Once I succeeded, I tasted it.

After that, as every day, I repeated that I would make something that looked like tea and drink it.

When I get used to it, this time I want to put on other scents.

So when Dr. Orvé went out of town, he took me with him and bought herbs, apples and dried fruit that seemed to be perfumed.

"Oh, this smells like almonds. This is orange."

There's a lot going on and I'm just excited to check it out.

I bought some to make the water color look like tea.

This seems to be some kind of petal. The name was taught at the pharmacy as is "Red Flower". But the red color appeared, so I bought it because I wanted to make it look like tea.

The potency suppresses sore throat in the event of a cold, they say.

Will the red pigment reduce inflammation?

Oh, my God. I'm just gonna experiment.

Start by putting half a teaspoon in hot water. It turned into light red hot water.

I tried it, but it doesn't taste particularly good.

It's going to be just fine if I mix it up.

"After all, if you want to use it as tea, you want to keep the mixed tea leaves in a can so that they can be used as soon as you're in a teaspoon pot"

I want to be able to use it like regular tea leaves.

So I'll have one spoonful of Heddell and Durke tea at a time. Add half a teaspoon of red flowers there and fry in a small frying pan first.

When the frying pan was heated, the pounding and white smoke gushed out of the tea leaves, disappearing like clouds and dissolving in an instant.

"I don't know what this is..."

I've never been like this before in my life in another world, cooking.

But I don't smell weird, and I'm the one who drinks. None of the material has ever felt weird before.

I'm sure the water vapor just happened to be a weird breeze.

I fry until I smell it, add a teaspoon of what I made to the pot, and soak the hot water.

"Oh, it's kind of like I want to put in some milk"

A fragrance reminiscent of a dark taste like Assam. And the color of the tea poured into the cup was a more tea-like, red-flavored tea water color than I thought.

I'll take a sip.

It has a nostalgic flavour that relieves me when I drink it. I'm going to call this tea officially.

"Uh, it's tea... tea that I really want to add milk to"

And I know how it feels...... I really want milk.

So I looked for the refrigerator in the hot water room.

Refrigerators exist because there is magic in this world.

That's the shelf of a tree, one step at a time, with something like a blue iron stick, which is trapping the magic of ice.

That stick is pricey there, so the shelves are small, you can't put that much in, but enough to store milk or something.

I peeked and saw that there was milk left in the fridge.

Make it a milk tea just now.


Mix with laughter.

It's a cat tongue, so the milk stays cold and soggy just fine.

Come on. I was just about to have a drink, and I got a voice.

"I'm sorry..."

"Wow, hiccup!?

I'm surprised because I was in the laundry on the ground floor and didn't think I could speak up.

Because there's a laundry area by the stairs that goes upstairs, and there's a kitchen behind it.

Besides, if you look back at the door, it was Captain Lucien who was there.

I can't believe the captain saw my experiment! Wouldn't it piss me off that you're up to something weird?

elsewhere imagining me like that, the captain has normally asked.

"Is Orvé on the go? I'm here to pick up some pills..."

"Ah, the teacher did say if you were in the west wall where the Fifth Corps is"

Probably there, accompanied by a liquor platter.

Several times a week, Dr. Orvé seems to mix with the booze of troops everywhere. The next day, I smell alcohol, and from the story of a knight who came looking for a hangover pill, apparently that's what happened.

Once, a knight almost invited me to pick up Dr. Orvé. But there were times when Dr. Orvé refused to tell me if I could take my young daughter to a place where he was the only one.

Thanks to you. I'm not strong enough for alcohol after rebirth.

I think it still looks like that today, so I told the captain cloudy. Then the captain seemed to know better.

"I see. A liquor bar. Then he'll be back in a while. If I may, I will make you wait..."

So the captain refers to the 'black tea' I made.

"What's that? It looks like an unusual scent of tea."

"Oh, can it smell weird? If it's annoying, I'll stop..."

If the captain keeps making unpleasant things, he'll just have to be thrown out of here and shake and live in his hometown where there's no doctor...

At the very least, I want you to press your heartbeat that your body is okay before you go home.

It was me who panicked, but contrary to what seems good, the captain said nice things to me.

"No, it smells good"

Complimented, there's no way I'm not on track.

"Ah, this is it, it was actually made by me mixed..."

I just explained to you to listen to me.

"To Hedell tea...... ho"

"I tried it for once, but it was quite done. Oh, but while you wait, to the captain, I'll serve you regular tea. You have to frighten your stomach."

Explain this far. What is it, but you can't force the captain to drink weird things.

But against my will, the captain shook his head to the side.

"I'd like to say something unusual anyway. Shouldn't you get that?

"I don't mean no... Even if you get a stomachache, it's your own fault, isn't it? I don't think there's any poison or anything like that because I'm fine with drinking it, but sometimes it doesn't fit my physique."

"If you're okay, you'll be fine."

What seems a little annoying is that you want to say that your body is tougher than mine?

All right, then I've taken the word, so let's challenge you.

"Okay. Then we'll have the captain's share."

I use hot water, which remained boiling, and make tea dressing for the captain.

Speaking of which, because you said you were here to pick up the pills, Master Regiment, are you feeling sick?

I can add milk, thinking it might be a cold.

"Are you ready?

When you offer the cup,

"No problem."

The captain receives it.

That's how we silently put our mouths on the cup at the same time.

Master Commander, why don't you say something bad? Do you like it?

I was thinking about that while I swallowed it.

Once we put the cup almost simultaneously,


My captain and I fell asleep at the table together.