I followed you to a castle garden or a sports field.

Very spacious and promising.

I don't even see any children in particular, but have the kids who were making a scene earlier, they already left?

There was a large lizard in such a square that the captain said 'Vilta'.

"No, this isn't a regular flying lizard..."

I feel different.

This Vilta is a beautiful blue whose body color is not often seen on flying lizards. There are two horns on the head that are a little rough.

Plus, it's a lot bigger than the three flying lizards we've been pulled out with. The other flying lizards are green.

... What do you mean? If I thought so, the then captain told me.

"This guy is a real dragon."


I know because I'm reincarnating. In this world, a real dragon is quite rare.

Even the game, something I didn't see much of outside of the lass boss of the event.

Oh, Master Commander, you owned a dragon!? And I was surprised.

Plus, it's a dragon, and when it grows up, it should be huge enough to smash a castle. What is this, a dragon child? How did you manage to keep them?

Of course you can't run all those questions over the captain. Surprised, Mr. Frey came and put on a thick cape for me.

"You should cover it up exactly. It could still be cold, ma'am."

"I see, the sky... it's cold."

The sky is cold. Now that I have my memories from my previous life back, I can see that.

So when I was about to leave, I heard that Mr. Helga was nearby, and he even put a red brown coat on his long socks and boots.

Instead, you might be a little confused because you didn't even think to fly in the sky to make the move from the southern fort.

You were blurry to think it might be a little too thick, even though it's still spring ahead.

"Oh, where did you hear that? Normally, a soldier doesn't know that."

"Before... I think I heard it from a traveler or someone"

I can't talk about it being a memory of a previous life. So obscure, stop the three buttons on the front of the cape and weave the feathers exactly.

"Sounds like you're ready. You get on Vilta. Come."


You can ride a dragon!

I thought I was only happy for a moment, but I was frightened by the height to the saddle worn by the dragon.

It's like going upstairs in the house, jumping up and not looking like I could do something about it.

When I thought, the dragon lay me down a little lower because it was more peppery. But it's higher than a horse!?

Should I jump on the saddle and somehow put my foot on the hook? If I had thought about it, the captain would have held me beside him.


While I'm surprised, the captain gets in the saddle with me in his arms with horrible jumping power.

When I was stunned, I was seated on the front side of the saddle.

"You're small, so don't sit down enough for both of us. Hold tight in front of the saddle."

"Wow, yes!

The front side of the saddle was shaped like a handheld, so I honestly grabbed it there with both hands.

Then I realized.

Oh, isn't this the only way you're gonna fall?

I've experienced horseback riding in my last life, but it rocked a lot, didn't it? That's flying up, down, left and right. Hey, I could die......

I almost peeled my white eyes in my imagination.

But the captain behind me grabbed my hips disappointingly as he grabbed the reins, so I relieved him a little. More seatbelts came than too much fear, more embarrassment! mood.

No, but this alone leaves me in doubt about safety.

I was getting caught by someone I'm used to riding, and it's not something I know when to pull out.

The captain called out, shivering at me.

"Let's go!

The dragon rose. He spread his wings wide and jumped wide with his legs.

That's the best time, I might have been scared to feel like I was riding a soaring elevator.

As it began to float into the sky, the feeling of being pulled by gravity was weakened on the contrary.


When I realize it, it's already floating in the sky. The castle is looking smaller and smaller.

But I was more comfortable on the plane than I was on the plane. The wind blows because of the lack of walls and ceilings, but that's not the strength to clog your breath.

Appropriately knotted hair to such an extent that it is in the wind.

It's cold because of the sky, but it's bearable because of the coat. Above all, I have an arm to catch me from behind.

The big arms that cover my stomach, even though the captain is wearing thick clothes, feel warm... strangely conscious. That the arms of an adult man are close to himself.

Oh, my back was snuggly when I noticed it, too.

It seems that the captain noticed my change.

"Riding a dragon wasn't as scary as you thought, was it?

That's all they pointed out and noticed, isn't it? I wish it was! and relieved.

When they understand what they are conscious of, they are embarrassed and faceless and can no longer face the captain.

"Yes, I was wondering if it would continue to be scarier, more like jumping off a tree"

Plane, I can't speak for it. So I tried to mislead him by mouthing something that seemed possible.

"That's usually what first-time riders would say. But dragons have the necessary ability to withstand the speed of flying and the cold above them. In a way, they're just close to the Spirit, and air resistance about the ascent, etc. can be manipulated to some extent."


So it was gravity manipulation that got up into the sky without feeling too gravity?

Are you curbing the wind, using the magic of the wind?

I thought if it was a game, the dragon would have something to fly, and the character would have no way of falling off if he rode it, but there's too much stuff needed to make it happen.

"A dragon is amazing"

When I say that unintentionally, the captain agrees.

"Right. So many magic dragons are amazing."

But that's where the story breaks off.

The truth is, there were so many things I wanted to ask why I was riding such an amazing dragon. But he's not a colleague, and he's sympathetic enough to tell the victim that he just picked it up.

So I decided to stop asking questions and look at the sky and the ground.

But after all, I'm concerned that it's in a state of being held.

Only a dragon can manipulate gravity, and even if the wind is blowing, it doesn't feel like falling out of the saddle. But I suppose the captain thinks that if something irregular happens to him, he might drop me.

Then… let's say someone who is comfortable even in this state.

I try to remember when your father held me. But my father in this world has a faint memory because he died when he was little.

So I remembered having my grandmother hold me.

During this time, my grandmother died of a cold. Ever since I was a little girl, he'd hugged me and read old picture books.

Even when your father and mother died of illness, you held me to cry......

In the end, I returned to the town where I was born and raised, feeling soggy.