That's how I settled down and think about the future.

"Even so, I only know the story as general. I don't know because I stopped on the way. I know my skills, but I can't use magic."

I asked Dr. Orvé if he could fuse with the Spirit, he definitely could use magic.

The stone that people like the evil organization that abducted me pushed on my forehead seemed to be a way to see if there was magic.

I didn't respond to that stone = I don't have magic = I didn't fuse with the Spirit. So I was told that I must have been determined to be a failure.

"I wish I could tell the equivalent of a game player what will happen in the future than that......"

If we move on as the game goes, this world will eventually end up in the same state as it did when we perished.

We just have to solve the case before then and have the witch outbreak contained as well.

"Before that, you don't know if something like the game will happen."

I also have questions in the first place.

That the same people as the game live and pretty much the same thing happens...... Is this someone's fantasy world? You're not, are you?

If so, did someone read the memory of this place, which is a different world, and turn it into a game?

I can't imagine at all.

What's going on in chronological order...

So first of all, I'm in the game world! Let's just think about it and move.

I want to know how far along we are now.

And look for the equivalent of a game player.

For a lot of people, including me, to survive, we have to get people in the same roles as the game players to work hard.

... Anyway, I can't even use my sword.

"The players, in the form of crusaders, are supposed to be moving on request. But the question is, how do we meet?"

Crusaders are like adventurers.

So meeting the crusaders early to teach them how to attack can be a shortcut to a peaceful life.

"If you're in the Knights, you'll see the Crusaders."

Characters often act with the Knights in a cooperative relationship for each event. So I think we'll see each other eventually.

Instead, if I could walk around the castle, I might still see you. But I knew it, because I don't want to bother my surroundings, I want to get used to it or follow Dr. Orvé for an opportunity to move.

Anyway, I can't help but be in a hurry.

"I'd love some tea."

When I want to take a breath, I think tea is the best.

I just decided to make some tea.

It's time to take your time, too, Dr. Orvé. I'm sorry to disturb you, so I'll use a small room with a kitchenette next to the laundry on the ground floor.

Herga and the others also use it during the break.

I didn't put the ingredients aside, but I had everything I needed to have tea.

Sounds like a magical world, seedfires use magical tools.

It's like a red iron stick, but if you hit this with a cone on the firewood, the firewood will catch fire.

This is an item that was also a game and was used to start fire when camping for HP recovery.

Prepare cups, pots and tea leaves before the kan water boils.

The white cup was brought from the house. The pot is allowed to use what Mr. Helga and the others had put away.

The tea leaves are fully equipped with the bulk I brought in from the house.

A spoon of tea leaves in the pot and a cup of hot water were added to the cup.

Whilst the leaves open, wait for proper music to mumble. Then I poured the contents into the cup while using tea, as it would measure approximately three minutes.

Fluffy and fragrant, the fragrance and flavour resemble the broom tea of Hedel tea that was drinkable in this world.

But like in previous life, it's not made out of the same tea leaves as tea, is it?

I use grass leaves that look like bamboo. It's an inexpensive cup of tea that even ordinary people can make and drink for themselves, because it's an appropriate cup of what grows in these towns, woods and forests.

I've liked Hedell tea since I was a little girl, but maybe this, even if I haven't remembered my memories from my previous life, drew my soul to something I miss.

My grandmother told me, "I can't believe cheap tea is the best, you're a filial grandson".

"... I miss tea"

I guess it's because I don't have a day to remember the last life.

Until then, I felt like I was drinking tea every day. That's why I can't wait to have some tea.

"I wonder if I should oxidize Heddell like tea"

I have heard of the rough method of making tea in previous life. I also saw the pictures.

Hedel, which just resembles broccoli tea, just dries up to give it this flavor. It should steam or something. That's why I doubt it will be tea in the way I know how to make it.

As the next time I take Hedell itself and do this, I want to see if I can quickly try something that looks like tea.

"Speaking of which, it was like there was something that was going to smell like tea"

There must have been sweet-scented tea leaves.

Dulke leaves can also be a drug, but it shouldn't have been like something went wrong because I took them.

"... Okay, let's mix it up"

Simply thinking, I pull out a can of tea that has fallen behind the shelf and fry it a little, hoping it has a fragrant flavor.

"Ah, it smells good"

I put that in as a cup of tea and it felt a little good.

"... This is good-looking. But I don't think it's gonna be enough."

So next time I mixed Heddell tea with Durke and tried to fry it.

"Tea, tea... be tea. Wow!"

As I was frying with twinkles, Pokkama which fire blew up softly, wrapped a small frying pan and disappeared.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm not burning."

Looks like the tea leaves are safe.

I tried making tea with such tea leaves. Then.

"Oh, it looks like tea!

I'm not sure it stays exactly like that, but almost tea!

When I drank it, my heart filled with satisfaction. And I've had three cups of tea, so I'm hungry.

But I felt so refreshed that I went back to my room wondering if either cup of tea would contain caffeine.

But if I had realized it was weird at this time, I guess I wouldn't have had any problems afterwards.