I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Once you find out you can use your skills

Thanks to you, the captain gave me permission to make tea and drink it!

When Banzai rejoiced, the captain and Mr. Frey laughed bitterly.

"Are you that happy?

That's what the captain told me, so I nodded heavily.

"Of course! Because I couldn't wait to have some tea!

"Oh, that one that was talking about how you made it and how great it was"

The captain, who has heard my speech, seems convinced.

"But isn't it delicious? I love that one!

I've been a tea pie since my last life!

Normally at first, it was just because the coffee was bitter and I couldn't drink it, but I was so distracted by the unhappiness... how long did I have to love tea.

Anyway, when I go to the coffee shop, it's a coffee preference, and the first thing that comes out of the company is coffee.

Some people are supposed to be bad at it, but it's coffee without question.

Besides, many coffee shops want the passion they pour into coffee beans to be divided into just a little bit of tea.

If you don't want me to order milk tea and they'll end up serving you coffee fresh, or add tea so dark and bitter that it gets so tannic......

Oops. It reminded me of my remorse in my previous life.

I want to hold on here and drag the captain into the tea swamp. That's what I think and I solicit, but the captain unexpectedly nodded lightly.

"Right. Wasn't my taste."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Thank you."

Yay, we got company! Besides, it's amazing that you're the Knights Commander!

When I accidentally worshipped him, the captain laughed at me.

"You worshipped me, but nothing came up."

"It's enough to have company!

Heartly asserted, the captain said, "Really?" and I felt pulled. You shouldn't. Not to surprise you, I need you to settle in as a tea companion one by one...

When it's booming in the brain, the captain snaps.

"Instead, if you can make something like medicine that works as well as magic so far, wouldn't you be officially made to belong to the Knights?

To Mr. Frey's words according to him, he puts his neck up.

Oh, what do you mean?

I guess that was on my face. Mr. Frey explained it to me.

"I hire you in the form of a Knights auxiliary."

"Are you kidding me?

I thought he was still in the state of being hired by the Knights, but isn't he?

It crushes me even more when I repeat it.

"You will now be in a state where you are employed as a lower worker who does not perform the activities of the Knights. But that's a little weak for you to live in a Knights' castle, not through it."

According to Mr. Frey's story, there is also a limit to placing it in the castle in the form of protection. Essentially because we send them to the town sanatorium or something.

He doesn't envisage keeping an outside patient hospitalized for long periods of time to take care of him.

Do you think that victims of things involving magic, like this one, are often sent to the Wizard's Institute in Wang Du?

"But over there, it's customary to carry a life-threatening serious patient or a body. In your case, it may have had no effect, and when you go to the lab, the diagnosis and investigation may be crushed, but sometimes the researchers won't return it until they get tired of it."

"It's... not like house arrest..."

"In the case of civilians, we would not be able to reject the wizard's demands. But even the lab has a lot of nobility."

Wall of Identity......

Gameplay makes me think lightly, because it's a world with kings and castles when it comes to fantasy, but it's often irresistible when you're actually alive.

I knew civilians were at a disadvantage.

However, if you actually live with it, you don't even know why the identity system doesn't break down.

The Royal Marquis is also immersed in the fact that food problems occur when damage is done to farmers. So kings and nobles feel like paying taxes because they take good safety precautions and farmers are visible to be protected.

So it seems that we are more aware of each other than we imagine when we hear about the identity system. I think this place is unique to the fantasy world with demons.

Though I think sometimes it's hard to start a revolt when there are demons in the first place, or it's advantageous for nobles and royalties who can give money against magic even when it comes to transmission, which is a high hurdle to start a peasant lull.

Well, not at all.

People like crusaders, adventurers specializing in demonic crusades that are often fantastic, are often stronger than soldiers in the country, and wizards.

You asked them to do it, and you think some areas drove the nobles away?

Mr. Frey's voice pulls back how I felt leaning toward thought.

"But you weren't seriously ill. The kidnappers also decided that the magic had failed, so they didn't contact the lab because they thought the observation period would be sufficient in about a month if nothing really happened."

Yes, that's better.

I wanted to describe it as a thank you and I nodded yeah.

"But there's talk of a king's deputy coming to visit this Knights nearby. And the fact that you have a new ability means that you can see the Spirit… I think we should consider the effects of the ban."


That's all I can think of as the cause.

... just a little bit. I thought it was because I was reincarnated, but not at all until I regained my memory, so I guess not.

So the captain said.

"Frey's suggestion is that if you have the ability to make something magically granted to you, let's officially belong to the Knights as a magical crusader."