I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I don't remember making sleeping pills!

I woke up feeling so good.

I feel like I've slept well and deeply, and I'm so happy with it.

There, the sour, peppery taste spreads through my mouth and my consciousness surfaces in a good mood......


Something hurts my arm.

I mean, I feel like my neck and shoulders are stiff.

When I open my eyes, I realise that I was lying asleep poking at the table.

"I didn't know that old fashioned itchy notices worked better than magic..."

"No, if this didn't work, it would have been seriously bad, Doctor"

Something about Dr. Orvé and I can hear Mr. Frey. I wonder if he's back.

I mean, why am I asleep!?

If I woke up surprised, I could see the captain holding his forehead in front of me and Mr. Frey standing by his side.

"Is this one up too? You slept a lot better."

Looks like Dr. Orvé was beside me.

"Oh, that!?

As soon as I spoke, it fell like a piece of paper from my mouth. No, paper. But he was painting something on the tip. It has a yellow color.

"How are you feeling? No problem?

"Yeah, it feels like a good night's sleep."

Pretty neat.

"That's what the captain says, so it doesn't seem to be because of the strange pills..."

Dr. Orvé puts his arms together with a puzzling look.

"So, what was the cause? Captain, because the two of us were sleeping amicably on the table across the street. I think it was caused by the smell of sleeping pills coming from somewhere or something that ate the same thing. Even if it was magic, the Captain would know, wouldn't he?

The captain, asked by Mr. Frey, turns his gaze to me.

My eyes are like, "Say what? Make up your mind 'cause you look like you're saying...

Scary. But it's the tea that's decisive......

Even if I hide it, they're going to wonder if it was a darker thing to discover later, or if it was someone's instructions.

So I just had to nod.

"Without a doubt, I think this tea is the cause. It was the only tea Yura had in her mouth."


Mr. Frey and Dr. Orvé look at the cup on the table, saying it at the same time.

"Are you saying you mixed something up in the tea?

Looks like Mr. Frey was the first to doubt it. Makes me look a little harsh. I guess you thought I put sleeping pills in it.

I was scared, but Dr. Orvé sheltered me.

"Yura drinks herself tea here every night. I've never been advised to drink the same thing, and even if you ask me to make some tea with you, you're bound to make regular tea."

So the captain took off his forehead hand and nodded.

"Neither do I. When she said she would prepare regular tea, she asked me to be distracted by something unusual. I watched how to make tea, but there was no sign of anything mixed in, so I put my mouth on it."

Master Commander, you've been watching there for once.

"So, he said he slept with all the drowned people... What kind of tea is that? Although it smells unusual."

Mr. Frey asks me, and I answer honestly.

"I put red flowers in Hedell and Durke tea just to tint them a little bit."

"Is that all?

"Yes. Oh, I drank some milk before I added it, but I didn't sleep at that time. That's why I thought it was okay..."

Was there a problem with the milk?

Dr. Orvé just checked the milk and the tea. As a result, the milk doesn't feel magic, and they feel it for milk tea.

"The tea leaves are nothing. The leaves that become medicine contain a little, but they're tiny."

There was no problem with the tea leaves either.

"If I did, shouldn't I have mixed it and fried it?

"I fry you...... ok, try that again"

As Dr. Orvé put it, I cook a spoonful of tea leaves, as usual, with a little addition of red flowers, on fire.

At that time, it was the commander of the regiment who stood up when he saw the fire blow up small.

"Hey, now the Spirit"


"The Spirit gave magic to its tea leaves"

"Yes no!?

What do you mean!? I thought I'd scream unexpectedly.

"You didn't notice? abnormally."

Yes, the captain told me, but I had no idea.

"I don't know because I don't see spirits"

The captain who hears the answer gives an unconvincing look somewhere.

But I checked the tea leaves and they still contain magic.

"I know you can't see. Even now you didn't seem to be able to see the Spirit. But that's not much...... The person the Spirit draws upon is usually the one who sees the Spirit."

That being said, I can't help it because I don't actually see it.

The water also boiled while I was in trouble, so I decided to verify the condition of not adding milk for now.

The subject is Mr. Frey.

I'll still be anxious, so I'll take a sip first instead of the poison.

As usual, it feels soothing but not sleepy.

Looks like Mr. Frey was the same......

"What is this? Maybe he's recovering something.

Say something strange, remove the yellow crystal badge, put it on your palm, and snap a word.


A round stone spreads a petal like a stump to create a yellow line of light and a ring on it.

This is an item that the Spiritualist can make and display status on.

The name is Measuring Stone.

People who fight and use magic are able to know their condition. It seems that the vertical line is some sort of talent value for the current HP, and the horizontal line is replacing memory.

I'm with the game here, too. The status screen displays this picture to see how your talent and HP are decreasing with bar charts and numbers.

"I knew it. Your strength is healing."