Oh, I can't fight you! I thought so, but the captain nods.

"If you are a person in a position involved in a crusade, you can register as a crusader without actually having to fight.

As long as you register with the Church's Magic Mechanism for that purpose, you can even make Orvé see you, unless you say you will stop hiring in the Knights. What do we do? "

"Uh, if you don't have to fight, I will"

That's where the priority should be.

If I refuse this, I have to leave the Knights' castle.

If you push it to stay, you will be contacted to escort me from the lab because it would be a difficult case.

As a Knights, we can't just not send patients to a laboratory with a full attitude.

But I don't like that.

When I responded, the captain said.

"Okay, Frey, let's get you to town for registration"


After being taken by Mr. Frey, who thanked the captain, I was to descend from the Knights' castle to the town under the castle.


Something about this flow, like I've seen it somewhere.

I snapped my neck, I immediately thought of it.

- It's the beginning of the game.

After a tutorial battle, players who were solicited but had not yet registered as crusaders will go to town with the knight as tutorial explainer.

By this time it was already past lunch.

So Mr. Frey hurried me aboard the horse and went down to town.

From the castle, I came out of the castle with a woman like Town Daughter # 1 in my outfit.

Anyway, I'm wearing a brown skirt with a torso, which I made from the top of a cot that was made, wondering if the stain was a discreet color. Really plain.

... I can't help but say that the 20-year-old late decision woman has worn this and it.

But even when I made these clothes, I was such a people-phobic hiccup that I seriously thought I'd be a nun if my grandmother was gone...

What didn't even make it through was that the nuns were so heavily labored that the civilians were forced to work for the rest of their lives under the noble warrant that they heard it would be terrible because of selfishness.

Differences in status are just scary.

But such a plain woman was working with the knight.

I guess he went to sell food or something to the Knights or came back after guarding the whole town. Knights and apprentices look back and wonder what happened.

In this situation, I can't help but think something has happened.

You come to let me know about the case, and you tell me to show you around, and that's the only situation I can think of.

Even when you come to town that way, it seems unusual that you are being made to work with dignity, gathering people's gaze.

I think one end of this situation lies in Mr. Frey's beauty.

About the same age as the captain of the regiment, he is also a bit of an unfortunate Rin Mitsuya.

"Are you okay with the shake? Quite a rush for horses though..."

"Yes, I'm fine! Because even if you die, you won't fall!

I'm sorry to be able to hold my hips tight, like when I rode a dragon with the captain.

It was the dragon that rode there, and the fear of flying in the sky made the seat belt a must, but if you're a horse running on the ground, you won't be bothered even if you have muscle aches.

That's how it came about: a Romanesque architectural church.

A round building is on the front with circular arch windows lining the gray walls.

Mr. Frey leaves the horse to the monk who was in front of the front door and goes inside with him.

Inside the cathedral surrounded by inner corridors, few people were also quiet.

The cross arch ceilings and straight columns are beautiful, but the gray decorative appearance is really churchy.

Inside the cathedral is a huge mural sculpture representing the Spirit and the Stars, with an altar in front of it and a blue, round sphere floating.

On the side there was the priest of the church, who always refrained from taking turns.

Not the black clothes I've seen so often in my previous life, but a blue caped robe and a sash with gold edges wrapped around my waist.

The middle-aged priest looks at me and Mr. Frey and smiles.

"Welcome to church. What the hell can I do for you Knights? Is this a request for cooperation from the head of the delegation?

"No. I'd like you to register her crusader."

"Ho, crusader? Is that woman?"

I opened my eyes for a moment, and the priest stared at me.

I know I can't help but be surprised.

It's probably because you're dressed so normal that you have a sword technique that you can fight very well against demons, or because you don't look like you're a wizard.

"She uses special magic. The Spirit, too, seems to only be able to see. This is the captain's tattoo."

Mr. Frey said, the priest nodded, though unconvincing.

"If the captain is going to vouch for it, there must have been a blessing of the Spirit on this one. If that's the case, there's no" no "to register as a crusader."

So the priest said.

"But in order to register, you need a measuring stone. I used what I had set aside today, so I want you to go get it..."

"I brought what we keep. Have them use this."

Block the priest's words and give him stones enough for Mr. Frey to pinch them with his little fingers.

It's a red crystal ball.

... I knew this was a tutorial.

When I try to register as a crusader on a quest for a tutorial, they tell me to go to shops all over town that the church is buying out because the church doesn't have measuring stones.

It's called a mini-use quest.

Thus, by going around the town, we are supposed to remember where there are weapons stores.

But it's over fast...... Mini quest soaked up.