"The cuteness...... oh, no!

Unexpectedly the real deal came out.

Oh, shit. Even if you are in front of the captain of the regiment, rudeness may piss you off.

I thought,

"I know how you feel"

It was agreed to by the only leader who could see the array.

"That was just, the first time I saw it, I was worried too"

It bothered me...

"After all, because it's different from the image of the Spirit?

Even if I captured the memory of what I had lived in this world, the picture book depicted a more adorable animal figure as a spirit. With birds, fish, wolves.

Neither does a spiritual figure like this appear in the gameplay of previous life.

As much as there was a goblin in the demon?

But that one's the same size as people. My index finger is huge, so I think it's different from the goblin.

"In other words, these past few years. What makes something like that mix up in the Spirit? Maybe we should call it a new species in a way."

"A new breed of spirits......"

I wonder what it is. Did you degenerate when you were newly born?

The progressive nature of the game made me need these demonic looking spirits... there was no such thing as that.


Crunching in a low voice, the goblin spirits watching this one shook their necks sideways.

Oh, you know what I'm saying?

That's how the Goblin Spirit threw something like smoke at me after somehow letting me get my thumb up and hold my hand and try to do a 'good job' trick.


It gets in my hand regardless. I mean, it came out of the hands of a goblin with a big index finger, so it was small like a bean.

But when the smoke hits and disappears, something puffy and incredible floats in front of me.

As if on a game screen, a translucent, transparent board appeared in the air on the other side, and a letter like this appeared on top of it.

"The ability to make tea has increased, and the ability to see spirits is now available."

...... WHAT!?

"Your ability to make tea has increased, so you have the ability to see spirits?

Crush, says the captain who overheard it.

"Did you hear the Spirit?

"Ah, uh. fragments, such words."

I did not know how to explain the screen displayed in front of me, so I misled it in that way.

I don't see why you see a screen like this on me in the first place, I don't know what that means.

"But really, it's the Spirit..."

I guess I see more spirits than it says spiritual vision.

But even if I can see the Spirit, there's nothing I can do if I don't know the potency of the tea... You have to make tea to hone any more abilities, but it's stopped, and it doesn't change that it's octagonal.

Mmm, I glanced and pressed the screen, and it disappeared from front of me. I rushed to do the same trick and the screen came out again.

Oh, if spiritual vision is a skill, maybe it means you can get this screen out. It's the screen. You just have to do the pushing motion while you're trying to get out.

I was trying and playing, and the spirits pointed to the cup.

Do the trick of sticking your finger in the tea.

"Touch the tea?

No way. Would that change this display?

Touching the drink with your fingers is resistant, just like the Spirit is trying to teach you something.

... No, I want to try something else.

Because of this, the game screen is compliant.

Go through the screen and touch the cup that looks far away.


The letters on the screen changed.

"Hedell Tea. No particular effect. Skill Proficiency + 1

Oh, I can see the effect of tea! Yay!

Even if you make tea with this, you'll soon know if it's safe!

When I confirmed it, the Spirit finally laughed at and disappeared. Uh... should that describe a nihil grin or something? I was a little scared, but you definitely taught me how to use it, so I think for the better.

"Dear Commander!

I looked back at the captain. I think he had a full smile. You were pushed by the momentum, the captain is a little pully, but I don't care.

"Hey, what?

"I think I can now tell the Spirit how tea works! You can make tea and drink with this, right?!?

If you move in and listen, the captain roars.

"If that's really accurate..."

"Then I'll make a new one! So let's verify it!

Just saying it's settled, I'll just take out the tea leaves.

I just started frying tea leaves so that Mr. Frey and the captain wouldn't have to stop.

Out of the question if you can't even drink tea for verification.

That's why I make three types of tea. If I can only drink something bad, I'll start over.

Basic tea. And something with a new fragrance. Make it orange today. Let's make the last one an orange-scented tea with milk.

Make more regular tea first.

When I was frying, a goblin spirit appeared with me and the flame, and I put a ball of smoke on the tea leaf and went back into it.

Is that what the Spirit of Fire looks like too...... And it looks like magic was granted there.

It was a bit dazzling, but I got to get my mind back on it and get something mixed with dried oranges.

I poured it from regular tea into a cup and looked at this on the screen.

"Black Tea. Effect: Heal Your Strength +10. Skill Proficiency + 10"

I see, it seemed like a real recovery of strength.

Next is tea that smells like orange.

"Orange Tea. Effect: Recover Magic + 10. Skill Proficiency +10"

"Ah, magic restoration."


Mr. Frey was surprised to hear.

"Captain, let's verify"

"Then Frey, you come outside for a little bit of magic. One more chicken. If it's not poison, even if it's a little bad, you can use it as an ingredient for dinner."

Oh, Mr. Frey, you can use magic?

While I was surprised by the fact that I first found out, Mr. Frey went outside and eventually came back with the chickens.

Ask the chicken for a poisonous taste first.

I know it's safe stuff, and the chickens have no problems.

Next, Mr. Frey put his mouth on the tea after unlocking a crystal that showed his talent.

I only put half a cup in it, but when I drank out of it, it seemed like my magic had recovered properly.


"I'll try to make this one for once."

I mix milk with orange tea.

"Orange milk tea. Effect: sedative. Skill Proficiency +5"

"Sedative effect..."

You mean a tea that quiets your feelings, right?

"Is that how it works?

The captain begged me and nodded.

"How do we verify that? You can't piss someone off."

"Why don't we just let this chicken grow up?

Frey told me earlier that he had a chicken that was jittery and rampant, and the chicken drank that too.



The three voices combined.

So dramatically, the chickens grew up.

I was surprised... Wow, tea.