The town has no population of 1,000. It's better than the village.

Near it, suddenly came the knights on the dragon, and the town had already made a fuss.

Dragons and flying lizards were letting them fly right into the sky so they wouldn't be taunted, but just having the knights is a big case enough for people in town.

Besides, I'm the one you're with, the one who went missing.

I don't know what the hell happened, and Mr. Mayor can't come or force it.

"I heard this girl was alone. I helped, but I still decided to let you stay in our Knights territory to help me with the investigation. So I brought him in to ask someone to take care of it, because it's going to be a long time to open the house."

It was one of the knights who responded to the white beard mayor.

That's right. The captain himself doesn't explain it politely, does he?

Mr. Frey, the blonde, had come with him, but he left his men to explain to the mayor, urging the captain and me.

"Let's go home anyway, Captain."

Nod, I asked the crowd to clear the way and hurried to my house.

Anyway, the captains aren't staying here. I'm leaving right away, so if I'm stuck, I'm going to be a nuisance.

My house is on the east side of town. But it's a small town, so I got there right away.

It was a two-story house, with the ground floor turned into a cabin shop, but there, that day, it remained closed.

and realize there are no keys there. I was kidnapped, naturally, right?

Looking for the spare, I lifted one of the plant pots near the front door. Good, it didn't have to be stolen properly.

When I went inside using the keys, for now, the captain and Mr. Frey asked me to sit in the living room chair and I packed my bags.

I've never traveled, so I don't have a bag for it. So I took a big bag that had stuff in it when I purchased it and left it, so I pack it with clothes and essentials.

Considering I'll be looking after you for a few months, I'll need a certain amount. You should take it with you when you're going to move.

Later, I decided to buy it off near the Knights' castle and collect the money that's in the house.

And finally, to dispose of the raw product or something, I put it in a different bag and let it go outside.

I was only alone in this, and I was summoned just when I was hoping I would have to buy enough, and I only needed a small amount.

The last thing that bothered me was tea.

It won't get any worse soon, but I don't know how long I'll be taking care of the Knights. So I decided to take it.

Even if it was for sale, at this time, I pack it in my luggage. It's light, so it doesn't bother me.

I put the can where the tea was stored in my luggage, and I wrapped the cup in cloth and put it in a bag that I should have about one.

That's how my chest got bitter when I saw in the cupboard that only the cup my grandmother used was left.

Suddenly, I remembered before the funeral.

About when your grandmother was still alive and we had tea together.

... but now that my grandmother is gone, I have to get away from my own house.

On the contrary, they experimented or nearly killed me that I didn't know well......

I was so confused because I remembered my last life, but now I did have a mediocre, plain life here.

But I realized I was far from such a serene routine, and I got thin. For that matter, it's hard to miss your grandmother.

I cried.

I hugged a can of tea and was confused by tears that overflowed and never stopped.

Even when I was about to be killed, I didn't cry. I didn't want to cry like this even after I was saved, why not?

Whatever it is, we have to stop crying fast. The captains are waiting for you, don't bother.

I tried to wipe my eyes and stop them, but I also have trouble keeping my squeaky voice down.

Something fluttered and touched my head when I wanted to wash my face in cold water.

"I'll wait until I cry. You don't have to."

I heard the captain. When did you come down to the first floor, Captain?

But does this mean the captain stroked my head?

I thought you sympathized with me, and I felt a little relieved. If I had been rushed, I might have had a good tear trying to put up with the hard one.

I have to get back to you anyway.

"Lots and lots, not a mess..."

Tears made it terrible...... But please forgive me. It's been a long time since I cried.

"Then I'll wait. You'll need to go ask the neighbors for the house."


Kuh, yeah, the words get all cloudy. You're so cool with me.

But I couldn't help it because I was crying. You must look terrible, and you're just as wasted as you care.

Tears were easy to catch thanks to the Captain's quick separation. If I kept being comforted, something that made me want to be sweet and my tears were about to melt out again.

I washed my face in the well outside for now, then went to talk to my aunt in the next house.

He was also a kind person who cared about my grandmother, and was one of the few people I could normally talk to.

I'm hoping my aunt will just see and let me know that the window in the house was broken or something like that.

Instead of a thank you for the inconvenience, I gave you a bag of flour that was left in the store's inventory.

"I know it's a hassle, thank you"

Back in decent pronunciation, I told the story and bowed my head.

"I was worried you'd be gone all of a sudden, but it'd be better if you protected me"

That's what my aunt says, she slaps me on the shoulder.

"Hey, look, there's no way I'm sending you a letter."

Thanks again to my aunt for the pleasure I traveled through town.

I'll have the captain's dragon ride me home again.

Anything dragon seems more suitable for putting people on board than flying lizards.

"There's loads and pressures on the body that go up and down."

I hear the flying lizard can't control gravity.

"I really appreciate it. Do something..."

The captain laughed bitterly when he accidentally worshipped with a scumbag.

"Is that a habit of yours?

"Hi, I hear your grandmother's cunt has fallen on you, and as I worship you I would appreciate it... I didn't think it was weird when your grandmother was with you, but then I'll fix it."

I hear you were hearing such a conversation, Mr. Frey, and I laughed out loud.

"If it's my grandmother Kaoru, I can't help it."

That's why the captain showed understanding. Good people or......