predicted where he had calmed down.

"Now, do you know why you were there?

Reason. Even so, there will be a lot of things.

"I'm barely sure......"

"Nothing, huh?

"I know they did experiments. That place is... or maybe it's not my home town. Other than that, not much. When I woke up, they told me it was a failure, and I was just transported outside to dispose of it, because you helped me."


The crushed captain nods one thing.

"Then let me tell you what I know here. You seem to have been summoned from your hometown."


There's a hell of a word out there.

Me, instead of reincarnation, they summoned me and I was there. My memories are cut off from the cemetery.

"To carry out magic experiments. He magically summoned people from distant countries because he could trade slaves for it and kidnap people nearby... he was abducting them"

Yeah, he said something about an experiment.

"Looks like there were several summoned figures before you. But we all know it was killed as a failure because the experiment failed to kill us or we didn't get the results we thought it would."

"Before... Not many..."

I thought the disposal decision looked like a flow job. I was used to it.

to fail and dispose of.

And until now, I've had my hands full just thinking about myself, though I hadn't noticed. There were many victims besides myself, and I never imagined they were all just dead.