Thus began his life in the Knights.

Even so, having a blurry day is uncomfortable.

It is too physically ill for a person who is not even in a particularly good position after twenty to do anything.

Something strange is going to work outside.

After thinking about the Knights, I decided to help the doctor.

Anyway, I don't know what happens to the aftermath of magic. It would be best to be near the doctor.

The doctor so referred was Mr. Orvé, the red-haired man who was behind the captain at that time.

"He's an Orvé who's a Knights doctor. Say hello."

I shook my hand with Mr. Orvé when I saw him smiling and offering me his hand, and I thought that if he was under this man, he seemed to be able to work safely.

"Well, let's start with where you live and what you need."

That's how Mr. Olvé took me out of the room with Mr. Helga.

"That's a room first. A room. Near my room, there are a few openings, but I'm going to let you decide where to go and let you use them."

So Mr. Helga, who came with me, asked Mr. Olvé about the empty room.

"Three open. Yes, Doctor. But it seems like there are only two things that can be used as a room..."

Mr. Helga seems to call him a teacher. I guess it's because you're a doctor. I also decided to apprentice.

"Were you?

Dr. Olvé asks Mr Helga.

"One should have made it a temporary hospital room a year ago when there were more injuries and left half in storage"


Dr. Orvé looked like he was going to say "ahhh".

"If so, wouldn't you prefer a room facing south? It's right in front of Dr. Orvé's room."

"There you go, okay? Yura."

"It's enough to get you a room"

After answering the apologizing Dr. Orvé, he moved to the room in question with the two of them.

"Right here. There's a bunk, and you can live right away."

The room where Dr. Orvé opened the door is a simple room, not so far from where I was allowed to sleep.

One sleeping area. There's one drawer type costume shelf, one like a closet.

All you have to do is write a simple desk and chair.

Larger than the studio apartment I lived in in in my previous life. Bright light was coming in through the window that it was facing south.

"Thank you for a good room," he says immediately.

That day and the day after, I packed the baggage I brought from the house.

In other Knights castles, it took Dr. Orvé to show me where I would act and to buy out the missing necessities.

This is the Knights' castle.

In case you have some stuff, but you basically don't put women's stuff or anything. So I shopped in town with Mr. Helga.

The castle town is right next to the castle, but it's bigger than the town I lived in in this world.

I wonder if the population is close to 10,000.

There were many shops, so it was a lot of fun.

From day three, I finally started helping Dr. Orvé.

What I do is really easy.

Injuries have healing magic. Light cuts don't do much for doctors because they magically heal within their peers.

Dr. Orvé's main turn was when something happened that could not be helped by light healing magic.

Serious injuries and illness.

First of all, the serious injuries appear to occur frequently in games and demonic crusades.

Because it is a world with magic and skills, injuries during training can also be worse than accidents with a normal sword.

Those with severe injuries are brought in by the surrounding knights for first aid with light healing magic.

Because fixing the interior of your body will require even stronger magic from Dr. Orvé.

Also, the illness cannot be helped by restorative magic, so it will be treated with medication.

I'm the one who can help you with that care.

At first he had a fine errand, like chilling the patient's head with a wet cloth with a fever.

When I got used to it, I also started to help you prepare your medicine.

It's not a genuine drug, I just put in something like an herbal tea that would be an aid, but it's fun.

Tea leaves are prepared by the teacher. The balance and silver metal copper were used to measure the amount of dried leaves.

It reminded me of an experiment in science.

It is my job to take the tea that was in the cup to the knight resting on the hospital bed next to the teacher's room for him to drink.

My last job today was also to take your medicine.

"You can come up when you're done."

Dr. Orvé tells me to leave the infirmary and take the cup of tea to the next infirmary.

"Oh, Mr. Yura? Thanks."

Over the past week, there have also been more knights with familiar faces.

I mean, the knights seem to have remembered my face and name because I'm new to helping Dr. Orvé from the first day and I'm here to look at it in a frivolous way.

Mine, I can't remember it all at once and it's delusional......

I could remember this knight, who had just had a rare cold and had been in the hospital bed for a long time, because he would call his name many times.

"You're going to be totally happy tomorrow, Mr. Anton."

Mr. Anton laughs bitterly as he wears flax short hair.

"You've been totally taken care of. My teacher told me that if my younger daughter went to see a doctor, everyone would be slower to heal, but I've never had a better cold so quickly."

That said, he laughs at me too old for marriage. He's sweet.

Mr. Anton has a cold that doesn't catch his fever, and his buddies are the ones who came in half in charge.

The knights seemed rarely to catch a cold as they worked out, and were very worried about your people.

I'm glad you're cured, too, because I was so harassed while nursing Anton on the first day I was about to.

But things have gotten better in the last three days.

"I'm grateful to Yura. If you have any problems, you can ask me from the Fifth Squad... Oh, you can't be alone. Tell Dr. Orvé to call me in, okay?

"Yes, thank you"

I smiled and thanked him. I don't think I'm going anywhere where where the knights are alone.

And then I take the cup that drank the contents, and I leave the room.

After washing the cup or something, I went down to the first floor with my change of clothes.

This is a detached area next to the castle's residential building, with a laundry area on the ground floor and a treatment room for patients who cannot be transported to the second floor.

At this hour near dusk, before Mr. Helga and the others finished their laundry work, I was supposed to use the bath in the bathroom near the laundry.

Anyway, since I'm the only woman currently sleeping in this Knights, I decided to consult with Mr. Helga at a time when I have a woman's eye...

Clean and refreshed, I dropped off Mr. Helga and the others on the way home at the door.

Next, along with the teacher's portion, I will tease you of the meal I received from the Knights' kitchen.