The day after the verification, I took a deep sigh as I changed the sheets in the hospital room.

Anyway, they forbade me to make tea.

I have regularity about the effects of tea, but when something inadvertently mixes up, it can degenerate.

Thanks to you, from today on, even with Dr. Orvé's help, I can't let you make tea. Because if it's medicinal water, it's going to combine several different herbs.

If I brew, no doubt magic will be granted.

There's nothing I can do if I don't figure out how effective it is myself.

"Tea... I want tea..."

I could have found something that tasted 'seemingly' because of it.

But I also understand that the captain and Dr. Orvé decided that. The two of you are trying to keep me safe.

I'm not a child, so I'm following that decision solemnly.

"It's hard to contain desire"

It's like they say you have candy in front of you but you can't lick it if you want something sweet. Until I can stand it, I'll be sighing for a while.

There are people laughing at me when I dull, watching me like that.

It's Mr. Frey who came to see how I was doing.

After discovering his strange abilities, he finally detected magic from me.

Normally, it would be a pleasure, but there was also a fear that the aftermath of spiritual fusion might have finally come out, that it might be because of the suspicious tea.

So when Dr. Orvé was gone, Mr. Frey was supposed to come and see how things were going.

Mr. Frey sits there with a chair next to the sleeping table where he has re-laid his sheets. He's a very good guy because he doesn't rough up a clean place to take care of it.

But the gentle atmosphere of the saggy blonde, Mr. Frey, even in a room with just a simple bunk of beds, just sits with his feet together. Envy.

At the same time I realized.

Outside beauty makes me want to worship. It makes me unconscious to treat you like a statue of God.

And people-like beauty is inspired by inferiority.

You want to hide in front of your eyelids.

He said he was reincarnated here, and that he could only be a plain human being living a life without a hot one.

I can't wait to feel the difference. And I felt sorry for such a plain woman in my sight.

Either way, it's hard to do your job when you're being watched......

If I clutter it up a bit, I'm afraid they'll see right through it. I can't lose my mind.

I wonder if this is the effect of character after reincarnation. I think it was a little thicker in my last life.

Frey said to me, freaking out, that I had finished changing the sheets.

"Good for you. I rarely love spirits."

You seem to have inspired me, but it doesn't seem like a very good thing.

"I used to admire you, didn't I? When I was little."

"I guess so. Speaking of spiritual beloved, you might be able to use great magic."

Normally, it's a pleasure. I know that.

When I was little, in two or three separate towns, they found a child who could see the Spirit, and the news reached the town where I live. That's about the celebration.

But, you know, I'm not happy to be told I'm a spiritual beloved.

"I don't feel it...... It's just the ability to have a different effect on tea, and you can't see the spirit itself."

Did firewood explode, if you didn't tell me, as well, a phenomenon that happens when you're frying it? That's about the change.

"More importantly, if you don't know the effects of tea first, they say you can't experiment anymore and you can't brew it..."

It would have been nice if my strength had just recovered.

But I was more afraid of the captain and Dr. Orvé than I had of sleeping pills.

- What if I had made poison?

I don't know anything about it, but I might get stuck with my own tea.

"You can drink regular tea, so why don't you put up with it?

Mr. Frey laughed all over me, and I nodded.

"I'll just have a regular cup of tea..."

When I decided to take a break, I went down to the first floor with Frey, who said that I would accompany him.

I'll leave the sheets to Mr. Helga and the others to wash and go to the water heating room in the back.

That's how I boiled the water and brewed regular tea.

While brewing, I knew I'd get a sigh.

I had missed the tea once I drank it. I want to drink again somehow. But in order to do that, I need to know if the tea I made is safe.

"If you can see the effect...... That means I can't see and talk to the Spirit..."

That's exactly what I can't do.

It's forbidden to make tea that seems to work like that, and it's not necessarily possible to make tea that works just fine.

It's blocked in all directions.

In a dark mood, place the tea in front of yourself with Mr. Frey in the opposite seat.

I sat in a chair and once I took a sip...

At the tip of my tongue, something snapped.

to the feeling like when I drank carbonated "No way. Normal tea also degenerated!?" I was surprised.

On top of the cup I accidentally saw, there was a suspicious creature.

Arms and feet like dead branches. Crooked ears. I have no hair and my brown-looking skin is exposed. The body is just a piece of cloth generated like a simple old Roman.

If I only did my eyes, I'd be crushed, but they look just like goblins... this, maybe.

"Demon Ooh!?

Scream unexpectedly.

"Liar, oh! No, I'm scared!

I hurriedly put the cup down and glanced.

"Hey, what's going on?

"Mai, the demon is stuck in the cup!

"Can't you see anything?

"But there's a little weird creature in the cup!

Doesn't look like Mr. Frey at all. I look at the cup with a crease between my eyebrows.

But a few seconds later, Mr. Frey had told me to wait a little while and had asked me to contact a working man who was just in and out of the laundry.

"Get me the captain! It's urgent."

What, this is a case where I have to call the captain?

"When the captain comes, you'll know what that is. Just calm down and get out of there."


As I glanced over the chair, Mr. Frey finally stood up grabbing my arm.

That's how, with Mr. Frey, I waited at the door of the hot water room, and the captain came to me.

Looks like you've been running for me. My hair is a little messy.

"What the hell, Frey, I didn't know you said it was urgent..."

"Captain, Yura says there's a little demon stuck in the cup."


The captain turned his attention to the cup Mr. Frey pointed to.

But when I saw it, I breathed to ease the tension.

And say horrible words.

"That's the Spirit"


"It's a spirit."

The captain repeated it twice. That doesn't mean it's a phantom.

Goblins with large index fingers that do not look cute, with only big eyes with charm points.

This is the Spirit.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I'm disappointed! I thought you looked cuter and sober!