I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

About the surprise facts and how to shake yourself.

Knowing that I was helpful, I recall that, uh, you didn't say the key thing to the person in front of you.

"Thank you for your help"

It was this commander who helped me where I was about to be disposed of.

Yet I've been praying and saying weird things and being rude.

The leader, on the other hand, opened his eyes. Immediately afterwards, I smile.

"It's only natural to catch a disciplined man."

I almost fell in love with that smile.

Cool people, smiling is really powerful. It was only a moment, so it was a bit of a waste to get right back to the serious look on your face again.

"By the way, where's your hometown?

The captain started asking questions about myself.

"We still don't know who they are for carrying out the kidnapping because everyone died. But the experiments that have been conducted on you are contraindicated in every country. To cover up, I think you're also abducted from a fairly distant country. So I know it's going to take a lot of time to get home on my own, but I want you to tell me for once."

"Yes. It's a town called Cattles. North of Arlendar."


The brunette behind the captain frowned. The captains look a lot like that.

"Oh, you're in the country. I couldn't... What?

"No, I just wondered because it turns out all the other victims were out of the country"

If there was an exception, I would certainly have thought it was strange...... maybe?

"Um, I... can I go home"

In the first place, I don't know how much time has passed since I was kidnapped.

"And does it ever mean that it was experimented with, like, getting weird sick later or something?

What kind of experiments did they do in the first place?

I asked, a red-haired man said.

"Once the masterminds say the experiment hasn't been successful, and I don't think it's had any impact so far... I think we should see how it goes for a while. Anyway, the experiment you've been given is a fusion experiment with the Spirit."

"Because... lei...?

Hey...... wait, what do you mean fused with the outside world!?

The meaning of the ban and all that he said is immersed in my head. with fear.

I have pre-reincarnation memories, much more than that. What am I supposed to do!? My body is really okay!?

The captain turns to me in dismay.

"The Spirit. I tried to mix the existence of you with the Spirit. Normally, it's not weird to have a broken body or a crazy mind"

It was the red-haired man who gave me the answer.

"Why did you experiment like that..."

If I accidentally said it, the captain gave me an answer.

"You said you tried to make a witch. I don't know if I can do that."

Hey, whoa, whoa!?

I didn't scream. I want to compliment myself. But my eyes are full of thoughts.

To make a witch, I knew it wasn't the world of games!

What, am I a lass boss? But that group of enemies that disposed of me failed, didn't they?

So I shouldn't be a witch...... Let's do that. Even for the peace of mind.

"... anything different from before?

"Um, the color of my eyes seems to be redder than before."

The change that has happened to me now is eyes. I'll just lay low for the story of my previous life.

I'm scared to be told you've lost your mind or something. I just remembered my memory so far.

Besides, I don't like being suspected of being a witch or anything.

"Right...... There seems to be no obstacle to living at the moment, but I would recommend staying with this Knights for a while if possible and being on the side of a doctor who can use magic. We're also going to be more responsible than we helped, and because it's a case of using contraindicated magic, there are circumstances where we want to observe your progress."

It took me a little while to swallow what I was told. But apparently, I'm going to check on you regularly, so I know they're telling me to see how you're doing in the Knights.

"Nice to meet you"

I knew I was about to be made a witch, and I was in a bad state.

I can't live in peace unless I do something about this. It was before I told you what to do with your grandmother's shop.

So it is very helpful that you put it in a doctor equipped place.

"Does anyone know who's going to be absent for a long time? According to the killers' records and confessions, it's been ten days since you were captured."

"Is it ten days?"

Well, what about the person to let you know?

"My grandmother, who was my only family, has just died, so the problem is managing the house and luggage...... I can't go and get it right away."

After they got sick, they chased me to see a doctor and the store stayed closed. Anything that rots thanks to you should be about my most recent food. I went to the cemetery because the door was tight, and no one would come because the store had not reopened.

Is that... am I supposed to have disappeared after leaving my house?

Stolen shapes... that's the hardest part. It's only a few, but I keep the money at home.

As I thought about it and was depressed, the leader in front of me suddenly stood up. And I instruct the knights who were behind me.

"Serve Vilta. Frey, let me follow the one who wants you to train three or so people to fly."

"Oh, are you going, Captain?

A blonde young man called Frey rounded his eyes.

"With regard to the Spirit, I or Orvé would be the only one who seems to be able to deal with it in the unlikely event. Plus Vilta would be quick. You have three hours to go and go home."

"That's right..."

I wasn't sure at first what conversation they were having.

But in the words the captain said to me, finally, I understood.

"I'm going to your hometown. Just take what you need and ask someone you know to run the house."

You're taking me to my house!


I got up and followed the captain.