I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Looks like you got more stunts on me.


Mr. Frey nods to the chief's questioning voice.

"Until earlier, you dragged your teacher here and had a hard time getting him drunk and cold... That, how much energy does it take to make sure the teacher is ready to take notice?

I had one less gauge. You're recovering more than that. I'm not tired at all. "

Having heard that, Dr. Orvé looks back at the captain.

"... Captain, if anything happens, thank you"

Having said that, Dr. Orvé opens his measuring stone and confirms it, then drinks another cup of the same tea.

"Definitely. Tea that will restore your strength."

Check your measuring stone and Dr. Orvé will make a determination.

"Is that happening?

Mr. Frey gives a skeptical look.

It was the Captain who responded accordingly.

"After all, I guess the Spirit is lending a hand to give the tea magic to pervert it. Otherwise, it's not a combination that can't have that effect? Orvé."

"Right...... None of the tea leaves have the effect of being able to restore your strength. And if that effect is' newly granted ', it's still the work of the Spirit."

"Again, Yura, can you manipulate the Spirit... no, is the Spirit fond of you"

"Liked, is it?

I like it, so I said to my tea, "Let's give you some magic! ♪ What do you do?

The captain nods to me when he asks.

"But I've never had that happen before."

Very ordinary plain daughter. That's me.

Though I can talk to people better than before, but it hasn't changed the plain.

I just thought, I remember how it happened.

"Is it because of spiritual fusion?"

As a featured hero on a motorcycle in his previous life, he underwent a mysterious retrofitting experiment. It's guaranteed there's no magic, but what if, so long as only the elements favored by the Spirit remain?

"If the same thing hasn't happened before, it's probably because of the experiment."

The captain said, and both Dr. Orvé and Mr. Frey nodded.

"But what about milk? The captain and I just added milk to this, didn't we?

"Perhaps even just that, some perverting requirement met. You want to give it a try?

That said, Dr. Orvé asked Mr. Frey to run errands.

After Mr. Frey leaves, I prepare tea with milk in it.

And Mr. Frey, who came back, came with a chicken.

The way blondes hold chickens is kind of surreal. But the chickens look cuter, okay?

"You should give that chicken a drink"

That's what they said, so the chicken wouldn't drink milk tea as it was, so I tried to stick it in my mouth with a spoon the moment I opened my mouth.

Then, soon, the chicken sleeps and stops moving.

"Oh, you're not dead, are you?

When I was worried and asked, Mr. Frey undertook to tell me that he was okay.

"My heart is moving properly. It's a hassle to get busted, so let's leave it like this now."


If I killed a creature with my own tea, what would I do?

"Anyway, now you know that Yura's tea has a strange effect."

The head of the delegation makes a serious determination.


I roar unexpectedly.

"I didn't expect the effects of contraindications to show up in this way."

Dr. Orvé arms up.

"I thought it was a little strange. When I let Yura brew herbal water, I feel like it's very effective."

"Are you just going to drown?

Mr. Frey rounded his eyes.

"That's right. I was not always concerned about the effect on the patient I drunk. I don't see any spirits. I didn't think that was the cause."

"I, too, had patients telling me that. I think it works well. I always thought it was flattering."

I was just wondering if you cared about being in an unfamiliar place.

I was so impressed that I wasn't even a little kid but I was sweet, and that there were so many kinder people who could care for me, even though many of the knights were younger than me.

"Normally you'd think so."

Mr. Frey agreed with me.

Right? That's not why I was hiding it, I really didn't know.

"The question is, what do we do with this?"

Dr. Orvé nods to the words of the captain.

"In the meantime, along with finding out if it's legal, we need to verify that any tea that Yura puts in will be a mess..."

I was off that day for now, and from the next day on, I tried all sorts of things.

If you normally boil water and brew tea. Hot water is if sprung and brewed by others.

Do not fry or use mixed tea.

After various verifications, it turns out that apparently there is a law for me to denature tea.

First, it completely degenerates when you fry it.

The Spirit comes and grants magic, so the suspicious flames rise or the hot air rises.

Tea that does so can change even further, even if something is added later. It's horrible how just adding milk changes things.

You can't boil it with water and leaves without frying it.

Nothing if you just boil water.

When I do the act of making tea, the Spirit sees something and drops by and throws a lot of magic at me.

Of course, even if someone else takes the same steps as me, I can't make tea that has been granted magic.

I'm sorry, but Mr. Frey gave it a try.

And after I granted the magic, the tea, while somewhat weak in effect, also found that the magic granted is exerted.

"Well, for a normal life, you don't seem to have a problem"

Yes, Dr. Orvé gave me a heartbeat, and I finally breathed.

But now my special abilities are clear.